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Ex-Miss USA -- I Was 'Molested' During TSA Pat Down

4/28/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo claims she was "molested" during a security pat down at a Texas airport last week -- saying a female TSA agent touched her genitals MULTIPLE times.


Castillo -- who won the Miss USA pageant in 2003 -- made the accusations in an emotional video she recorded moments after the alleged incident at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

In the video, Castillo says during a full body pat down at the airport's security checkpoint, a female TSA agent "touched my vagina ... four times."

Castillo says the incident made her feel "molested" and "violated" -- so she filled out a complaint right after it happened.

So far, no comment from TSA.


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Tony, show me in what law where it says flying is a right. I challenge you to point that out in a law somewhere. And by the way genius, you're reading this website too. Baa baaa baaa yourself.

1274 days ago


Bet its been touched more times than that by many more people.

1274 days ago

westboro is awsome    

I see the violent and sadistic tmz regulars are out and in force. She was sexually assaulted. She needs to contact the Dallas police and district attorney. She needs to sue tsa and also form a class action lawsuit.

1274 days ago


aboredguy 6 minutes ago

Tony, show me in what law where it says flying is a right. I challenge you to point that out in a law somewhere. And by the way genius, you're reading this website too. Baa baaa baaa yourself.


49 U.S.C. § 40103 : US Code - Section 40103:

"A citizen of the United States has a public right of transit
through the navigable airspace."

1274 days ago


Right, go see a shrink.

1274 days ago


people that are agreeing with this b*tch are complete jokes. flying isnt a right. all these comments i see saying TSA hasnt found anything and that its all a waste is a complete RETARD. they have found so much they just dont want to make us/ ppl who fly, panic.

and for the person who asked if id be ok with my daughters being patted down...yes id be fine with it. THe scanner isnt harmful and someone in ANOTHER STATE sees your silouhette. dont be a little whiney GIRL about stuff and get scanned if your not hiding anything.

As for the patting down...they are doing their job. dont flatter yourself and have the audacity to say a TSA agent was getting sexual arrousal from checking you for bombs. I DONT WANT MY PLANE TO BLOW UP, SO I EXPECT EVERYONE TO BE SCREENED FOR ANYTHING HARMFUL. because you are "american" or a stupid, washed up, ex-miss usa YOU WILL BE TREATED LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

this is infuriating. the terrorists won cus we have extra sexurity. whoever believe taht can go f*ck themselves. sorry im comfortable with my body for them to scan it for 6 seconds so i dont get blown up. I didnt realize i was being such a mindless drone for wanting to travel safe. because CLEARLY before 9/11 security wasnt doing its job considering what happened.

all in all, i have no sympathy for this idiot. she is a moron and i hope is pubically humiliated for this RIDICULOUS accusation.

1274 days ago


I seriously can not believe these comments. How are these pat downs so accepted? Are you people really that scared. There is no reason that you should be felt up before boarding a plane or have to go through an invasive body scanner. Think about this for a second. You should allow yourself to be humiliated because your boarding an airplane? Why not when you enter a mall or board a bus or subway? What about in your own car, those aren't traditional rights either? Flying may not be a "right" in the traditional sense but it's a necessary part of life. It's shameful that's it has come to this.

People who call this woman "whinny" are cowards. At least she has the courage to speak up about what is going on with the TSA. And lastly, "At the most the customs agent patted her down outside her clothes," would you let a random person do this to you on the street? What was formerly reserved only for prisoners is now applicable to any citizen who has to fly. People are too scared, too dependent, and too stupid if they think the TSA is making flying safer.

1274 days ago


Sensitive, she was doing her job, if you dont want the pat down go through the scanner. Your are not in there long enough for it to do anything. She agreed to it, now deal with it. You dont want either then wtake the bus, drive or walk. Being an american has nothing to do with it. Just be glad that you have the money that allows you to fly, there are alot of us out there who cant afford to fly, tale the bus, drive or nothing. Put on your big girl pants and shut up.

1274 days ago


I dont believe or like the pat downs, but if anyone knows, has been arrested or watched a cop show KNOWS they go up the leg, check and do the same on the other leg. And if ur a guy u get "adjusted". If u dont like it dont fly or just go through the xray. Jeez just makes beauty queens, look like idiots. THANKS SUSIE FOR THE CRAPPY PR!!!!

1274 days ago


Please- I'm sure you sucked a few judges off to win your crown- let a lesbian TSA agents touch your cooch a few times and stop whining!

1274 days ago


"Those who are willing to trade liberties for security, deserve nor will receive either." - Benjamin Franklin

You people are nothing but a bunch of cattle. 1984 draws closer each and every year.

1274 days ago


"Those who trade liberty for security deserve nor shall receive either" -Benjamin Franklin

BAAAAAHHHHH say the sheep as they're herded into the slaughterhouse. 1984 we're almost there.

1274 days ago


Isn’t the Miss USA enough for her? how would have feel if another woman hid a bomb in the virgina and went without pat down and take down the plane you fly? I am sorry for you little Miss USA blame the terrorist and not the TSA ha-ha,,,,,

1274 days ago


When you opt for groping and patting down instead of scanning, expect hands on.

1274 days ago


then dont fly! it's that simple! Flying is NOT a right.

1274 days ago
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