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Charlie Sheen to Warners: We DID Have Discussions!

4/14/2011 5:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer is firing back at  Warner Bros., telling TMZ its allegations that there were "no discussions" about Charlie returning to "Two and a Half Men" are "absolutely false."

Charlie Sheen

Legal pit bull Marty Singer tells TMZ, "There have been discussions as late as Tuesday, and all parties have been involved -- Warner Bros., CBS, Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen."

And, Singer says, "Charlie Sheen was recently approached by a third party to resolve this matter."  Singer did not identify the third party.

Singer tells TMZ, the Warner Bros. letter -- which we posted earlier on TMZ -- is actually a reaction to a "blistering letter" Singer fired off to WB, claiming Warner Bros. violated its contract with Charlie by refusing to send him an accounting statement and payment in December, 2010.  Singer says Warner Bros. owes Charlie money for season 7 and earlier but hasn't anted up.

Singer was adamant -- "Charlie did not lie about the discussions.  There WERE discussions."


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Oh Sheen...Just DROP dead already!!

1288 days ago


Charlie having a credibility issue? But he WAS his father in Apocalypse Now!

It is obvious why Charlie is making these claims.

He desperately thinks it will help bring people to his failing tour.

But all that is happening is, his tour is proving that he is unemployable.

It's a vicious Estevez-ius cycle of losing for the talentless Carlos. Oh well, he should have thought about that before smoking all his bridges. Too late now. Bye bye.

1288 days ago


Waaaaaaahhhhh! Waaaaaahhhhh! Waaaaaaaahhhh!

1288 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Is singer taking all the medication that sheen isn't taking?

1288 days ago


Grouch about a minute ago

Is singer taking all the medication that sheen isn't taking?


Good question!

1288 days ago



He was tested for all of it in Feb. Cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, alcohol and methadone. I believe all the follwoing tests were the same. He even said at one of his show that if he had a drink he would not see his kids again.

1288 days ago


I was under the impression that WBS was running a for-profit business. If they are, then they need to bring Charlie back and get back to making money. However, there's something to be said for vauling pride, or whatever, over money, and if that's their stand, so be it.

1288 days ago


Grouch 5 minutes ago

Is singer taking all the medication that sheen isn't taking?


Ask all the celebrities he won cases for. LOL!!!


I would LOVE that. TAAHM was great, but beating those asses in court would be SO much better for THIS fan.

1288 days ago

Clone Wars    

Not. Winning.

1288 days ago


Singer's comments make no sense. Responding to another issue. Warner Bros. is VERY clear and precise as to what they are referring to, any discussions "regarding Charlie returning to or having anything to do with the series". Singer, on the other hand, is vague and conflicting. Sure, there have been "discussions", about the Law Suit! Not about returning to the series. So he is hoping people will think he means apples when he is talking about oranges. WB is very clear they do NOT want CS back. Thank the good Lord! I hope the series remains though, the writing is awesome.

1288 days ago


For me, the real point here is that CS WANTS to be in talks with the people that have as some people see it tried to ruin his life.....I guess he is a liar or a hypocrite either way. He is the one who went on a mad rampage about the show and Chuck Lorre and even made personal attacks on Lorre and his family and it was all this "stick it to the man" crap that made a lot of people back him up and now he openly admits to wanting his job back with these horrid people... Also it seems to me that you have a greater chance of "RUINING" your life by doing drugs and sleeping with whores and living a lifestyle that means you give up custody to your children. Yeah, I think all that will ruin your life a lot worse than losing a job, a job that you were told you could have if you would just get on the personal jet and go get some help. Now he has the nerve to say that if he had known they wanted him to cool it, he would have "adjusted" it....I guess the waiting jet for rehab wasn't a big enough hint for him.

1288 days ago


CS is sooooo yesteryears. Just a year from now he will be reduced to a mere character actor who'd be lucky to get bit parts in any irrelevant B-rated movie projects. By then, TV networks will not even touch him with a ten-foot pole. He has alienated himself from Hollywood because of his lunacy and abnoxious behavior and his notoriety as drug and sex addict. This is THE ONLY JOB he knows and he has lost his credibility, dignity and bankability in the eyes of Hollywood producers, writers and even most of his colleagues.

He should just try to be the best dad to his kids and should quit badmouthing the mothers of those poor kids.

And to those who support him blindly, they should start creating a privately-funded foundation to help SC with his bills in the coming months. He may not even finish the rest of his tour dates precisely why he and his camp have started spreading lies about him "MEETING" with the Warner Bros execs and CBS top honchos.

What a pathetic life SC has caused himself, he has only himself to blame for all these mess.

1288 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Charlie the grim reaper called..he's lookin for u

1288 days ago


What a loser. TMZ, please stop promoting this pitiful man and the creeps hanging on for the $$$

1288 days ago

tony gee    

This is the saddest part of all. He now believes his delusions are real. Everything he lies about from now on are his truths and that is one pathetic s***bag. Worst part of it is he has a delusional lawyer as well which makes them a good combination, just for themselves. I do not know if there is anyone who believes in them. Pure insanity is eating him up.

1288 days ago
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