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Cher TRASHES Trump -- He's a 'Pompous A-Hole!'

4/27/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cher just RIPPED Donald Trump in front of 200,000 people -- calling the man a boob-chasing idiot and a "pompous a**hole" ... on her Twitter account.


Cher didn't stop there -- blasting off another tweet immediately after: "Donald Trump ( mr chapter11) is Only a Mean Spirited BAD ACTOR who couldn't find his ass with both hands & a map!"

Cher's attack comes in the wake of Trump taking credit for forcing the White House to release Obama's birth certificate. FYI -- Cher is a very outspoken Obama supporter.


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There's Always Elvis    

She always manages to get in the news about something. An attention seeker. The most overated thing on the planet. Her birthday is coming up this is why she wants to get some attention. She was over years ago. Think she is 70!! Act like a lady. No one cares about you. Pay attention to your two sons!! What a joke...I feel sorry for Chaz. So messed up because of her and her wild ways. What an embarrasment Cherilyn is. Sonny was the one who made her. She is a no talent for sure..

1241 days ago

CA Girl    

According to Cher's statement, she's very happy for her daughter/son, "Chaz". I remember her/him as a little girl, sitting on top of that piano on the Sonny & Cher Show so long ago. I remember, even then, that it crossed my mind Chastity might be a problem later on, what with all the attention, money, over-dressing of the mother, etc. I was right. And that poor (other) son of Cher's is also such a sad story. Lots of money & fame. No wisdom. It's a choice.

1241 days ago


I DO NOT KNOW CHER PERSONALLY BUT, I do know she has NEVER deliberately hurt anyone such as the cruel and hateful comments printed against her, on this site, by those who, like myself, have never met her, either. Just because you do not agree with her opinions, does not give you the right to trash her so viciously in such an unforgivable personal manner. Surely, your parents raised you better than what you have displayed. I am sure they would be ashamed and shocked by your comments against someone you do not even know! Has she trashed YOUR opinions? I don't think so!!! SO WHAT if she has had a facial makeover. Is it any of YOUR business??? NO!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE, GROW UP!!!

1241 days ago


Cher should stick to what she know's.
Plastic Surgery and doing WITHOUT BOOBS for 70 years, I think she just had another prcedure, b/c she made an ass out of herself!!!!!!

1241 days ago


Butterfly....I'm sure she has had way more than one "facial"
And everyone is entitled to their opinion, even Cher....and it's certainly not like she's never been "vicious" in the past! Chill out.

1241 days ago


I don't think cher has more balls than Trump,but I think her daughter/son chastity may!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1240 days ago


THIS IS FOR TJ If Cher has been vicious in the past, I have not read about it. Please enlighten me. Thanks!

1240 days ago


Butterfly, open your eyes! The only reason these posts exist here is because TMZ deemed Cher's comments about Donald Trump mean and vicious. Do you really think they would waste their time if she didn't make a controversial statement? And yes, it was mean and vicious especially since he never dissed her in the past. Ha! But he certainly will have a good comeback I'm sure.

1240 days ago


Hmm...Cher's comments about Trump were mean and vicious huh? Possibly, but more vicious than Trump's toward the president? Probably not. First he's not even American because he wasn't born here then he's stupid and got into school because he was black. As a response to Trump's comments may have been unexpected but not that much so. Someone who dishes out as much viciousness as Trump should be expected to receive some.

1239 days ago


It's Funny how people bash Obama......when he is trying to fix what Dumba$$ Bush did. Trump will ask Gary Busey to be his running mate. *rolling eyes*

I see so he has been President for 3 years, the country is worse off, the world is a mess, the middle in flames, the American dollar falling to levels never seen, gas and food a record prices, deficits of 1.6 trillion, record debt of 14 trillion, millions of Americans out of work, the unemployment rate at levels this high for these long not since the Great depression, 80 years old and America will be faces a debt crisis, that Obama ignores and just keeps plying on debt.

In 2009 Obama added 70 thousand more troops Afghanistan war 2 years later , America is losing the war, over a hundred American solders dying a month. Obama starts another war with a Muslim country, doesn't get authorization from congress ( like Bush did) didn't even tell the American people into 2 weeks after why America was bombing another country.

He spent a trillion dollar promising that unemployment won't pass 8% if American public trusted him on the stimulus against republican warning , not one republican out of 240 in congress voted for it and in these 3 year unemployment rocked to 10.4% and has stayed above 8.8%, and if you count the Americans who have given up looking for work and aren't receiving unemployment insurance anymore the real rate is 18%.

He forced down the throats of the American people Obamacare,by the most corrupt means, a law so badly planed, that the White House has given over 1000 corporations exceptions to ignore the new laws because they know that companies will start laying off even more Americans to cover the fees, regulations and costs on business in Obamcare and the 2012 election is coming up, too bad small businesses don't have connections to this corrupt White House, maybe they too would get exceptions.

Wait until Obamacare really gets going in 2013, everyone will be forced to buy insurance or pay fines, and when the government starts paying to subsidize all these insurance plans, America will be forced to pass a federal nation sales tax, like Europe and Canada have 18% to 22% on every good bought or serve to cover the trillions of dollars in costs.

Besides apologizing for America, bowing to every dictator, what been Obama's foreign policy, escalating our wars, staring new ones and losing them just as fast, America looks weak and more pathetic internationally, anything but a Superpower, we followed France into these war with Libya, to fight Gaddify to a tie, North Korea Iran are more dangerous then every, and when the world has a weak American President, it becomes unstable and violent, like now, and like that last time we had a weak liberal President, Jimmy Carter.

Sorry I forgot it's Bush's fault, that Obama can't handle the job, and only likes to golf, meet and party with celebrities and go on vacation with his family at our expense in between turning America into a socialist basket case and welfare society.

1238 days ago


Go Cher! Europeans like you better than your own people. Come here instead, they don´t deserve you over there in the so called "land of the free"...

1238 days ago


i like what donald trump saided .chazz bono cher donald trump they all going to hell.

1206 days ago

tina lambru    

go cher,

856 days ago
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