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Kate Middleton

In the Driver's Seat

4/27/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Two days before that huge media event happening on Friday, Kate Middleton was spotted driving off from her parents' home on Wednesday ... sans Prince William.

Kate Middleton

She's Audi 5000.



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Winning DUH    

I totally DO NOT like this wench in any way shape or form..she will never be princess Di no matter how hard the royals try and push that ugly SOB of a would think the royal family would have a better dental plan..go figure.

1277 days ago


That doesn't look anything like Kate Middleton. Who is this, really?

1277 days ago


She is a beautiful princess. She really is pretty, and just lovely, especially her eyes. Can't wait to see her dress...

1277 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

I don't get why are people in the U.S so in Awww with this whole shabang? Who cares if they are getting married... big deal!

1277 days ago


Over two thirds of British people do not give a feck about the Royal Wedding so why in the hell do you think we would?

1277 days ago


Fun fact...the Royal Family demanded that the car be an automatic. They don't want Kate handling anything bigger than a Vienna Sausage before her wedding night so she won't be disappointed.

1277 days ago


Prince Charles has got to be the most upset man on the planet. Here he is just 1 step from being King of England...and...the...b1tch...won't...DIE!

And now after all his waiting...his son will probably get it when the time comes.

1277 days ago


Kate can drive?! They let her hold onto her independence! This is a shocker! Oh god the world is going to end. Save yourselves.

1277 days ago

Royal Fan    

That's her sister Pippa.

1277 days ago

I Chinee    

Prince William and Kate look like two of the most boring people in the world. And what the hell happened to Prince William? He lost his looks and is aging bad. He is also losing his hair. He is looking more and more like Prince Charles. It's a tragedy! Actually him and Kate both look like they are in their late 30s. The whole damn Royal family is a ugly mess.

1276 days ago


Friday, Friday, It'll be fun!

1276 days ago


Just a quick thought- if they are so rich than why are they having their wedding on a friday as oppesed to a Saturday.. Are they trying to save money... im just sayin..

1276 days ago


What's with all the negativity? I'm totally stoked to watch this wedding. In fact I am having a slumber party with some of my girlfriends so we can set the alarm for 5am and wake up and have eggs benedict and blueberry scones with mimosas.

I watched his parents get married on my birthday, way back in the day, and it was just a lovely procession. Not everything in life has to be all war and pestulence and suffering you know.

It's a fairy tale right in front of our eyes. Why not just watch and have a fun and champagne filled day, and be happy for someone else instead of thinking of all the ugliness in the world today.

And, yes, I am aware of the pomp and cir***stance side of this as well. But the Prince was always destined to have this day (if he were to marry) whether he wanted it or not. This is just how the royals "have to" roll, this is tradition. Lighten up and have some fun with it.

1276 days ago

I Chinee    

I don't get what the big deal is with royal's. Royal's are useless. And people worship the ground they walk on like idiots. And I really can't stand Queen Elizab i t c h. She is the definition of ugly and seems like one cold motherf u c k e r. The whole British royal family ugly and inbreed.

1276 days ago


Stileto: Prince Charles isnt going to be the King of England einstein, he will be the King of Great Britain and NI, which wont be affected by his son marrying.

And Kim a)it it opposed not oppesed and b)Royals get married on Thursdays, (Charles and Di did) but William elected to get married on a friday so everyone could join in with the celebrations as they would have the next day off from work.

And it is Kate, Pippa and their mother followed behind in another car. Just FYI

1276 days ago
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