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Charlie Sheen

Dumped Via Text Message

4/24/2011 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is down a goddess -- he revealed last night during his tour stop in Ft. Lauderdale that Bree Olson broke up with him ... via text message. Ouch!

By all accounts, the show went well -- Sheen had a few guests on stage ... including Dennis Rodman (see below). Charlie even offered up a few words of wisdom for Lindsay Lohan: "I would hug her and let her know it's gonna be ok."

Sheen's next tour stop is Tuesday night in Houston, TX.



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yeah if def effected his decision its not common in america to have two girl friends and be getting away with it and that interview you posted a link too bree def didnt look scared to me one bit haha with the way people where saying she looked frighten I was expecting her to be doing subliminal messages telling the public how scared she was haha

1243 days ago


@ksis - IMO you may have a somewhat skewed opinion of what a good, luxurious life is all about. My viewpoint would coincide more closely with that of kellibr's.

The reality is that Carlos has a number of issues to deal with in life ie: the issue of getting a lucrative job to pay his bills, the issue of his ongoing child custody battles and support payments to ex-wives and law suits. So I'd say he has a lot on his mind which may not make him the most fun to be around for a young woman.

Certainly a young woman with her own home and her own money can do better than an old guy like Carlos with all his baggage.

You may be star struck by his celebrity but I see him as a 'has-been' party boy - not young - not handsome - with a limited vocabulary suitable for a barn yard, not for civilized discourse. He was so ego-centric he compromised his own future with all the foul language and ranting.

I never paid attention to his past escapades nor his show until all this rage and foolishness erupted and can honestly say his actions have made me loose all respect for any skill he might have as an actor or for that matter a man.

I see much more talented performances from the actors in other shows produced by Carlos's former employer.

Carlos did himself no favors by foolishly spewing hatred via the media at his bosses, claiming to take illegal drugs, throwing money around at porn stars, thumbing his nose at everyone with his wild actions, naming his playmates 'goddesses' - so the sooner he gets off that ego track the sooner he may have a chance of sharing custody of his sons and resuming a functioning life in his profession. He brought the spotlight on himself - prior to all this media exposure his previous assaults had been forgotten. Now he's made the mild natured, womanizer, "Charlie" in his TV character unbelievable.

1243 days ago


Good for Bree, I hope that she puts her life back together while Charlie continues to pour his efforts into WINNING his job back. Such a strong possibility.

1243 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

Let me rephrase,

Charlie will NEVER have full custody of his children.

1243 days ago


jack dacarup
maybe so but if brooke keeps ****ing up then it will def help his cause I mean she shouldnt she know since she been to rehab so many times to not be hanging out with a fellow addict let alone doing a show with one.

1243 days ago


@Jack DaCarup

LOL! Yeah, my point stands.


Well, those OTHER shows don't make that much money and that something about the actors, because they are all written by Lorre, so it's not the writing.
Let's not pretend that living in a multi-million dollar mansion, with not one bill to worry about is not regarded as luxury by a 20-year old whose "career" has been exposing her boobs and other pivate parts.
I know EXACTLY what luxurious life is for someone like ME, who has lived longer, who is educated and has enough pride and dignity to work hard in order to be able to earn living with my MIND and not my BUTT.

1243 days ago


ksis, I'm looking at the same video now on TMZ:

I think it was edited out. I'll look some more.

I agree the truth most likely won't come out on stage (as promised). I guess I was being sarcastic. I'm crunching words.

1243 days ago


Charlie may not have full custody, but a court of law has maintained his shared custody of Bob and Max. In a court of law, impartiality and reason usually rule the day. If Charlie was as bad as some claim him to be, the judge would have stripped him of shared custody. I hope and am sure the twins get extended time with Charlie once the tour is over.

1243 days ago


If you are looking at the same video that I posted, Lagoon, than it was exactly the same from the day it was made by the TMZ reporter. It was made on Mach 28th and that's when I watched it fom beginning to end. Maybe you mean the 20/20 interview?

It is the truth that has to deciphered;)

1243 days ago


what are you saying the part where she looks scared was edited out

1243 days ago



I completely agree that the judge would strip Sheen of custodial rights if it was possible the twins were in danger. I actually think Brooke's parents are part of the problem, because I think they might be blaming Charlie for her behavior. That is another extremely unhealthy complex in that Brooke's parents are acting as enablers. At least Sheen's family sees the problem.

1243 days ago



To be honest, the pefect situation would be if Brooke pulled herself together and her and Charlie shared custody, with equal rights and equal responsibilities. But for the time being, I would LOVE for Charlie to get temporary custody. Brooke should feel what it's like to lose the kids.

1243 days ago


how come this interview is so hard to find where bree is scared its not like tmz is going to do charlie any favors hahaa

1243 days ago


ksis, I realize it is the same interview. I never should have started this, because my mind is only half into it now. I'll look at 20/20. What I remember is who I thought was this same TMZ interviewer at Charlie's house trying to start trouble by repeatedly asking the goddess if they push Charlie around.

bbrown, I'm just guessing it's edited. I don't know. I don't have the best memory. I'm trying to find it.

1243 days ago



Don't wory about it. It's your opinion that she looked scared somewhere along the way. No biggie.
Let me just show you something. Bree gave the inteview on Howad Stern a few months before hooking up with Charlie in which she said she has no respect fo him and she would neve be with a man like that. And then...BAM. She is a goddess. For me, that's just another example of a woman like Brooke Mueller: totally untrustworthy.

1243 days ago
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