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Lindsay Lohan -- Bailed Outta Lynwood ... Again

4/23/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked through her own personal revolving door -- the exit way at Lynwood Correctional Facility -- after a bondsman put up the cash to spring her.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department's website ... LiLo was in custody for almost five hours and her bail was set at $75,000.

Lindsay rode out in a black SUV, with a Sheriff's vehicle leading the way.



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Tony Ramirez    



1287 days ago

normal person    

I am sure Lilo has learned many lessons over the past few years. She about to see another part of what life has to offer. If I was her I would make it my priority to complete all the requirement and get out of the system. At the same time as learning some life lessons I hope the ACTOR in her will take this opportunity to observe characteristics of the people she will meet.
What will the haters do if Lyndsay is genuinely kind to the folks she meets.

1287 days ago


stupid whore !

1287 days ago


"I say everyone ban that jewelry store for trying to cash in on this troubled young woman. Drive them out of business."

Yes. By all means, let's blame the VICTIMS. They're trying to operate a business in these difficult economic times and God forbid they try to turn a bad situation around and try to make a few bucks at the expense of SOMEONE WHO STOLE FROM THEM. I'm fairly certain that someone else approached them with the idea to "cash in" on the situation and rather than TURN DOWN EASY MONEY they went along with it. What nerve! They should be hung!

Right. From everything I've heard and read all proceeds went or will go to charity and they won't earn a dime. Furthermore, they've undoubtedly had to deal with a torrent of negative publicity resulting in a decline in sales through absolutely no fault of their own aside from DEFENDING THEIR PROPERTY RIGHTS.

Yes. Let's boycott the business and put them down once and for all. That'll show them. Don't mess with a Lohan. They own the very air you breathe.

1287 days ago


"I'm taking bets that LL will be considered for an Oscar for one of these her roles in these 2 new flicks???"

Give me 200:1 odds against and you can put me down for $50.
No checks either. I expect payment in cash.

1287 days ago


"Then the judge who is a little less "emotionally" involved, get's it close with $75,000. Still too high considering she can't leave her front door without 20-30 cameras hanging out. Now THAT's a crime!"

$75K in bail is peanuts given her criminal history. The whole point of bail is to guarantee that you'll show up for trial. Lindsay has MORE than enough resources to leave the country and has done so to skip a court date at least once. She's a flight risk.

As far as the cameras go, that's the price of fame. Those millions don't come free. She earns/earned a living through public recognition and adulation. Once the paps stop filming her, she's washed up.

"When this whole thing is over, she will own the jewelry store, morgue, and necklace!!!!!"

When this whole thing is over, she'll be lucky if she can afford a CANDY necklace. Anyway, hyperbole aside, you know there's no way she'll own ANY of those things unless she buys them. Somehow I don't see Lindsay showing interest in purchasing a morgue.

1287 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Normal Person, You are agreeing with us? How did that happen? Seriously that is EXACTLY what most of us want. Hope it happens, but not holding my breathe.

1287 days ago


"Innocent until proven Guilty, and the Judges have already made up his/her minds without substantive evidence before them."

"Innocent until proven guilty" doesn't mean what you think it means. It only applies to CONVICTIONS. You can be arrested and charged with a crime before you're proven guilty. It's called "probable cause" or "reasonable suspicion".

"Imagine if she pled guilty to Grand Theft before the evidence proves the item was sold the the jeweler for $850 (or was it $650). Grand Theft minimum is $950. But that FIRST Judge was so sure of himself."

*Sigh*. One. More. Time. The necklace was SOLD to the store by the original designer for $850. That's not the value of the necklace. That's only the wholesale price. The value is whatever the market says it is. If the store can sell the necklace for $2500, that's what it's worth. However, it's going to be worth considerably more than $100 over its wholesale price because of the need for markup to stay in business. Also, as others have pointed out, the designer's other jewelry tends to sell for way over $950 so there's absolutely no doubt that the value qualifies as a felony.

However, it's moot at this point because Sautner used her discretionary judicial powers to invoke CPC 17(b) and reduce the charge to a misdemeanor making the actual value a non-issue.

