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Russell, Kimora & Djimon -- One Phat Happy Family

4/26/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Proving there is such thing as an amicable divorce, music honcho Russell Simmons hung out with his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons, their daughters, Kimora's new husband Djimon Honsou and their son at the White House Easter Egg Roll in DC on Monday.


They're the new Bruce, Demi & Ashton.


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I can't figure out that marriage. Djimon seems like an intelligent and classy guy while Kimora seems like a spoiled diva with questionable intelligence. Marrying well to do men seems to be her main talent.

1284 days ago

northern gypsy    

wow...keeping it civil for the sake of the it !!!

1284 days ago

john johnson    

what a slap in the face. she STILLS bears her ex husband's last name while married to the next man........really strange, and really spoiled, as well as phoney.

1284 days ago


That's nice! I don't think I could have done it. That's great to see.

1284 days ago


SELF ABSORBED BIT**. EVERYTHING she has is because of the ex husband. I am all for a woman doing good things with her life and making something of herself, however, the egocentric self absorbed behavior and traits within her horrible personality makes me dislike her entirely. NARCISSISTIC and its sad because her adorable girls already are narcissistic like their mother and they cant even count to 1000 yet. I think splurging the way she does on useless crap is disgusting. New money never knows how to invest, what good does she really do with her ex husbands money?? Not much..look it up for yourself. Her line is ghetto to its definition. WHo the F wears her clothing line? Generally the same ppl who wear the gold earings that say Laquisha on it. Kimora, atleast come up with some cute stuff. You have the money dont u??? It goes to show, money doesnt buy class, taste, talent nor intelligence! She has made it this far because she was a gold digger, truth hurts. Then she got the money from the divorce.. ( OH YEAH, her modeling days didnt pay her that much). Use that money and teach your kids something of importance, dont make them become just like you.

1284 days ago


What bugs ME about this *photo Op* is that she and Russel are standing with their girls....... while Djimon and their son are regulated to the background. Sad.

PS. Kimora Lee Simmons is her SAG name. Not hard to CHANGE, but it is almost like a Copyright, noticeable yanno? When Brad and Jen married, her LEGAL name changed to Jennifer Pitt, yet her SAG (Screen Actors Guild) name remained Jennifer Anniston. See the difference?

Nom de Plume people.

1284 days ago

artie help    

where the white people at??

1284 days ago

Mike w    

Ms.Scott What the F*** is wrong with you. You typed out a huge paragraph for what.

1284 days ago

I'm a hyporcite    

Pictures worth a thousand words!
My thoughts are that if you preach about how much republican are for the wealthy and the democrates are for the average American then why did he invite these people who can afford their own easter egg hunt (spending money) as compare to some of those he seems to so care about. Either that or they had to pay 35,000 to enter and I guess that would leave most average American out!

1284 days ago


finally, a report that isnt about drama. i think it i wonderful they can all get along. maybe kimora isnt as bad as she is portrayed to be.

1284 days ago


opps @typo

1284 days ago

that so nice that they are still family and also friend.

1284 days ago


Mike w,

She probably typed out that paragraph for the same reason you typed out your post. She wanted to share her opinion. After all, this is the "comments" section.


And I think she's spot on about Kimora. I watched a few episodes (well more like 5 minutes of a few episodes) and Kimora was such a dreadful person to watch. She has no substance - just a vapid, materialistic, vain airhead with zero personality.

1284 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

@john johnson i think the only reason she keepsh er ex hsbandsl ast name is because she's known with that name and it has a ring to it. imagine kimora lee honsou...? it's all about business and "looks" unfortunately. that's why actors change their real names or even some celebs KEEP their maiden name even if married. like jennifer anniston. she's just known like that and that sounds better than jennifer pitt.

1284 days ago


How is it not awkward going out and taking pics with the ex spouse. I couldn't do it.

1284 days ago
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