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Homeless Women Theater Group: GIVE US LINDSAY!

4/28/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might soon be stagebound -- because TMZ has learned, there's a theater program at the homeless shelter where she's doing community service ... and they want her bad.


A rep for L.A.'s Downtown Women's Center -- an organization for nearby homeless women -- tells TMZ, the theater workshop is extremely interested in having Lindsay contribute her talents when she kicks off her 360 hours of community service this week.

The workshop is called D.I.V.A.S -- which stands for Dames Investing in Very Authentic Storytelling -- and it consists of approximately 15 women who meet two hours a week ... to learn how to express themselves through writing, performing, and the spoken word.

Lindsay hasn't been assigned to a particular workshop ... yet --but we're told she loves the idea of working with the D.I.V.A.S. program ... and thinks it's "a perfect fit for her community service."


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Red Cloud 3 hours ago


I'm at work and don't have much time to respond.
I disagree with about 90% of your comment. And she has not lost her looks. Most straight guys think she's hot. I don't know one who thinks she's not hot. The acting skill she had, she still has.

I wish I had the day off.
So you could sit on TMZ and respond about Lindsay all day?

Such a sad , sad, existence.

Lucky for us you're at work or you'd give us what for, huh?

1238 days ago


Expressing yourself by writing FU on one's fingernails? Really? Oh, they must mean reading scripts written by others.

1238 days ago

Red Cloud    


You're missing my point. The acting skill she had, she still has. Of course, I would not expect you or any other hater to understand that. If you play an instrument, and then you stop for a while, you can pick up the instrument and practice and become as good as or better than you were. You still have the ability. Same applies to acting. Now do you understand?

1238 days ago

the Seeker    

Rocky 3 hours ago

Lindsay, you lost me a little bit with your JL appearance!! Girl you are in some seriously deranged denial if you think of your mom as this 'rock"!!! She may have done the best job she could have but along the way it was self serving and her "guidance" has played a huge part in where you're at TODAY!!
Rocky ,
"what have you become..."

Dina is a sick bitch and Milo is no better...

1238 days ago


That's BS! Why waste tax payers' money on security, and court costs, when all she'll be doing is essentially, being forced to attend an acting workshop!!

1238 days ago


A better lesson for her would be to have her cleaning toilets. Make the community service pleasant and she'll gain nothing from the experience.

1238 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Eh. It's only 2 hours a week. She still has an average of 38 more per week to complete. I'm sure she'll be scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors at least 1/3 of the time.

Let her play "Star Princess Dressup" for a couple of hours.

1238 days ago


Yea..........Set up. Do you know how much crap celebrities get to promote/get for free just to get their name out there? Celebrities get free sh*t all the time just so they would be pictured with it and it would be promoted.
Yea set could the owner not see that she was wearing the necklace? Is the owner f*cking blind??!! She was talking to her right before she left for like 30 minutes!!!

1238 days ago


Why? She's a "Line Reader" like the Chuckles the Crack Head Clown, not an artist.

She can probably barely read...

1238 days ago



So this mean exactly what? That everyone gives Lindsay stuff and if they deny it they're obviously lying?

There isn't a SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE that the store gave/loaned her the necklace in exchange for publicity, promotion, an IOU, cash, etc.. NOTHING. Allowing her to walk out of the store with it is NOT PROOF. Neither is Lindsay's word. The only acceptible proof would be if both sides agreed that she had permission or if there were written do***entation of said permission.

As her fans like to point out so often, Lindsay is a "celebrity" with "many" fans so it is far more likely that the employees were simply starstruck at being in the same room with her and totally forgot about the necklace. It's also more than likely that their exhaustion after a long day played into that as well given that Lindsay dropped in at closing time.

Should the employees been more attentive? Sure. However, that doesn't mean that they WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY allowed her to walk out with the necklace.

The only ones "set up" here were the store employees and the owner.

1238 days ago


They need to make her work at a methadone clinic.

1238 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Yet another attempt by glorious gal pal,aka captain crooked to reduce the punishment against her client as cruel and unusual..

maybe she can re-tweet the UN charter on POW's again that went over well with the troops.

1238 days ago


Let her volunteer for the group, but do her community service in tasks requiring physical labor and a more humble attitude... Really, that was the intent of the sentence, not feeding into her delusions of grandeur.

1238 days ago

Katherine Buckner-Carey    

What? Theatre work as part of her community service? Whatever happened to working in the morgue?

1238 days ago
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