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Ex-Miss USA -- I Was 'Molested' During TSA Pat Down

4/28/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo claims she was "molested" during a security pat down at a Texas airport last week -- saying a female TSA agent touched her genitals MULTIPLE times.


Castillo -- who won the Miss USA pageant in 2003 -- made the accusations in an emotional video she recorded moments after the alleged incident at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

In the video, Castillo says during a full body pat down at the airport's security checkpoint, a female TSA agent "touched my vagina ... four times."

Castillo says the incident made her feel "molested" and "violated" -- so she filled out a complaint right after it happened.

So far, no comment from TSA.


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Heidi Vanderhoeven    

Wow...I can't believe the comments on here saying she's faking it.

1275 days ago


I can't believe I'm seeing people take the TSA's side. REALLY? You blatantly hate anyone remotely famous that you'll side with a police state over them? Wow no, it's not ok that we have the options of:

-don't fly (and ergo lose revenue and job opportunities)
-be irradiated
-be groped by high school dropouts

FFS people don't let the government convince you so easily. Think for yourselves!

1275 days ago


To the people who said that her vagina was not touched. Consider this: if you love ones were being groped but not "penetrated" by some sex offender then it's ok?
I would certainly not be OK if my daughters, wife being touched inappropriately every time they pass through an airport. There must be a better way to ensure security without all this harassment. I'm pretty sure with all the "security fee" that they collected every time I traveled, the can come up with a better solution.

1275 days ago


you do not have a right to fly so I guess your out of luck...

Do the scanner or shut up. the scanner isn't going to kill you like those nut job say. Crap you girls do all that fake tanning and make up and diet pills etc but afraid of a little xray thats been approved...

1275 days ago


I went through in Los Angeles and a male TSA agent searched me and touched me in my private area, more like a rub. I have a nervous laugh when weird things happen and the guy actually slipped me his business card.

I could care less about gay sex but I have to laugh cause I am a fat old guy with a beard and most gays don't even look at me. I just assume he was a bit desperate, but hey, I touch myself there all the time! So what, get over it Missy!
I have met women that could fit a 38 snub nose in there.

1275 days ago


wow some of these comments.. lol.

can you atleast give her benefit of doubt..

its common trend that beauty queens run around without any underwear.. which at that point any one doing a pat down and brush up against the bush.. or ****..

maybe she wasnt wearing any underwear at all which made her feel violated...

im just sayin..

1275 days ago

John Doe    

What a stupid biaaach. Stay home if you don't want to go through security. Who knows what you're carrying in your V-jay jay.

1275 days ago


Maybe she should wear a maxi pad next time if it's that upsetting. Or take the radiation, lol.

1275 days ago


Based on the comments here I'd say America is getting exactly what is deserves.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

1275 days ago


I don't believe it!!----Gloria, where are you??????

1275 days ago


easy solution. Don't fly. I can only imagine what a bomber could store in there. Or the other place. Come people, this is necessary for security. Of course, if we did not have religion in the world, none of it would be necessary.

1275 days ago


This actually came out yesterday, and i give props to TMZ for posting it. I am not surprised that all you regular TMZ bloggers think the pat downs and the scanner are all good...brainless sheep. You do read this website everyday, so that just speaks on your IQ and character. I suppose Freedom is not Free as well? Flying is a right idiots...geez your out of it...baaa baaa baaa

1275 days ago


Give me a break!

1275 days ago


Fly much? Probably not, people in the US think that they have this so-called right to be allowed to just do as they please when it comes to airport security. Guess what, honey, you better be glad they just padded you down. I guess you have never flown overseas. There are no questions there are no arguments, you do as you are told or not! What a dumba$$! Minute of fame!

1275 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

Probably feels guilty because it made her come.

1275 days ago
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