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'Tonight Show'

Standing O

4/27/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won the hearts and minds of 500 people Tuesday ... albeit not a jury of her peers -- thanks to a heartfelt mea culpa on Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show."

Lindsay got a standing ovation shortly before admitting no one but herself is to blame for the predicament that triggered a 120 day jail sentence.

After about 5 minutes, Jay and Lindsay did a bit of full disclosure ... revealing they have something -- actually someone -- in common.


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Not impressed at all.
For such a young person you really look jaded.
You're right by saying "... being in a position that I 'was' in.." because you're no longer in such a position.
"Respect"? a mob movie will not make you any good. You're history... Bad history.
What a crock of malarkey, you are.

1277 days ago


Pure acting. The crowd fell for it but we know better.

When is her next DUI or rehab? I'm guessing pretty soon.

1277 days ago


Hope she has fun working in the morgue! ☺ Too bad she won't be sniffing dead bodies.

1277 days ago


@ 6one9: Well, she can do some shopping at the Morgue's Gift Shop.

1277 days ago


Jay Leno has all the false sincerity of... well... Lindsay Lohan.

1277 days ago


Lindsay did a great job on Leno, which I'm sure Shawn Holley's husband Dorian the lead singer of the Tonight Show Band brokered. That being said, why all the negative comments about Lindsay? What has she ever done to any of you?

1277 days ago


LOL Too funny. Both Lowhan and Leno are so desperate and full of sh*t.

1277 days ago


A "heartfelt mea culpa"????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who the f*ck wrote that??? Is that supposed to be sarcastic??? It really doesn't seem as if that's the case.

Is it possible that the idiot who wrote this actually believed this demented psycho liar?????

1277 days ago


Its been only one show and I'm already sick of the rebuild her brand and promotion, that will no doubt continue from here on out. I love how she said she was learning from her past bad choices from when she was younger?! HA! How old where you when you stole that necklace, violated parole, wrote FU on your fingernails for the judge? I really wish you would learn how to wear a bra, and have some respect for the courts.
Yeah Jay is so sincere, just ask Conan.

1277 days ago


Your vote is all these coward judges understand.

1277 days ago


Amazing .... when most ex-offenders can not even find a job Leno and movie producers give Lohan breaks she certainly does not deserve.

Her case is not even resolved and she gets to be on national television? WHY? What message does this send other than you can get rewarded for bad behavior.

Lohan should be given these types of breaks only after she has proven herself by .... .not getting into any trouble for at least a year or two.

But to allow her to come on national television to thumb her nose again at the general public is simple ridicious and insulting.

Bring on ex-convicts next week Leno. Lohan has does nothing positive to deserve a spot on your show. NOTHING.

1277 days ago


The majority of people are so fickle and guillible. If Charlie Sheen got a standing ovation at his show I shouldn't be surprise by this.

I'm not saying to boo Lindsay or throw things at her but a standing ovation was out of line.

You give standing ovations to people who have done things that have helped others through an act of bravery. Lindsey deserves a standing ovation like I need a hole in my head.

1277 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I don't even think there was an audience there, it was added afterwards. She was thanking the air. How pathetic and she looks really bad.

1277 days ago


You do not reward people for doing nothing... or for saying they are going to change. All of that comes afterwards when you have proven to yourself and the world that you are on the straight and narrow and time proves it.

So far nothing has changed in Lohan's life. Zero. She may think she is "clear" but nothing has proved that. What? Because she gets a cheap shot in a movie that will eventually bomb?

I am thankful for a criminal justice system that is forcing change in Lohan's life. This has not come voluntarily by Lohan. Jail, rehab, women's shelter, morgue are certainly not on Lohan's list for things to do for changing.

The judges, etc. have given her plenty of opportunities to recovery. If left up to Lohan she would be sitting in a club right now bombed out of her head. Her recovery is being forced upon her and should only be rewarded AFTER it sinks in.

1277 days ago

the Seeker    

I think that is why america and the world are so repulsed by lindsay lohan and her parental management team.She is so fkn fake as is her online PR team of 'shills'and 'drones'

She don't got the balls to come to nyc and do letterman in front of a studio of live new yawkas , we would rip her phony ass apart.

1277 days ago
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