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Kate Middleton

In the Driver's Seat

4/27/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Two days before that huge media event happening on Friday, Kate Middleton was spotted driving off from her parents' home on Wednesday ... sans Prince William.

Kate Middleton

She's Audi 5000.



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Stileto: Prince Charles isnt going to be the King of England einstein, he will be the King of Great Britain and NI, which wont be affected by his son marrying.

And Kim a)it it opposed not oppesed and b)Royals get married on Thursdays, (Charles and Di did) but William elected to get married on a friday so everyone could join in with the celebrations as they would have the next day off from work.

And it is Kate, Pippa and their mother followed behind in another car. Just FYI

1272 days ago


who gives a crap, just another royal b*$%*h with money who doesn't deserve it

1272 days ago


That's NOT William TMZ....that's her bodyguard! Story correction needed here.

1272 days ago


Prince William fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch then gnawed on the roots. Hope the kid takes after Kate

1272 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

in a fine british accent: 'and so, if i turn this wheely thing to the left, the automoblie moves to the right, right?...'

1272 days ago


when i think of this wedding, all i can say, what about all our hungry and homeless people. shame on all this crazy royal bs.

1272 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well she sure aint no sophie rhys jones,...the saggin royal house sow!! she must'a slipped n fell while visiting the buckingham palace as a tourist, and landed in the wedding isle.

1271 days ago


I cannot believe the language that is allowed on the comments as posted by IChinee concerning Queen Elizabeth. She is not as characterized on that post. She is a wonderful person and has done much for the country even driving a truck in the Army during W.W.2. To call someone you dont know by such ugly, albeit a Queen, derogatory unsults does not warrant a posting!

1271 days ago


I adore England and the Brits, my grandparents, brother and nephew are British, so I especially hold the country close to my heart. But this wedding coverage is infuriating. Kate seems like a classy, intelligent woman and I respect the boys for changing the ways of the family, especially Harry….serving in the military and essentially being one of the people. I admire the two sons for their humility and good will, they truly take after their mother and not their awful, corrupt father or grandma. But how America is covering this event is sickening, I almost see it as treason (I'm being overdramatic, of course.) We founded this country to escape the royal family and their dictating ways, so why are we kissing their behinds and caring so much to cover this? Call me overly patriotic but if the good soldiers who died fighting for this nation knew we were submissively catering to the news of that family, they would turn over in their graves. It makes me so angry. They refer to people as "commoners" for Christ's sake. That entire system is deplorable. This is America, who cares what that family is doing. Of course it is a joyous occasion, and as I would any couple, I congratulate them. But again, their family is of no concern to this Nation and to publicize it the way we are only justifies and perpetuates an awful tradition, a tradition this country stands against.

1271 days ago
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