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Oksana's Tape Expert Claims No Monkey Business

4/24/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has gotten hold of Oksana Grigorieva's ammo in her war with Mel Gibson over whether her secret recordings were edited ... and O.G.'s expert claims they're the real deal.


TMZ has obtained a declaration Kent Gibson, a forensic audio expert who examined the 18 recordings from Oksana's computer -- 9 are voicemails from Mel and 9 are recorded conversations between Mel and Oksana.  By the way, check out the times the various calls were made -- interesting.

In his declaration filed in the family law case and obtained by TMZ, Kent says, "In my professional opinion as a forensic audio examiner, I conclude that the recordings have not been modified, and can be considered authentic."

Oksana is pissed at Mel for saying the tapes were edited.  However, in Mel's interview with, when Mel talks about edited tapes, he appears to be referring to the tapes that were leaked in the media.  In other words, it's possible the recordings in Oksana's computer are pristine but they were later edited before going online.


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TMZ gossip 15 minutes ago

well I think a number of people got tired of schoolmarm nitpicking their posts & snide commenting their character

with woman-hater it was a combo of her getting personal with people that didn't "fall into line" with her supposed research, and then that spiraling out of control

however, once a new thread is started, the twins will scurry back

I don't know who the twins are, been away for a few days so please forgive me....

As far as Tell, she never expected or demanded anyone to agree with her and she hardly spiraled out of control. She simply posted her opinions, which is what we all do.

I am surprised that you turned on her TMZG!
Surprised and disillusioned by you ...

I know I will be bashed for this, but I don't care, I am disappointed.

So, that being said, have at it TMZG and whomever else wants to bash me ...

1267 days ago


KM you are gorgeous INSIDE and OUT! oh and smart too :)

1267 days ago


Im doing very well Ira it's only 3.30 in the afternoon here
And we about to get a storm :)

1267 days ago


Sure are, how was your night out?

1267 days ago


Are you guys asking to see this, or are you wanting to see pictures of him, because as far as I know, they haven't release any pictures of him as of yet.

1267 days ago


LOL.. good thing we don't get ban for not staying on topic, because all of us would get ban.

1267 days ago


@ KM

you can choose to see whatever you like
It makes no difference to me.... and I didn't 'turn' on anybody. My views & stance have always been consistent here.

1267 days ago


just checked Drudge - - White House is releasing bin Laden death photo.

1267 days ago


hi Ira, Looks like you and I are the only ones here this morning, except for those who may be lurking.

1267 days ago


Hey TMZg.


1267 days ago


@Ira, yes about 2:30, but I went back to bed. Saw that your meeting got canceled. So, did you ever get that wine last night?

1267 days ago


# Majestik

I laughed
he couldn't even retain his seat

he can slink off back to Massachusetts

1267 days ago


Yvette Vickers found dead
probably died a year ago

1267 days ago


some people think the avi is about Osama

it isnt!!!!

1267 days ago


hi everyone, good morning. Here at work we just got this letter forwarded within homeland securities' offices but orginated in the office of NM homeland security (at this memo).

We ALLLLL know this, but just to say it one more time. NM homeland security is advising that they know that there are already malicious acts going on with emails, site phishing, dirty photos of Laden's body. They say, do not search for a pictures of him, no not open email attachments of anything of that nature, be aware of what sites you are going to.

This is common stuff, but the s*** are busy at work so beware, as one of my colleagues wasn't and now I have to go clean a virus off a machine. oh goody, goody. uggg

oh also report to homeland security anything and put the title of the email as malicious cyber activity surrounding Osama ben laden's body

1267 days ago
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