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Cher TRASHES Trump -- He's a 'Pompous A-Hole!'

4/27/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cher just RIPPED Donald Trump in front of 200,000 people -- calling the man a boob-chasing idiot and a "pompous a**hole" ... on her Twitter account.


Cher didn't stop there -- blasting off another tweet immediately after: "Donald Trump ( mr chapter11) is Only a Mean Spirited BAD ACTOR who couldn't find his ass with both hands & a map!"

Cher's attack comes in the wake of Trump taking credit for forcing the White House to release Obama's birth certificate. FYI -- Cher is a very outspoken Obama supporter.


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I love cher, and couldn't agree more!

1283 days ago


GO CHER, GO BILL COSBY, GO,BOB SCHIEFFER, GO all those people who have stood up to old orangie with the comb over and his racist comments . He is a idiot..

1283 days ago


Ozzie X 10 hours ago

Although Cher may no longer be relevant, she is entitled to her opinion. I agree with her opinion BWAHAHAHA.

dee 10 hours ago

What she said!!! Trump is a moron, and money does not make you President material! I say Mr. Trump!!! YOUR FIRED!!!dee 10 hours ago

Diana Baker, Missouri 10 hours ago

Cher is 100% right!

I agree with all of you

1283 days ago


weed 10 hours ago

trump is a comb over boy but he has some good ideas - our country is broke and being ripped off by china I say let trump bark all he wants maybe we will wake up and stick it to china those no good godless tards

ya weed good thinking ..lets get China mad .. they have more people than the USA and Canada combined...and then they will just give it to us a hundred fold, yep lets let Donald Trump make China mad, they have as many weapons as the USA, and they are not going to be afraid to use them.. so who is the tard now .

1283 days ago


Mikey 10 hours ago

Sonny Bono was never consider to be a genius (ran into a tree skiing) but compared to Cher he coulda started his own Mensa chapter.

good news mikey...u will never have to worry about being a member of mensa. so I guess you and sonny and cher have a lot in common along with Trump...go cher

1283 days ago


Cher, Cher, I remember that name, she was somebody in the 70's I believe, she is still breathing? Somebody tighten her oxygen mask so she can't talk so much.

1283 days ago


ITALIA for president thanks for saying what needs to be said.. Clinton for all his probs was a good man, and a good president , I think Obama would be also if given half a chance , Hilory as well. I dont think anyone is going to go into the white house and perform miracles with the mess Bush made of everything, it will take awhile, a long while...I do wish people that are just out for publicity like Trump would shut up and let the man do his job.

1283 days ago


Donald is pompous Cher? Really? This from a woman who opened her show in Las Vegas with a joke about falling into the audience and killing "nameless faceless people".....
Go back to bed, lay in your fetal position, eat your bon bons, and go Tweet the "6" people you follow on Twitter. Can you say Borderline Personality Disorder?

1283 days ago


Good for Cher. Trump is just a big mouth pig trying to distract half wits with a bunch of crap, and pumping up his ego even more. He's an embarrassment to Republicans.

1283 days ago


Well isn't this something;Cher doesn't have the right to state her opinions but you all seem to think it's ok for you to do it. What a bunch of hypocrites!

1283 days ago


Love you Cher!!

1283 days ago


He is nothing but a glory seeking pompous a hole. He can't even manage a relationship let alone a company as he has been filing chapter 11's forever. I wouldn't vote him in as a dogcatcher!!! Jerkweed no nothing bum!!!!

1282 days ago

mello yello    

I concur. Donald Trump needs to just shut up and go back to his lousy show.

1282 days ago


It amazing that all these has been rock stars can come out as if they actually have a brain left from there druggy days. Every body knows that all the brains in the group Sonny and Cher, was Sonny so keep it to your self Cher. Nobody really cares. Obama will continue to destroy this country if we let him and I think it's time he proves who he really is and what his real agenda is, ther really is too many unanswered questions about Mr. Obama

1282 days ago


GO DONALD!!! Cher who cares what you think/say go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and take your kids with your new/old face with you.bye

1282 days ago
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