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Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hospitalized for Bipolar Disorder

4/13/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Catherine Zeta-Jones has reportedly entered a mental health treatment center for a bipolar disorder ... despite her rep squarely denying the story to TMZ.


One of Catherine's reps now tells, "After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her Bipolar II disorder."

We're told Catherine had been in Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut for treatment, but she has checked out.



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Wait a minute-- the stress of cancer is overwhelming-- but
it seems Catherine has allegedly had a drinking problem for some time... if the they are putting a spin and calling alcoholic erratic behavior"bipolar"-- that is absurd!

1253 days ago



1253 days ago


If i had to look at an old, sagging, farting man i'd be nutty , too She's sleeping haveing sex with gramps.

1253 days ago


So michael is a sex freak so having sex with her like have sex with two different women? She need to get rid of that old wrinkle, sagging butt freak!

1253 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...I feel bad for her..THIS is the sucky part of being a celebrity..her poor kids..soooo not any of are business..oh well..that's the price you pay I suppose..

1253 days ago

get real    

Who Knows what she wa treated for!! Drugs, Booze? Hard to treat Bi-Polar and adjust meds that quick isnt it? Bi-Polar Illiness just didnt come on now.. See, we never know what goes on behind closed doors with people.

1253 days ago


I'm surprised her "reps" made a statement. She doesn't owe the public any explanation. Let them think she was researching for her new movie role. Enough invasion of privacy!

1253 days ago

master of news    

1253 days ago


she is obviously nuts for sleeping with that old manwhore prune.

1253 days ago


Why are people being so hatefule about her? Wish her and the family the best.

1253 days ago


Whoa, did anyone even know she was bipolar before this?? I wish her the best, bipolar is difficult to live with. :(

1253 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Sure are alot of jealous people on here. Catherine Zeta Jones is the Most beautiful woman in the world and always looks fantastic. Her husband had cancer, her step-son in in Prison, Michael's first wife tried to sue him for half of the money he made on his last movie (they have been divorced for years). I don't think she is sick - just stressed and she will get over it. To say she is a gold digger is stupid. Michael chased her all over the world before she said yes.

1253 days ago


Why do people think the wealthy don't suffer, or that if they do they shouldn't talk about their pain? They are human, they have the same feelings as anyone else. Money can only give you better medical care, not take away feelings! Most of us can only dream of having the lifestyle, or money that they do, but that isn't a reason to hate them. They worked at their craft, and it happens to be a profession that makes an amazing amount of money. Hey, I'd like to make what some 'ordinary' professions make, but you know what, that isn't what I chose, or how my life went, whatever. I'm not going to be resentful or hateful towards people that are more blessed than I am.

Also, if she had a drinking problem, that doesn't surprise me. Often times people with mental illnesses "self medicate" by drinking. You often hear about mental illness and addiction going together. I am pretty sure if Charlie Sheen allowed himself to be examined it would be discovered he suffers from some sort of mental illness, and is a large part of his addiction. Oh, and to the people thinking that you have to be in a facility a long time to get treatment, it depends. As I said, I have a friend who is Bipolar, and if they just need a medication adjustment, often it's easier to do it in the hospital, but it can be just a matter of days. We don't know the whole story regarding CZJ, and have no room to make that sort of judgement really.

1253 days ago


Stress from what? Her private jet got bird poo on it? Yeah, the stressed ones are the nurses, doctors, housekeepers, assistants, nannies and staff this woman has at her beck and call 24/7. When she goes thru without her millions, without healthcare, and working like a dog to survive, then lets all Boo Hoo.

1253 days ago


She's seeing a shrink because she can't believe he's lasted sooo long! She imagined that she would be luxing on his fortune, without having to sleep with her grandpa, by now! Her ex-boyfriends have said that she was always a very ambitious, materialistic, kind of girl.

1253 days ago
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