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Charlie Sheen Tour -- Pauly D V.I.P. in Beantown

4/12/2011 9:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Boston tour stop will have a bit o' Jersey -- and a whole lotta hair gel -- 'cause Pauly D will be in the house, TMZ has learned.


Sources connected to Charlie tell us the "Jersey Shore" star -- and Rhode Island native -- might even make a guest appearance on stage ... a la James Lipton in NYC.

We're told Charlie's pal Rob Patterson invited Pauly to hang -- they were snapped chillin' backstage tonight.


UPDATE 9:20 PM EDT: Pauly D is on stage (crowd loves it) and offers Charlie a role in his new spinoff reality show. Hey, Charlie could get a job out of this after all. 

9:40 PM: Charlie says he was fired because producers of "Two and a Half Men" were jealous of him -- and then claims there's been progress in talks to get him back on the show. 

That's NOT what our 'Men' sources are saying.

9:47 PM: Crowd is getting restless after about an hour. Our spies say many people are heading for the door.

9:57 PM: A few comments about hookers, and that "traitor" Heidi Fleiss ... and the audience has seen enough. We're told the crowd is pouring out.

9:58 PM: Charlie says, "One thing they can never take from me is the time we had here tonight." The show's over. No standing O ... in fact, very little applause at all.


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I totally agree. It is the premise and the writing of the show and honestly I think the supporting cast that really make the show funny. There are dozens of actors that could play Charlie's role.

1233 days ago


Posted at 8:05 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by Kathyo



1233 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Seems like Pauly D should be going on tour if the crowd is going wild for him. haha.

1233 days ago


But, would he care - I don't think so. I mean, he is actually proud to be able to tell his kids all the real stories about his epic partying and so on some day. Right out of his own mouth he says this. We either have to see that it is the "addiction" or the "disease" talking or its the real Charlie talking. Which is the worst option?

Posted at 8:03 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by RR

It sounds like the arrested-development part of the addiction speaking, like a thirteen year old thinking this would be a cool story to tell his kids and grandkids, while not fully understanding the scope of his actions.

1233 days ago


Divide and conquer, divide et impera the concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures and prevents smaller power groups from linking up, from wikipedia.

You're either with Sheen or you're with the trolls. Charlie is recruiting the aid of the celebrity hierarchy and any celebrity will do. Charlie's method is simple establish a connection with himself and any other famous person. Once a connection is made he's got the public thinking about the connection and the fact that Charlie Sheen is a crackhead.

Crackhead Charlie Sheen needs to change his image and he is using Hollywood to re-invent himself. Whether you like Mila Kunis or not you now have an opinion about her being with Charlie Sheen and Sheen loves it. Sheen wants to the spotlight off of his crackhead behavior and on to anything else.

Charlie Sheen is solving his image problem by forcing the public to move past his drug habit and notice his insane antics. Charlie wants to be born again but not in the religious sense, he wants a clean slate. He's breaking up the one giant block of dangerous hatred the public has for him into smaller benign blocks of misinformation.

Charlie Sheen is dividing the singular public image of himself as a crack head into smaller non threatening images of himself as an entertainer down on his luck. Changing his image but not his soul.

1233 days ago


Still looking for that review but came across another one that I don't recall being shared here before.

1233 days ago


Still looking - but here's another review.

"That was the worst show I've ever seen in my life," said a young man. "He has the mind of a 12-year-old."

Read more:

1233 days ago


...and they generally "keep their observations" to themselves; case in point: name an escort (not a porn star who's sidelining to compensate for the declining market in porn) who has outed Sheen. It behooves them to keep quiet, particularly if Sheen is throwing money at them.

Posted at 8:15 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by JWLor

Good point. Naming names is not good for the escort business.

1233 days ago



I really like what you wrote and I definitely think it applies to a certain demographic. I never really paid attention to him before, only watched the show once in a while and I am not one to believe everything that ex wives, etc. say so I had no real opinion about him UNTIL those crazy rants on t.v. and these crappy ego-fueled disgusting shows and now all of this has established a pattern of behavior that now makes all those past accusations much more believable so where as before I thought it was just possibly all media hype and exaggerations, I now have a very definitive opinion of his image and it ain't good, lol....In other words, all his present negative behavior is making all the past behavior much more believable. I don't really buy all this bi-polar stuff, I just think he has an oversized ego being fueled by all the people stupid enough to buy tickets to his shows.

1233 days ago


Actually I do not want to call the people who bought tickets to his show stupid...that wasn't nice. I think there are people that are genuine fans and just wanted to see a celebrity they enjoy.

1233 days ago


Nichole, I'm just curious...why did you go? I'm not asking to be judgemental, just curious what people were expecting to see when they bought a ticket. I really am just wondering since we don't get the chance to ask people who were really at a show.

1233 days ago


Sheen is reaching out to celebrities and they are showing their support but is it working? Does anyone really care anymore who is standing with Sheen screaming "winning"? One thing I don't want to do is be the martyr for Charlie Sheen's come back. I don't want to be labeled a "hater" and get trampled by the anti-troll Vatican assassin squad of Jersey Shore kids. Piers Morgan knows what I mean.

Piers Morgan was at 90,000 viewers the night before he had Sheen on, his audience has since exploded in size. Sheen saved the show from being canceled, and now back to the British invasion.

1233 days ago


Piers Morgan was at 90,000 viewers the night before he had Sheen on, his audience has since exploded in size. Sheen saved the show from being canceled, and now back to the British invasion.

No big surprise here....CONTROVERSY AND CRAZY sell!!!! and Charlie was the CRAZY of the month...Piers show is fairly new and he had nowhere to go but up!

1233 days ago


Well, that was fun... catching up on all the posts, that is. The run-down of Charlie's show was slightly less than spectacular, from what I just read above.

Actually, though, he had back to back "good" shows in CT and the following night in NYC. Now he's had another 'so-so' night, if not a total bomb. I can only wonder how he's going to pull this out of the toilet for Toronto - for two nights in a row, no less. *shakes head* D'ya think he even KNOWS any local celebs in Toronto??

I, on the other hand, scored some tickets to a show that promises to be slightly more interesting... even though I'm sure the Charlie Camp wouldn't agree. I'm going to see three Deadliest Catch captains - these men have been on tv for SEVEN years now, and have a HUGE international following. And they're known for doing what it takes to please their fans, unlike someone who is just NOW admitting that HE messed up in Detroit, and not the other way around. I will never forgive him for that - foist all the blame off on the town, when Detroit has it rough enough these days, and stir all those anti-Detroit sentiments. That was low. Really, really LOW.

In contrast, the tickets to the Catch captains' show are only $40/person, with the "meet & greet" package set at $100/person. Let's face it, these guys work their butts off while they're on camera, are more loved than Charlie all over the world, and they're a heck of a lot more affordable to see.

1233 days ago


I didn't even know the crackhead had a show tonight. He's bringing in c-list people to add more interest to his show but how long can you go from state to state, city to city talking about the same thing over and over. Im surprised people are still paying money to see this crap.

"Charlie says he was fired because producers of "Two and a Half Men" were jealous of him"...okay first of all jealous of what??? They were paying him $1.8 million per episode and I'm sure they were making way more than he was, so what was it to be jealous of?

Wait....didn't he say they fired him because "he was having too much fun"? So which is it Charlie?

1233 days ago
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