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Charlie Sheen -- I Took A PEE TEST At The Airport

4/20/2011 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen says he has a damn good excuse why he was late to his live show in Washington D.C. yesterday -- he had to take a leak.

When a tardy Charlie appeared on stage at the DAR Theater last night -- he told the crowd he took a drug test before he got on his plane ... explaining, "I waited at the airport for people to show up with a little bottle ... cop in a cup as I like to call it."

Charlie says he volunteered to take the pee test after his custody battle with Brooke Mueller yesterday -- because he wanted to prove he has nothing to hide.


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Miss Mary    

This circus is getting old.

1248 days ago


I love you Charlie, but this has gotten old already. Time to get back to work don't ya think..My suggestion is to create your own show on CABLE!

1248 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

Sure he takes a test on his terms.

1248 days ago


Doreen about a minute ago: I love you Charlie, but this has gotten old already. Time to get back to work don't ya think..My suggestion is to create your own show on CABLE!
Why you wanna start some mess?! I'll have to get cable to watch it and I don't want the expense. LOL. I'm only joking, Charlie: I'll get cable for you.

1248 days ago


Nobody cares, Charlie!

1248 days ago


It's strange how he has forgotten he almost died from an od a couple of months ago. A few clean test don't make an admitted long-term excessive drug user a good parenting choice.

By Charlie's logic, Ozzie Osborne is fit to take care of the kids. 20 years of brain damage can't be cured in 6 weeks of sobriety!!

Leave the kids with the grandparents and nanny's.

1248 days ago


On thing about Sheen, he's a consistently a hard worker. He set out to do 20 shows, and he's doing them. He partied hard, and showed up to work, and 2.5 was always funny and fun to watch. sheen isn't a flake like lohan, he does the job, and keeps his nose to the wheel, grinding away.
He's definitely not a failure. (Who amongst us can afford 110K/month in alimony pay!)

1248 days ago

Doreen already have cable. Charlie would be great on SHOWTIME...have you watched Shameless? Charlie would fit right in...He could use that Youtube video going around with the two little boys..the little one biting his big brother Charles finger???That could be Emilio and him..LOLOLOL..

1248 days ago


should have tested for 'cra-zay' instead.

Cuckoo for Cocopuffs

guess which one is you Charlie?

1248 days ago


So Charlie is now scheduling his own "random" pee test??

It's interesting that Charlie told the crowd during one of his shows that he was given 2 hours notice that the cops were going to raid his house looking for guns. Since when are "raids" announced 2 hours in advance so the person being raided has 2 hours to clear out anything that shouldn't be there?

Charlie's a prize schmuck.

1248 days ago

Cindy Arnold    

Enough. These antics are getting a litle old. He screwed up and lost the best paid job on TV,(I'll take his job for $10,000 an episode) great pay for very little effort. If these parents (Charlie & Brooke) were anybody else in America, doing this kind of stuff, these kids would have already been taken away and put in foster homes. Who cares?? Somebody should step in and help them. How can these kids at their age understand what the hey is going on!

1248 days ago


I'd like to see Charlie give a hair sample to test what he's been doing the last few months.

1248 days ago


@Doreen...I love me some Charlie!!! I'm an HBO girl, myself. I used to watch Sex and the City back in the ways, and most recently Big Love and True Blood. Of course, when TrueBlood went off the rails in the beginning of 3rd season, I'd had enough and got rid of my box. Now, I'm strickly an antenna girl.

1248 days ago


What does it matter if his piss tests clean when his brain is fried from years of drugs and booze and ho's.

1248 days ago


It's only a matter of time Charlie. You'll test hot again one of these days. Just go away. You and Lindsay - please, just go away!!!!!

1248 days ago
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