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Von Ahole -- I'm Dropping $100k to Make a Baby

4/14/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Little Ahole's don't come cheap -- in fact, Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband tells TMZ he's spending "close to $100,000" to go through the surrogate process.

Prince von Ahole was FIRED UP on his way out of a Beverly Hills fertility clinic yesterday -- telling us, "I'm going to get a baby!"

67-year-old von Ahole added, "My wife is excited, I'm excited and we're going to go ahead with it."

As for the high price of the baby making process -- von Ahole insists, "It's worth it."


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1256 days ago


Does these people ever think about somebody else instead of thinking or their own "popularity". This is insain.... Pour child, if ever there will be one. It would be nice to be proud of your parents, but with this lack of respinsibility, there would ber really nothing to be proud of

1256 days ago


And then they can hire a nanny (or three, or six) to change the diapers on the baby, and Zsa Zsa, AND this dolt. Stupidity abounds.

1256 days ago


What's this flakes point? He's old enough to be a great grandfather what the heck is he thinking? BAD IDEA!!!!!

1256 days ago


he she soooo nutty

1256 days ago

richard pierce    

world-class Dirtbag! TMZ is simply one of his enablers!

1256 days ago


ha ha ha ha ha ..that is all.

1256 days ago


Can't remember what movie this is from...LOOSE SKIN, OLD BALLS.. GROSS!!!!!!!! He is not right...Does he need a twizzer to pull it out

1256 days ago


O dear God in heaven...

1256 days ago


Gee, why doesn't he just BUY one like Madonna or Angelina?

1256 days ago


Why does a 67 year old man want a baby? It woudnt be fair to the child that both parents could be gone in the next 10 years. Then what would happen to the child. I think hie motive is money. Maybe to keep ZSA ZSA daughter from getting any of her fortune. Their is some reason he wants a baby. Why is he so into wanting to get all the things she wanted like a new house a baby etc. Now that she is 90 something years old.Why didnt he do this when she could enjoy the benefit. His motives are bad.

1256 days ago


She's senile and circling the drain, he's a fame-whore. No legit adoption agency is going to turn over a baby to them.

1256 days ago


You probably saw the headlines Thursday about 94-year-old actress Zsa Zsa Gabor becoming a mother. Sounds like a miracle of modern science, right?

Wrong. There are a bunch of significant problems with the whole scenario that make it, in the end, just another sensational Hollywood tale that won't actually happen.

First off, while Gabor's husband says he'll spend about $100,000 for the couple to have a child, it won't be biologically connected to the actress. In fact, while some women are today having children in their 40s and 50s, there exists no technology to make a child that is the biological offspring of a 94-year-old woman.

Prince Frederic von Anhalt told CNN he is finding an egg donor and a surrogate for the purposes of artificial insemination. Theoretically, that means his sperm would fertilize the donor's eggs and then one or two resulting embryos would be implanted into a surrogate. Current guidelines suggest that the combined age of two biological parents shouldn't be above 100; if 67-year-old von Anhalt is the father, the egg donor will have to be under 34. He could alternatively use an anonymous sperm donor.

But it's not as simple as that. Dr. Dan Shapiro of Reproductive Biologic Associates of Atlanta says von Anhalt and Gabor's public desire to have a child would not be considered a legitimate reason to go through with this procedure, given the cir***stances. Gabor has suffered significant health problems and would have to pass a psychological evaluation to become the child's legal mother.

In her condition, it’s questionable whether she can consent to the conception of the child Shapiro said. And without Gabor's consent to be a legal parent, her husband cannot legally enter into a contract of this nature while married.

"This is not a reasonable request. This is not a childless family seeking to family-build," he said.

There is also a whole bunch of ethical issues raised in the situation that would make any credible fertility clinic decline the request, he said.

"Just because you’re capable of creating a baby and creating a family, is it in the interest of the couple? In the interest of the baby? Is there a social interest in making families that look like this? I think the answer in this particular situation is no, no, no.'”

1256 days ago



1256 days ago


How cruel on so many levels

1256 days ago
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