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Mario Batali -- Don't Blame ME For Killing The Soaps!

4/15/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Super chef Mario Batali -- who's starring in one of the shows replacing "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" -- has a serious reality check for soap-heads ... IT'S OVER!!!041511_mario_batali_still

Batali was on his way out of Spago yesterday -- when he dished out some straight talk to our soap-obsessed photog yesterday ... and then added, "I certainly don't want anyone out of a job ... I love everybody that works in the industry."

Batali is hosting a new daytime talk show called, "The Chew" ... which will follow "The View."



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I don't watch that slob now. Why would his arrogant sloppy butt think I would tune in for his show. He actually needs to go on the second one for a BIG transformation and tips and techniques on calorie control.

1287 days ago


My ENTIRE FAMILY will boycott anything and everything to do with The Chew (Gordon Elliot, Mario Batali, Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall, Michael Symon, and Daphne Oz), The Revolution (Tim Gunn, Kimberley Locke, and Harley Pasternak), their sponsors and ABC in general! The only ABC shows I will watch are All My Children, One Life To Life, and General Hospital!

1287 days ago


This guy must not realize that his target audience is all us Soap fans that just got kicked in the face 2 days ago. How about you humble yourself Mario and show some respect for the fans of Daytime and all the hard working indviduals who work on screen and behind the scenes at AMC and OLTL. Oh and one last thing these shows were on for over 40 years. The Chew will be lucky to make it a year with such a lame name and no way will it be around as long as the soaps were. Who wants to watch another lame cooking show.

1287 days ago

Mary Ann    

OMG - what a gross guy - I will not be watching this jerk - not that i would any way - who wants to watch another one of this type of shows and plus I'm boycotting ABC is the soaps are not on it.

1287 days ago


BOYCOTT!!! ABC. This guy Mario is so dirty looking that i wouldn't eat his food if you paid me to. As for dictating what we watch on your network, guess what??? take off the soaps and there is no network!!! The only thing that is saving ABC is the daytime soaps.

1287 days ago

Robyn Voorhis    

W see it differently Mario. YOU are Over. You may take over the time slot but WE WILL NOT BE WATCHING...... NO RATING FOR YOU AND BYE BYE BIRDIE. If you want to watch yiou make things mostof us have no interest in eating anyway we can watch the food network. Why is it you people are to blind to see you are setting up to fail. WE DONT WANT YOU.......FACE IT

1287 days ago

Erin Bond    

Mario Batali : Enjoy your show for the 5 MINUTES you have it! YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THIS VIEWER! I TURN ON THE TV TILL AMC AND OLTL ARE GONE THEN IT'S ADIOS *******S!


1287 days ago


He could easily tell ABC he would like another time slot. He was a jerk about it. No one is going to watch his new show. I liked him until this. He and Rachael Ray have both lost a fan and customer in me.

1287 days ago


I will not be watching your show!!! I could care less about what you are about!! If I wanted to watch a cooking show I would tune into Food Network!! Heck I won't even watch Rachel Ray so what the heck makes you think for one second I will be watching your program!?!?!?! I have an idea. With Oprah going off the air I count one time slot becoming available. I propose a reality show torturing the presidents, vice presidents, and executives of ABC. Throw them on an island with nothing but heat and cold and LOTS of poisonous insects and put all of our beloved soap stars in pirate ships surrounding that island and have them begin shooting cannon balls at the heads of ABC turning it into one big fun game of dodge ball!!!! NOW THAT I'D WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

1287 days ago

Arielle NaMara    

This is absolutely the WORST television programming decision I have ever seen in my life. I wrote an extensive blog post on this subject, it can be read at:

1287 days ago

Lisa Klingler    

He needs to stop eating whatever he's cooking, he doesn't look very healthy, maybe he should watch the revolution. Jerk.

1287 days ago

Kimberly Blackburn    

We may not blame you but rest assured Mario we won't watch you either!

1287 days ago


Well Mario we don't balme you for ABC trying to cancel our soaps but if you think that we loyal soap fans will watch you instead then you got a suprise coming!!!!!

1287 days ago


Okay, here's the deal - you don't want people to blame you, and since you are at best a d-list celebrity you really aren't important enough to bother over. But pissing off the people most likely to be watching at the time your show is on is asinine. And right now 'soapheads' are the ONLY ones watching ABC daytime. When they are gone the rest of ABC can tank as far as I'm concerned.

1286 days ago



1286 days ago
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