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Brooke Mueller's Mom:

Brooke's Just a Pawn!

4/15/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller's mom claims there's an explanation for Brooke's bizarre behavior in the pawn shop yesterday -- telling TMZ, her daughter was probably selling off some stuff for a friend .... AS A FAVOR.

The good Samaritan excuse isn't passing muster with two of Brooke's friends, who tell TMZ she's fallen off the wagon and COMPLETELY disappeared.

But Brooke's mom Moira Fiore is adamant .... claiming she knows exactly where Brooke is -- although when we asked her about Brooke's possible drug use, she didn't know anything.

Also, we're told Brooke's cell phone is turned off.

TMZ got video of a very skittish Brooke at the L.A. pawn shop Thursday -- and things didn't look too good.


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yoyo has a hard-on for Charlie.
he wants to bend over for some of that hooker $$

1286 days ago


mgardner 34 minutes ago

I'm sorry, but if Brooke was so innocent, she'd be out and about today. Instead she's probably in some Motel 6 with a needle in her arm. Who pawns stuff for friends (when we saw her take the watch off her own arm). She's a drug addict - period.


That's what I have always been saying. When people are wrongly accused, they come out and clear things out.
Inmy opinion, Brooke is right there in the same basket as Capri Anderson: LIAR. About a lot of things.

suza271 35 minutes ago

If it was for a "friend" why was she wearing the piece of jewelry?


Good point;)

1286 days ago


Derek 37 minutes ago

It's gonna be so awesome when Brooke fails her next drug test and Charlie passes and she loses custody.

Because anyone who thinks going to a pawn shop at 4 AM and then disappearing and shutting of your phone ISN'T a relapse is delusional.


Yeah, I hope so too. Not because I want her to continue with the addiction. I don't wish that on anyone really. I just want her to lose the kids for the time being. She is obviously in worse condition than Charlie. Plus, she should find out what it feels like. She did that to Charlie.'
Then I want her to get help, and when she actually DOES, they can go back to shared custody.

miss tia 36 minutes ago

brooke was a drug addict way before she even met charlie....


LOL!!! Exactly. That's why all those people yelling that HE got HER hooked on drugs make me laugh.

1286 days ago


yo 39 minutes ago

and Charlie was a drug addict way before he even met Brooke...


Yeah, your point?? LMAO!!! I don't see anyone claiming that SHE got HIM hooked, but plenty haters saying that it was the other way around. LOL!!

1286 days ago


suza271 40 minutes ago

I mean, don't get me wrong, I feel for the girl. I actually believe she WANTS to get clean. But, she's having a hard time with the disease. It is hard. Don't let anyone tell you differently. And, I do believe Charlie played a part in getting her to where she is today. It sounded like they fed off of each other and she probably upped her drug use big time.

From what they discribed she was on Vikes and smoking crack. One used as an upper and the other to come down. I'm sure she's on oxy too. Hopefully they got her some soboxone. Or else the w/d is hell.


How could he have played the part when she was a druggie back in the 90's? LOL! Let's not blame others for our own shortcomings. I have never heard Charlie balming anyone for HIS addiction.

yo 22 minutes ago

Charlie is a terrible parent who can't or won't even feed a damned dog.

Brooke is almost as bad as Charlie.

But whatever in God's name, keep kids and dogs away from Charlie!!


Oh yes, poor pug. Blah blah blah. So did anyone prove anything yet? No? I thought so.

1286 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Okay whatever Dina Lohan.

1286 days ago


I'm speechless

1286 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Hey you stupid ENABLER egg donor (you don't deserve the right to be called a mother)

Your daughter was in INGLEWOOD to score drugs. End os story.

Oh and for the record, you can not pawn something for someone else. Duhh!! Thats one of the resons for the ID, you must own any item you pawn.

1286 days ago


how old is Brooke? Come on mom! my mother didn't believe me when I said the same thing 30 years ago. Hey Mom grow some balls..and for you being the enabler I think you should be losing your rights as a grand parent...but because you don't seem the responsible type.

1286 days ago


Brooke was on a TMZ clip earlier this week and she had the wide glassy eyes and demeanor of someone under the influence.Actions speak far louder than words.Brooke,get your **** together for your beautiful babies sake if not for yourself.They deserve better than what they are getting as far as parents/role models go.

1286 days ago


That picture you're talking about is the old one. LOL

1286 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

When she married Charlie - everyone said she was a real estate investor, shouldn't there be some money she had before the marriage? Something is off, definitely drugs. I just feel so bad for the kids! People selfishly bring in kids and are so not prepared for it. Its the kids who will suffer.

1286 days ago


So was this lady on drugs before she met Charlie or did he get her hooked on drugs? I mean, if he's the reason she's on drugs then I feel bad for her, if she was on drugs before then they never should have had kids and the state need to give them to his parents. Hod did Denise escape without becoming a junkie? she has a fowl mouth but that's not so bad...

1286 days ago


LOL I just realized that the two topics about Brooke are somehow free of certain people, who just love defend Brooke, inslut Charlie AND his fans. LMAO! Why is that? No arguments or no debating skills? Or both? Rhetorical question:)

1286 days ago


Who do these 2 remind me of? Those pathetic Lohans!

1286 days ago
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