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Lindsay Lohan's Not Paranoid - She Has Enemies!

4/25/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At first blush, it looks like Lindsay Lohan is off the wagon, guzzling champagne ... a day after she got sprung from the pokey.

But we know the person in the picture is NOT Lindsay Lohan ... and it's the latest in a series of photos/videos pitched to TMZ and other news outlets ... making it appear that Lindsay is off the rails again.

This picture was taken at Eclectic Wine Bar & Grille in North Hollywood Sunday afternoon. We're told the staff thought it really was Lindsay and even comped her meal.

But TMZ has confirmed Lindsay wasn't anywhere near the restaurant when the picture was taken.

Is someone trying to set Lindsay up? Are paparazzi on the hunt for a Lindsay look-alike to make a quick buck?

The answer is yes and yes.


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Paparazzi attempting to make a quick buck...NOOOOO! Not them!

1275 days ago


Its definitely a "take a second look" look-a-like!! Maybe she is just a fashion wanna-be who wants to look like LiLo. Maybe she took the necklace!!!!

1275 days ago


no duck lips, not LiLo

1275 days ago


"Is someone trying to set Lindsay up? Are paparazzi on the hunt for a Lindsay look-alike to make a quick buck? "

I don't know TMZ, who placed the picture on their website to drive traffic, why don't you tell us?

1275 days ago

Blue Lake    

Eclectic tried to comp a despicable troubled sleazeball? I will never eat there again.

1275 days ago


Just because the workers at the Eclectic Wine Bar & Grille thought this person was Lindsay they gave her a meal on the house. LOL...I wonder how they felt when they found out it was an imposter? Good for them for trying to treat a d-list celeb special.

1275 days ago

Max Zorin    

Who could blame anyone for being mistaken, when Lindsay's bleached hair, fake tan and plumped lips make her look like just about everyone else in southern California these days?

Seriously TMZ, how much does Dina pay you for your news items? Your bogus story about Victoria Gotti "hand picking" Lindsay was more news worthy than this non-story, and it wasn't even true.

Call the doctor, TMZ needs have their lips surgically removed from Lindsay's ass.

1275 days ago


doesn't look like her to me.

1275 days ago


Seems like a smart move by Mrs. Duck lips attorney. Is there a doubt? It was someone else? Maybe for her present & future crimes that is. Damn I gotta get off the TMZ.

1275 days ago

Sad sad    

WTH that doesn't even look like her at first glance.

1275 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

Because the world hates her. Simple.

1275 days ago


If it wasn't for that busted nose she'd be a dead ringer for Lindsay... but anyone with half a brain could see that impostor from a mile.

1275 days ago


She looks more like Paris Hilton.

1275 days ago


If they are, they're not doing a very good job. The glass instantly tells me it was not for the girl in the photo because it is placed on the wrong side of the condiments, with a phone obviously not belonging to the girl. Furthermore you must really wear very thick glasses to think this girl is Lindsay.

Meeting this girl in person may confuse people that only know Lilo from pictures and television (which is most of us), but comparing said images tells you immediately that it is not her.

1275 days ago


Yeah that doesn't even look like her at all. Her nose is all wrong

1275 days ago
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