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Brooke Mueller

Back in Rehab

4/18/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has gone back to rehab following a crazy week of binging ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Brooke refused a drug test Friday, which she was required to take as part of her custody settlement with Charlie Sheen.

Sheen's lawyers are going to court on Tuesday to raise the issue, and we're told Brooke's move is a preemptive strike.

Sources say Brooke disappeared for a time this week during her binging. TMZ obtained surveillance video of Brooke attempting to get money for jewelry at an Inglewood pawn shop.


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DrkAnjl 16 minutes ago

Has anyone noticed that rehab lately lasts shorter than traffic school? You can't seriously modify addictive behavior in a month! The short programs used to be like 6 months! Get this gutterslut, coke-snorting skankadillo into a long-term rehab!


What does that say for Charlie, who supposedly "blinked" and cured himself?

Neither of these people should have anything more than supervised interaction with those children. Neither are capable of providing the stability, consistency and nurturing they need.

1253 days ago

norm abrams    

I don't get the line under the headline. It said after a week of "binging"???? So, she gave up Google, to Bing? Microsoft would be happy to hear that. I guess.

1253 days ago

steven katona    

bravo tmz for getting a partial story but i know there's more to this story than meets the eye. i know the pressures of hollywood can get a man down but now its brooke's turn to vindicate herself once and for all against the wickedness of the hollywood arena. i know the deck is stacked against her but she should look to her sisters in hollywood to get strength once again to prove herself to her fans and the world that she's got the talent to keep on going against all odds. the spectre of drug abuse is rampant in california and i know she's had a rough couple of months as her new wyas of life aint what they use to be. now the tide has changed and its time for her to search inside herself to find that inner talent and bring forth another attempt to climb outta the pit of addiction. i'm so proud of her for entering the clinic to show everyone that nobody's perfect and receive the admiration of her cohorts as well as the hollywood executives that can see talent shake off these issues and consider this star once again for work as an american role model for the american people. i see advertizing work don't you? t-bone's crack-o-matic 8 ballin eh brooke? i get shivers everytime i though about takin a puff too. i even quit smokin. but now i'm addicted to tmz. we all have our soft addictions brooke go fing yours sugar! i say i wanna see a charlies ex angels show. all of charlies ex wives on one show dealin with the mad warlock buttercup daily rants. meh. i'm off to the next story!

ps brooke....please go back on twitter!!!! your fans want updates! get a new cellphone! career wise? this is better than omg.....should i say it??? celebrity rehab??? brooke? would you do a show? tmz should get on it! fans wanna know her career options plzz!!! she'd be wayyyy better than lohan's dad! like whatever i wanna see brooke on a celebrity rehab show! get on it! its her time to shine!! a week in rehab then get her into taping plz. its time. its time to see this butterfly shine! o m g! ding dong! another door opens for tha all american. once again showing all of america the rootin tootin lifestyle of the sheen can strike down even the brightest star from the sky! get well brooke!!! lookin forward to seein you in a ford commercial!!! coke or pepsi brooke? like get on it! poster girl for the all american! we haven't forgotten about you!!! we all love you in canada!

1253 days ago

steven katona    






1253 days ago

steven katona    

She's gotta book deal coming soon and i heard good morning america wants to do an interview...

1253 days ago


What a bunch of idiots are in those kids life. I feel sorry for the kids.

1253 days ago


You have to read the story at where they are reporting Brooke has been at home with the kids the whole time and that she wont take a drug test until Charlie takes one, plus Brooke wont follow the agreement they have in place because according to the E source Charlie broke it by speaking about Brooke in public which to my knowledge he has not done recently, I wonder which site is telling the truth.

1253 days ago



Brooke and Charlie have a NEW agreement and he hasn't spoken about publically. And there were rumors about HER, not Charlie, so maybe court decided to order a special test for HER. Plus we don't know if he hasn't taken the test. it is arranged for him to take those during the tour.


So what that you are a parent? So is Charlie you know, and he has a right to spend time with his children, especially that he has been clean for almost three months and Brooke apparently broke the rules of the agreement.
You wish good luck to her? And how come you don't wish Charlie the same? Pbviously he is trying more than her.

1253 days ago

Cindy Ck    

So, who is watching the kids while she is binging?

1253 days ago


You've gotta love a legal system that will allow custody of children to go to a worthless s***bag like this. Too hilarious.

1253 days ago


Best bet... drop the crowd you're hanging with dufus. That's why your ass can't stay sober.

1253 days ago

Green Fairy    

After the last show Charlie said " he was going back to Los Angeles after the show was over to get ALL his kids back. ( including two daughters with ex-wife Denise Richards and twin sons with ex-wife Brooke Mueller.)" Best of luck with that one Carlos!

He also revealed that "goddess" Rachel Oberlin had ditched the tour, saying she had gotten homesick and that it was up to him if she would be allowed to come back.
Translation: Rachael Oberlin got fed up being a barbie doll pawn on a tour bus. Looks like the time's coming when women won't even stay with him in spite of what he's paying them.

1253 days ago

Sinead Neville    

What about the kids? Do either of these drug and alcohol soaked so called parents give a rats arse about the twins they brought into this world? Shame on both of you, you don't deserve these kids, and these kids did nothing to deserve loser parents like you two!

1253 days ago


She clearly doesn't love her children. Those children one day will ask their therapist why their mom never loved them. Brooke should rid the world of herself and make everyone happy.

1253 days ago

karen darvin    

"As long as we thought we could stop using for awhile,we thought we were all right.We looked at the stopping, not the using.AS our addiction progressed we thought of stopping less and less.Only in desperation did we ask ourselves,"could it be the drugs?"We have a disease, but we do recover.Each day we are given another chance."

1253 days ago
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