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Oksana's Tape Expert Claims No Monkey Business

4/24/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has gotten hold of Oksana Grigorieva's ammo in her war with Mel Gibson over whether her secret recordings were edited ... and O.G.'s expert claims they're the real deal.


TMZ has obtained a declaration Kent Gibson, a forensic audio expert who examined the 18 recordings from Oksana's computer -- 9 are voicemails from Mel and 9 are recorded conversations between Mel and Oksana.  By the way, check out the times the various calls were made -- interesting.

In his declaration filed in the family law case and obtained by TMZ, Kent says, "In my professional opinion as a forensic audio examiner, I conclude that the recordings have not been modified, and can be considered authentic."

Oksana is pissed at Mel for saying the tapes were edited.  However, in Mel's interview with, when Mel talks about edited tapes, he appears to be referring to the tapes that were leaked in the media.  In other words, it's possible the recordings in Oksana's computer are pristine but they were later edited before going online.


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How are #3, #12 and #13 possible with that time frame?

1276 days ago


LKL Interview: Oinksana says all that had aired was only a 'portion' of the tapes ....... no story here TMZ - Have you ever gotten a comment out of anyone in Lindsays family about the self mutilation of Lilo's upper lip?

1276 days ago


@ Jus Another Viewer 10 minutes ago

re: Oksana on Larry King Live

Jus Another Viewer, although I saw it live, thanks for posting the link again but most of all huge thanks for the short synopsis :) __ Unfortunately in the UK we get a message "The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Sorry about that"
Shame on them ))
So you can see how your extra info may be hugely appreciated

1276 days ago


In my by-no-means-expert opinion, this man is a Borderline Personality, has a very distinct "good" and "bad" side. His "good" personality can't/won't own up to what his "bad" side says and does. These people are absolute poison to be around.

1276 days ago



TMZ says check out the times of the calls, I believe they meant check out the dates! As predicted and now everyone can see, it was actually THREE days of recording. This seems to further violate Ca. law on recording someone if you fear for your life,you don't record for three days and do nothing, but so does not taking them to the police for 6 months. We can see why the LE wanted she charged for extortion if this is part of what they uncovered!

Ox had a 2 hour window the first evening between recording sets to get help, she did not, where is the fear?
The following day she recorded at noon and still did not get help, where is the fear?
She recorded the third afternoon and still did not seek help,where is the fear?

Now would be a good time for TMZ to publish her phone records to see who actually called whom and all the other calls she claims she did not record. I believe she told Larry that there were over 40+ calls the first evening, but she only recorded 9, now we find out she recorded 18 including voicemails. I would also like to hear the portions of the tapes that "someone" edited out because they are not complete.

Ox claims, in her own words, she recorded him so he could hear what he sounded like, not that she feared for her life. She distributed tapes to his doctor, her sister, her attorneys and the court got a set,enough people to create enough doubt on who could have leaked the tapes besides her, in her mind. She "cleared" sister of leaking claiming she held back one tape, which aired, so the sister could not be the leak. That leaves the rest as suspect because Ox swears she did not leak them, Ya right! Yet Ox did nothing to stop the tapes, insisted the public listen to them and claimed she feared for her life the one night, that is why she recorded instead of going to the police. We now see it was THREE days.

February 18,2010:
Recordings span 30 minutes from 10:27 p.m.- 10:57 p.m.

February 19,2010:
Recordings span from 1:04 a.m. to 3:06 a.m.
Afternoon recording 12:40 p.m.

February 20,2010:
Recordings span that afternoon from 12:03 p.m. to 12:56 p.m.

1276 days ago


KM: Mel himself said in the Deadline interview
"It’s one terribly, awful moment in time, said to one person, in the span of ONE DAY"

1276 days ago



Clever of Mel huh? ... Just read Ox's expert, he would not lie would he? That is his declaration to the court, you can see the time frame!

1276 days ago


So Mel is lying?
What else is new?

1276 days ago


Besides, RadarOnline posted the voicemails back in July 2010

February 18, 22:27pm
MG: Arghhh. Arghhhhhh. Arghhhhh. Argh. Argh. I called.