1287 days ago


My God give this girl a break let her live her life.She needs to get the hell out of LA. She needs to move back to New York.All you people with your comments of hate she grow up.The DA should go after the real criminals in LA its clear she has an agenda. God Bless Lindsay Lohan and all the haters on here.

1287 days ago


"if tha is the case then it is not theft, it should be a civil matter and should have been billed for the neckless. No customer can leave a store with that in mind and that is the owners fault. She should have been billed for it she was treated as a star and jewler should have done that."

How is it NOT theft? You seem to be suggesting that shoplifters should be billed rather than prosecuted. That would only entice shoplifters to steal MORE frequently since at worst, they'll have to pay for the item and at best, they get away with it and can keep what they stole for free. If you leave your keys on the counter and I take them while your back is turned and drive off with your car that's not a civil matter. It's Grand Theft Auto. It doesn't matter if we've met before or I assume that you saw me take the keys and thus believe I have permission, it's still theft because you DIDN'T have express consent.

Not that it should matter but she WAS treated as a star. The store tried to contact her several times and ask her to return the necklace before getting the police involved. If it were anyone else, cops would've been called immediately. How was the store supposed to bill her just out of curiosity? They didn't have her credit card information. Were they supposed to just send a collection notice to her current address? What if she claimed she didn't know what the store was talking about and refused to pay? Why should the store bend over backwards for her and risk losing the merchandise?

"Serve time in the morgue she didn't kill anyone. Sentence does not meet the crime."

You're right. Her sentence should have been more severe. However, doing community service in a morgue IS appropriate for a DUI. No, she didn't kill anyone but she COULD have. It wasn't Lindsay's brilliant, professional driving skills that kept her from killing anyone. It was SHEER DUMB LUCK. Had she killed someone, she'd have gone away for good and been sued by the victims' families for every penny to her name.

Lindsay has caught break after break after break. She has more than used up her fair quota of "second chances" and she still doesn't get it. At some point, the courts are going to totally give up on her and write her off as a repeat offender who can't/won't be rehabilitated. Then she's REALLY going to be sorry and no amount of money, pleading, crying, or complaining will save her. At the rate she's going, this is inevitable.

1287 days ago


LiLo deserves 1 year flat time in jail, but don't Blame LiLo, This is what happens when you have corrupt judges, judge probably gives everyone else years in jail for the same cry LiLo did

1287 days ago


I don't get it, she was sentence to 120 its not a hearing why did she get bail why isn't she in JAIL, someone please explain???

1287 days ago


"Lindsy I love her actingk verry much and she is beutiful and smarter then any of u haterzzzz out there. stupit bunch of haterzzzz u r. your just gellous that shes the tallentted won and u r not."

I'm going to assume you're being sarcastic here because NO ONE's spelling is that poor - not even that of illegal immigrants.

1287 days ago


I seem to recall Nicole posting that Lindz has a year to do the community service - a year from registration? So she'll be right back in court next summer after failing to perform communtity service. Same question though: What will the punishment be?
If this woman doesn't stop using, she'll be spending the rest of her pathetic life in and out of courts and jail.

1287 days ago


cali about a minute ago

I bet this judge will give her the maximum sentence on the necklace case - ONE YEAR.
If she took the plea she'd be out by now.
SCH could have asked the judge to expunge the conviction as part of the plea when she is finished with probation, and she wouldnt have any record of it

Cali. I agree. Take the plea, she would have done her short stint in Lynwood, and she would have been on her way. She rolled the dice to prove to the world that she was innocent, and we all know how that turned out, and now she's in a world of ****. Yeah, no felony but she's going to be miserable for a while with all this on her plate. After all of this, and I read comments on other sites like Facebook and LA Times, etc, her reputation is mud. Not just TMZ where she takes crap. I cannot fathom how any producer would use her in a movie. If you see Lindsay on a bill for a flick, are you running into that theater to drop 10 to 12 bucks to see it? No friggen way.

1287 days ago
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