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D.A. -- Don't Sully Michael Jackson's Character

4/18/2011 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County District Attorney has filed a motion asking the judge in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case to stop Conrad Murray's defense team from using any evidence involving the Nation of Islam.


According to documents obtained by TMZ, District Attorney Steve Cooley explains, "Evidence concerning the Nation of Islam ... is irrelevant to this case because it does not relate to the defendant's participation in Michael Jackson's death."

But there's a deeper storyline -- Cooley's move is a preemptive strike to keep the defense from trying to make Michael Jackson look like a weirdo ... and an unsympathetic character ... and connecting MJ to the N.O.I. would make him very unsympathetic with a jury.

And Cooley wants to prevent the defense attacking MJ's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez who claims he was ordered by Dr. Murray to hide evidence of Propofol in MJ's bedroom.

Alvarez had been convicted of a misdemeanor 11 years ago, which Cooley believes is irrelevant.


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I personally do not believe that Dr. Murray killed Michael Jackson. I think MJ was in the habit of giving himself shots and this time he A) Intended to overdose because he couldn't handle the tour physically and mentally and owed millions of dollars to people or B) Did not intend to overdose and it was a mistake that he died.

1284 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

SEND COLD BLOODED KILLER MURRAY TO JAIL ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOR A LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1284 days ago


HOW DESPERATE, a misdemeanor 11 yrs ago? Are you kidding me...

1284 days ago



1284 days ago


IF (!) MJ were connected to the N.O.I., that should be irrelevant to the original charge. Looks like the defense could be grasping at straws. I'm not saying the good doctor is guilty and that Mr Jackson was an angel, but to muddy the waters with off-the-wall allegations towards the victim is just pure pond s***.

1284 days ago


You can not self inject propofol,so MJ didn't inject himself.

1284 days ago


@AJLind, why the heck did he require a doctor if he was going to inject himself.How about testing the needle to see if his prints would turn up on it; that's just my suggestion.

1284 days ago


Did anybody think about the serious possibility Mike is still
among us? If there is somebody on the face of this planet who has more than enough reasons to dissappear it is him. Broozed and battered by the press and broke, but still loved by millions. They knew his "death" was pretty much the only way to get rid of the debts. Another option would be a total comeback by Michael wich would need more than one world tour to make that amount of hard cash. I don't think Mike was up for that anymore.

1284 days ago


Can we get an attorney to defend Michael again? It looks like he is the one on trial here.

1284 days ago


Wasn't making him look like a weirdo exactly what the prosecution did during his child molestation trial? Funny how that is ok for them to do but not for anyone else.

1284 days ago

Phil Alger    

You don't want MJ to look like a fruit cake? OMG, it's a little late for that! He has been in court how many times for sleeping with kids? Lt's get real this whole Jackson family and any one connected is nuts!

1284 days ago


once again Murray proves he has no scruples.he is a disgrace to his profession ..

1284 days ago


I can't imagine that a supposed "doctor" disparaging his client would in any way make the "doctor" who actually killed the patient, look good.

If I was on that jury, and I'm glad I'm not, I would be pissed to high heaven to hear that doctor try to make a dead person out to be the bad guy.

Dr. Murray is a brazen incompetent who needs to be re-charged with INTENTIONAL manslaughter. If he hated MJ that much, or disrespected MJ that much, maybe that's why MJ is dead, because his doctor didn't have enough RESPECT for his patient to give MJ at least the minimal amount of care.

I wouldn't imagine that Murray's stomping on MJ's grave with all this negative talk would sit well with the man upstairs, OR with any of "Dr." Murrays patients.

1284 days ago


Let the chess match continue.

1284 days ago


sounds like they may have found the key to getting wanna be Dr Murry off the hook, scott free. "prints don't fit , you must acquit"
This is indeed shaping up to be the trial of the century. Cant wait to see it all play out...

1284 days ago
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