February 19, 12:40am
MG: Edith is not to work at your house. If she does, I will fire her. I will not pay her for any hours at your house. OK? She only works at my house. Alright? I don’t want her at your house or I will fire her. You know I will do it. I fire people all the time. You will have to find some other f*cker but you will have to pay for it yourself. She works at my house. She is my employee. Just thought I would mention that right now. If you want to call me back, I think we should discuss the terms of separation, don’t you? Don’t you think? Yes? Yes, let’s do it. I won’t smoke either, just to f*ck with you. I want to really badly. You would love me to. Because you want to destroy me and see me die. I know subconsciously that is your whole f*cking aim, is to ruin me. But I won’t let you. Alright. You selfish bitch. Alright.

February 19, 2.29am
MG: Whore. Answer the f*cking phone. F*cking bitch.

February 19, 2.31am
MG: You were a sour faced bitch today. Do you think it was tricky to get that f*cking tree in the hole, the placenta and organize that sh*t? Do you know how much f*cking time and money went into that? Did you thank me? Did you even have a f*cking smile on your face? F*ck no. You were down there looking like a spoilt c*nt. You don’t give f*ck do you. You really a shallow bitch. Everything about you stinks and I am seeing it real, loud and clear. F*ck yeah. **** y*ah.

February 19, 2.37am
MG: Oh. Just making sure you’re awake, if you were trying to sleep. Because I am awake — and you deserve to be. Yeah.

February 19, 2.39am
MG: Have I testified the title mean yet? I think so. OK, I will stop being mean now. I will stop being mean because that’s me. You call mean, you will get mean. You call me something I’m not you will get it in spades. Remember that and I don’t give a f*ck if you ever call me again or not.

February 19, 2.46am
MG: See, you can see I am not available for use anymore, you can see the well has dried up and you just take off, you just leave, take off, because I am finished for you right? Because I can’t give anymore, right? To your personal cause. You. I can’t do it anymore. So you’re out of here from the sinking ship. That’s your MO, isn’t it baby? Hmmm? That’s your MO. I will believe that because it seems to be the truth.

February 19, 3.06am
MG: It is to me. F*cking disloyal and f*cking weak. You’re f*cking blind. F*cking thankless. Such a f*cking slut. F*ck you. F*ck you. Don’t ever sleep again. Don’t sleep as long as I don’t sleep. Don’t sleep. F*cking get sick. You f*ck me up. You have f*cked me up. You have f*cked me up. You have f*cked me up. I did nothing but help you. But you f*cking **** on me like a low-life sl*t. Which is now what I am convinced you are. F*ck I am angry at you. You are a waste of time. I am angry at you. What a waste of my f*cking time. F*ck you. You f*cking ordinary c*nt. You are just f*cking ordinary. That goes for the talent too — it’s ordinary. It’s NOT extraordinary. It’s pretty f*cking common. I’d like to see you play a concert sometime. You make mistakes all over with live performances. You can’t do it. So touring is out of the question for you because you will f*ck it up. You have not yet f*cked up yet live. Haven’t seen you not f*ck it up yet. It’s flawless, you understand. You have to be f*cking flawless. You don’t know how to do that. You are not in that league. So give it up. Do what you’re good at. Whatever the f*ck that is. Oh, I know what that is. Deception!

1276 days ago



He was just stating what Ox told the world...she recorded him in one night, how else would he know, she did without his knowledge....She lied, not Mel, she secretly taped him, she would be the only one who knew the dates and times!

1276 days ago


"He was just stating what Ox told the world"

Why would he do that?
Because it makes him sound worse if he harassed her three days in a row?

1276 days ago


You dont have to be an expert to hear that the tapes are edited.

1276 days ago



You can not fault the man who was recorded without his knowledge, he had no reason to doubt Ox did he? He had no knowledge of when she did her little taping so how else could he answer but to give the same quote Ox gave? One fearful night, that was very important for us to know, one night!

1276 days ago


Have some sparklies * + * + * + *

Neat trick with the recordings going on simultaneously. The piano player is an amazing performer -- and the shy [snort] modest [giggle] claims of 'scoring Mel's new movie' (which aired on the night of 2-18) must have had Mr. Gibson's phone ringing off the hook with people wanting confirmation of her claims.

Just have to laugh at the piano player -- does anyone take her claims seriously after she somehow never made it to law enforcement until months and months later and she knew her 'leaked' recordings were going public?

Tee hee

1276 days ago


You're right, how is Mel to remember every single time he yelled at Oksana, demanded a blówjób or threatened to kill her?
Is that because it happened so many times or because he suffers from alcohol dementia?

1276 days ago
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