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Charlie Sheen -- The RACE for Washington

4/19/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Charlie Sheen expects to make it from an L.A. courtroom to his performance in Washington D.C. on time tonight -- dude better get his ass in gear ... because he'll need EVERY SECOND!!! 

Charlie is scheduled to take the stage at DAR Constitution Hall in D.C. at 8:00 PM EST for his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour ... but he's currently in L.A. dealing with his child custody case.

Assuming Charlie has a private jet on standby ... and factoring in that the average commercial flight from L.A. to D.C. is about 4-and-a-half hours ... and the 3-hour time change ... Charlie would have to be wheels up by NOON to give himself a realistic shot.

Sources at the DAR tell us at this point staffers have not been told the show has been cancelled ... and they are proceeding as scheduled.

Will Charlie make it??? STAY TUNED!!

UPDATE 10:47 AM PST: Charlie was just seen leaving the courtroom ... and should be heading to his car any moment.


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The "OTHER" site said Charlie lost custody, and Brooke
got full custody. Wow Harvey, I thought you were more
on the ball...where are all your snitches?

1284 days ago

Bubba Ganoosh    

What a sad, pathetic little man. I dont see the fasination in him. He's not remotely interesting. Drugs? Porn stars? Wild parties? Rob Lowe was doing this 25 years ago.

1284 days ago


ksis 3 minutes ago

Well, if it's true, then it says a lot about the judicial system in the US, I'm afraid and poves what I have been saying about mothers being treated better than fathers, no matter how crappy the mothers are.
In this case, there was no real winner. ROL says that Brooke maintains custody and implies that she will seek treatment while the boys continue stay with her mother. I know lots of people won't like it, but what are the other options? Travel with the other psycho parent? At least this way nothing changes for them. Only for the infantile adults.

1284 days ago


No doubt it will be an expletive filled show after today's #LOSING in court.

1284 days ago


He should tear everyone apart in Washington today. LOL Knowing Charlie, he WILL.

1284 days ago


squeeky 5 minutes ago

The "OTHER" site said Charlie lost custody, and Brooke
got full custody. Wow Harvey, I thought you were more
on the ball...where are all your snitches?
Inaccurately calculating time zone changes.

1284 days ago


Oh goody, he'll wear a Washington Capitals jersey, I'm sure the team will be thrilled to hear about that and continue winning and take the Stanley Cup.

1284 days ago


Heh, the pic of Sheen on a tiger is funny! So what if it's bad photoshop.

1284 days ago

1luv waiting for charlie to make it here (rolling eyes). maybe this wannabe rain storm will keep him from landing. we really don't need more drug users and hot air egomaniacs in dc.

1284 days ago


anyone w/an adult mind and a productive life is so over this loser its not funny anymore! he made the biggest mistake of hi life letting us see what he really is! no different than any junkie I ever knew, except for a better address and a nicer car! they're all s***...that's why they're junkies!

1284 days ago


hope he makes it! i won free tickets on the radio last night to this gig! haha

1284 days ago


Charlie knew he was going to court today and if he had a show scheduled on another coast today, the logical thing to do would be to cancel the show and reschedule for a later date.

He would have free time to take care of his court matters, and possibly try to see his kids...instead he's racing from one coast to another so he can go on stage with that BS show in DC. Shows you where his priorities lie. Watch him rant and rave about what happen in court this morning. Wonder how many names will he call Brooke and the judge?

1284 days ago


I'm sure the warlock loaded up on "Tiger Blood" and is on his way to DC with his who#e errrr....'Goddess"...

1284 days ago


RR_theoldhippiestonerconfessingliarputthatinyourpiperaymond about an hour ago

Missive # 32

Charlie has never been on time for any show on the tour thus far. When he showed up 45 minutes late for the last show, he said that's how he rolls. Why should the DC show be any different?
LOL...I was thinking the same thing. Dude has been late for every one of his shows anyway so what difference does it make if he's late for this DC show.

Ya think that was the same way he rolled with 2 1/2 Men when they had rehearsals? I'm willing to bet that was just ONE of the issues "the suits" had to deal with from this crackhead over the years.

1284 days ago


He better be getting on that plane! I have tickets to the show in DC!!!

1284 days ago
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