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Lindsay's Lawyer Makes Move to Reduce Charges

4/21/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is now armed and potentially dangerous to the prosecution in her felony grand theft case -- after bringing an expert to the cop shop to appraise the necklace Lindsay allegedly stole.


Shawn Holley just left Parker Center -- the headquarters of the LAPD -- where she brought an appraiser to examine the necklace.  Kamofie & Company set the price of the item at $2,500, but as TMZ first reported, they bought the piece for just $850.

 If the necklace is worth less than $950, the case cannot be filed as a felony but rather as a misdemeanor -- which would be a huge break for Lindsay.

Holley is expected to raise the issue in court Friday, when Lindsay's preliminary hearing is set to begin.


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TEAM LILO! Keep your head up, get your life back, get back to work and let go of the people who drag you down. 2012 can be your year to get the ball rolling.

1248 days ago



Good point!! If you're so innocent, what does it matter what the price is? You produce your "loan" do***entation and be done with it...

1248 days ago


And Lindsay will say FU to the judicial system once again.

1248 days ago


It does not matter how much it is worth. The Judge said if she gets into anymore trouble then her probation would be revoked. Are they going to keep slapping her on the wrist and letting her get away with things. It's not like it is the first time she did something wrong. She thinks she can get away with everything because they are letting her by not punishing her for her actions. She knew what she was doing was wrong. It's like she has no boundries. The judges needs to step up and put a stop to it.

1248 days ago


What BS. None of us could walk into a store, have an item of their jewelry appraised by some guy we brought with us and then expect to pay what our guy says it should cost! That's rediculous. I hope the Judge laughs in their faces! This is one of the reasons we hate Lindsay so much...she cannot face the music for anything.

1248 days ago


Oh boy is she grasping at straws.. It doesn't matter. She stole property and when this does go to trial she'll be in violation of probation and back to the orange jumpsuit and 5th? 6th? mugshot.

1248 days ago


Sooooo...she's going to argue that a retailer doesn't have the right to mark up a wholesale price by 12%? Yeah. Good luck with that.

1248 days ago

Big Daddy    

It's not like the jeweler put the price on the item after it became missing. It's like Sloane said, "Grasping at Straws." If this flies, it's more California Justice. You judges know that Miss Lohan thinks your a joke. You have to love her attorney though!

1248 days ago


Did Shawn Holly actually go to law school?
The 'actual' value of the necklace is TOTALLY beside the point in this case.
It's the price the jeweler was asking for the necklace that matters. The pricetag on the necklace (i.e. The money the jeweler is asking for the piece of jewelry) is the value the courts care about.
Had Lindsay not stolen the necklace, the store could possibly have sold it for the $2,500 price tag.
Jewlelery is worth what someone is willing to pay for it - period. That's irregardless of any 'independent' appraisal of the item's worth.
Go back to law school, Shawn! You suck.

1248 days ago


Why does it matter if she's Linnocent? Isn't that why she is going to trial because she is Linnocent and she is going to win?

1248 days ago

The Truth    

Team Lindsey Game Play

Step 1: Poor Lindsey, make her a sympathetic figure.

Step 2: Make her the victim in everything. Oh poor Lindsey her dad is crazy, she has a stalker, poor, poor Lindsey.

Step 3: Hire a body guard to show she is a victim, when she doesn’t need one.

Step 4: Send her to NY so she can’t be drug and alcohol tested.

Step 5: Get her a role in any movie so she can use it as an excuse. Oh judge I have a movie roll so I can’t go to jail.

Step 6: Keep trying to say she didn’t steal the necklace but use the BS excuse that it is not worth over $950

Step 7: Use the BS excuse defense that it’s not what it sells for but what someone they hire says it’s worth. So if that is the case then all the Lindsey products she sells under her name people should file suit against her. They cost $5 to $10 dollars to make but sell for a couple hundred. Duh.

Gee Team Lindsey do you really think anyone is dumb enough to buy into your BS. So everyone go buy a Lindsey product and only pay what it is really worth. It’s only fair.

Stay tuned for the new moves by Team Lindsey.

1248 days ago


$850 is wholesale....not retail. There is a big difference.

1248 days ago


Have they given up on the she didn't steal it defense? And are going strong with yep she did, but its a misdemeanor.Good luck.Its like haggling with a hooker the price might be in question but your still a hooker.

1248 days ago


Lindsay might get off easier if it's reduced to a misdemeanor but boy will her popularity plummet. And that's a problem currently, given her reputation. I would think it would impact the roles she'd be offered because I think a lot of people would react by refusing to pay to see her. WHY doesn't she just take the lumps that she should and get it over with?

1248 days ago

The Truth    

FYI so anyone not in the Jewelry business doesn’t know about pricing. It’s called keystone or key. Keystone is cost to manufacture or wholesale buy. Then the jeweler marks it up 3 to 5 key or 3 to 5 times the keystone price. If an item’s keystone price is $500 it will sell for between $2000 to $3000. (add the original key in) Many large jewelry stores and boutique stores use 20 to 30 keystone.

1248 days ago
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