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Lady Gaga TRIPS OUT During Live Show -- AGAIN

4/21/2011 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the second time this month -- Lady Gaga went down HARD during a live concert ... this time, she slipped and fell on stage during a concert in Atlanta last night.042111_gaga_fall_still

Just like the last fall ... Gaga got right up and trucked on like nothing ever happened.

In case you forgot, Gaga fell off of a fire-spewing piano during a concert in Houston on April 10.

She was born this way.



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Stupid People Hater    

Seriously, Gaga. You can look like a dumb as in your f-in meat **** costumes but why don't you do yourself a favor and wear some tennis shoes when you perform? In fact it would look odd enough wearing tennis shoes with anything else you wear that it would actually work well with your image.

1282 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Exactly how can this chick say everywhere she is singing "live" all the time yet right here proves that it was definite playback. What a phony.

1282 days ago


Anti-tripping-up prescription= Less time faking and more time singing for talentless media addicts (three times daily with meals)

1282 days ago


@01234 ("I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY LADY GAGA YOU ARE MY LIFE look all this sick people they will love to have the TALENT AND THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD jealous jealous people I can't believe all this hate is funny how the person with the most WOUNDERFUL FEELINGS OF FREEDOM can be so hated ughhhh YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK REDARDED STUPID WE CAN EVEN SAY PEOPLE YOU ARE SICK ANIMALS that's why this world is getting stupid and people with no culture UGHHH sick animals")

I have one word for you....GRAMMAR. Your post makes NO sense. Get your nose out of Ga Ga's a.s.s and learn how to write a proper sentence so people can understand your ranting.

1282 days ago


I don't think it was last night...

1282 days ago


Have anyone heard Weird Al Yancovich's parody version of 'Born this way' yet? It's hilarious and it is called 'Perform this way'. Lady Gaga tried to block 'Perform this way' from being released but she failed.

1282 days ago


Just more proof that she lipsyncs all her concerts. One can only hope that one of these times she goes down, she won't get up.

1282 days ago


oh shiat she IS lip Syncing..................

1282 days ago


cutthecrap and Amber i agree with you guys! amen! you can just tell she is lip syncing cause when she falls ..the song keeps if she was actually singing you could here her saying stuff like oooww or crap! but no Lady Gaga is such a messy drag queen!

1282 days ago


At least we don't have to worry about her face getting busted. That ship sailed long ago...

1282 days ago


I don't know of a more hated "artist". I was hoping the next time she fell, she wouldn't get up, but, shucks, no such luck! :-/

1282 days ago


People with talent dont need props to get noticed..gaga has no talent...she thinks shocking people will pull in the young and sell her music....but the young are a fickle audience , they wont hang around....I think she needs to retire, I agree how could she not loose her voice taking a unexpected fall, its only natural, as it is a shock.

1282 days ago


Lady Poo-Poo Ka-Ka. Her voice isn't even good. I don't get it. Besides, didn't some teenage chick kill the family cat and smear it's blood all over her so she would be all dolled up to go to one of Lady S^hitbag's concert? (that is a true story folks, I didn't come up with it on my own)

Nothing I'd ever go pay to see. But, watching people trip and fall is always a good time.

1282 days ago


Couldn't happen to a nicer devil-worshiping, lip-syncing, no-talented freak of nature.

1282 days ago


"Noneofyourbusiness" - Is that the same crazy cat girl who probably killed her cat because Miley Cyrus didn't get back to Twitter when she wanted her to? lol

Btw, I noticed there was no change of pitch. If I fell that hard I woulda said "****" ..or "holy hell I'm sorry fans" LOL

1282 days ago
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