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Super Lawyer Outraged

at Kim K Cosmo Cover

4/11/2011 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famed lawyer Mark Geragos -- one of the most outspoken people in the L.A. Armenian community -- is furious that Cosmopolitan ran a picture of Kim Kardashian on the cover of Turkish Cosmo, saying it's another example of Turks rubbing salt in the wound of the Armenian people.

Geragos -- a friend of Kim K's -- tells TMZ ... Turkey seems to be on a campaign to co-opt L.A. Icons.  First, Geragos says, the Turks used Kobe Bryant's image to promote Turkish Airlines, and now Kim.

Geragos says he believes the Kim K cover is a combination of taking advantage of a celebrity and rubbing salt in the wounds of a people who are the victims of genocide.

Geragos says, "Anyone who has synapses firing would never do such a thing."


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Trooper Tom    

No one is taking advantage of this skanky hoe this is what she lives for publicity of any kind, its about time she f*cked off back to the SF Valley where she belongs

1291 days ago


Kim is no victim! And Mark Geragos doesn't have any moral fiber in his own life, but others shock him with their immorality?

1291 days ago



1291 days ago


Robert Kardashian represented cold blooded OJ Simpson. Mark Garagos represented cold blooded Scott Peterson. If the Turks did indeed commit a holocaust, they didn't do a good enough job by sparing the Garagos and Kardashian bloodline of murder lovers.

1291 days ago


If the Armenian people don't like it tough go live some where else. This is still a free country and we shouldn't have to be so darn PC all of the time. I am sick of being sensitive to everyone while they slam Americans get over it or leave it

1291 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

whaaaa??! anyone with synapse firings (like an alleged 'super lawyer like mike geragous!!) wouldn't defend obviously guilty and abhorrent his most recent celebrity name sap, greg andersen. i mean seriously? are you gregerious??!

1291 days ago


The only thing good that can come out of this is that (maybe) some of you dumbed down TMZ followers will learn something about the Armenian Genocide...but, judging from all the hateful comments here, I will not hold my breath.

1291 days ago


#57 Amen to that one. And thank you, Harvey, for removing the word "allegedly."

1291 days ago


fahQ, kimk and her fool lawyer. good luck in hell!!!

1291 days ago

richard pierce    

Cahil fahişe! Yaşasın Türkiye!

1291 days ago

PRO US    

If Kim Kardashian says it's a pain in the ass, you better believe her. She would know after stuffing that big black dong up her ass in her hit home movie.

1291 days ago

real deal    

Geragos says, "Anyone who has synapses firing would never do such a thing."

Isn't that a line from the Scott Peterson closing?

1291 days ago

no nick    

hmmm.. K family using every little opportunity to make more $$.. if she was so worried about her pics being published in TR, then she shld've had included that in her contract w/ cosmo..of course she didn't frget..its part of game.. for all the armenian ppl out there.. just be quiet, everyone is tired of listening your rude and ridicilous comments..just shut up and go

1291 days ago


Hasn't ANYONE seen her PORN??? Seriously ~ why on earth does this cover even matter? The jig is up, we've all seen her "take it like a champ".

1291 days ago


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