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Lara Logan -- Attackers 'Raped Me With Their Hands'

4/29/2011 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CBS reporter Lara Logan says she thought she was going to die "a torturous death" when a mob of 200 to 300 men attacked her news team in Cairo in February ... an attack in which Logan claims several men, "raped me with their hands."


Logan just spoke to "60 Minutes" about the terrible incident -- in which she explained, "Our camera battery went down, and we had to stop for a moment, and suddenly, Bahar [her cameraman] looks at me and says, 'we've got to get out of here."

Logan continued, "I thought, not only am I going to die here, but it's going to be just a torturous death that's going to go on forever and ever and ever."

"For an extended period of time, they raped me with their hands," says Logan. "My clothes were torn to pieces...what really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence."

The attack took place on February 11 -- the day Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was driven from power. Logan says she was eventually saved by a group of women and several Egyptian soldiers.

Logan claims the "60 Minutes" interview -- which airs on Sunday -- will be her ONLY interview about the attack.


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She had no business thinking she could go into another country, flaunting her sexuality, and not be taken to task. I've seen this woman in action -- she bats her eyes and gets real close to the men she's interviewing. Her clothes can't get any tighter.

She was not in America, Canada or the UK. She was in the Middle East where they despise and mistreat women as a matter of everyday life. They still stone women in those countries for not covering their hair and face.

What in h.ell makes her or anyone else think that they can just waltz into another country and expect to be treated special? She should have been more cautious about the way she conducted herself there.

1239 days ago


Lanie, I am so sorry you had to endure such a thing. Rest assured it was not your fault. May God bless all those that have been sexually assaulted and may their wounds be healed. As for Mr Fred Farkel, take down the holy image of our savior as your hate filled non-sense has nothing to do with the spirit of the Lord.

1239 days ago


hand raped?

1239 days ago


Bless her heart. It's pretty damned awful to be assaulted and raped but add the public factor and it's more humiliating. Anyone who suggests that such a thing is acceptable on any level is not only wrong but a lousy excuse for a human being. Events like this really drops my faith in mankind to the gutter level. Is ignorant and animalistic behavior really the best we can hope for?

1239 days ago


this chic is dumb for saying she got raped by hands she FIRED

1239 days ago


Lying bitch. Shame to u and to all those idiots who believe ur crap!

1239 days ago


Some times the world needs to be purged...and I don't mean of a particular race or group either, just certain peoples in general altogether needs to be purged. And not to be confused with school shootings or gays that kind of thing because then you're just some gun wielding nut shooting anything that moves or prejudice of another lifestyle that doesn't even hinder your own. But more like a control group of purging of people like those rapists. Whoever said that nobody has the right to give or take lives is severely wrong because it's with that mentality that we're allowing so much messed up people get by. Imo, it's only right to harm others if they harm you or if you harm those that you know will harm others deliberately; it's called a preemptive strike and heck we Americans employ those tactics all the time, why can't we use it on cases like these?

1239 days ago


All the negative I read must be from the men who are Mideastern, you want us to follow your Laws in your country, but you don't want to follow our laws. I hate reading that Lara is lying, why would she read. The Muslim men were not gentle or peace loving when they raped her or other women, they rape their own women and then stone them. I DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN YOUR COUNTRY OR EVEN VISIT. You are pigs and proved it when you raped this woman!

1239 days ago


What kind of person would turn an event like this into a publicity tool? It's unseemly that the network would encourage it. But certainly a statement on our values.

1239 days ago


Why bother telling the story months after it happened? Since she's a reporter and all you would think she would want the truth to be revealed, no matter how harsh it is. After all, isn't that what she expects from the people she interviews? She should be the first to understand that the people have a right to know what really went down there, esp. since she claimed she wasn't aware of the abuse that women endure there prior to the incident. Wouldn't it benefit other women who might unwittingly go there expecting a fun-filled vacation? Doesn't a rape victim have an obligation to seek justice to prevent further attacks on other women in society?

The fact that she only granted one interview and it was with 60 Minutes is telling. She no doubt slapped them with a lawsuit immediately after it happened and now they've reached a settlement. It includes a bogus interview where they will lob her a few softballs to deflect the blame that lies at their own feet for sending a hack to a muslim dictatorship in the throws of a rebellion. Not one woman amongst that pack of wolves. Gee, I wonder why? It probably also includes a Katie Couric sized contract that allows her to continue working for them.

She claims she was in that crowd for 40 mins. but a fellow crew member estimated 20-25 mins. First it was a 'brutal and sustained sexual assault' and now it's a raping of the hands. Ok, whatever. I no longer give a F*.

1239 days ago


I just love all the stupid and moronic comments I have just read from absolute idiots somehow blaming her, or accusing her of publicity or whatever. The latest Truckgrl. How this is publicity for her eludes me. She is telling her side of the story, that everyone already heard about, after what has had to have been a long and painful recovery. And puhp. Seriously, what cave did you crawl out of? What possible difference is there between a "raping of the hands" and a "brutal and sustained sexual assault"? Hopefully no female friend/relative of yours goes through what this poor woman did, and then has to inform you, that 20-25 minutes of her rape felt like 40 minutes, and that the use of hands by the rapist made it no less brutal or sustained than if a sexual organ or broom was used. You can then post your friend/relatives story, which might not coincide exactly with eye witness reports and watch us post that, "Ok, whatever. I no longer give a F*". Unbelievable that some of you people are walking among us with no common sense whatsoever. Hopefully you realize what complete idiots you truly are and are not voting in any elections other than your local dogcatcher.

1238 days ago

get real    

While this incident is truely disgusting, what did she expect? She was escorted out of the country and told not to return. What did she do? She came back with cameras, lights, and a microphone. Newsflash reporter lady. Egypt does NOT have a bill of rights. It is a country ruled behind the scenes with sharia, under sharia, she got what was coming to her. I wish her the best and hope she can recover, but I also hoped she has learned to respect the fact that she is a FOREIGNER in a FOREIGN land, when in Rome.....

1238 days ago


"get real"...another moronic idiot. When in Rome? I would LOVE for you to show me where in Egyptian law, custom or practice any of their laws, courts or normal humane citizens think what happened to her is legal or even okay? You don't need a bill of rights to have laws against women being raped. That's as ignorant as saying a woman walking in a short dress in the USA is asking to get raped. Of course, some people think that, but it is equally as stupid as your comments. Do you even think before you post such nonsense?

1238 days ago


@ get real
When in Rome does not apply! See what that references, but the rest of your post is correct. Been there seen that and not just in Egypt. I'm an American that has seen the good and the bad in many countries and America would be quite upset if we new the value system of all the Arab states, yes the ones we give Billions of dollars to. Try Kuwait,Saudi Arabia and Iraq for starters. The stoning s still occur and executions are common for what we would consider minor infractions. The men discipline their women by beatings. It is also alright for another to beat your wife if she is not covered in some areas. Trust me sometimes I think a dinosaur may peek around a stone out cropping. The toilets are a whole other thing. But lets not overlook our Asian counterparts as well as they are complicite. They too commonly assault there women and the police do nothing at all. Keeping it silent in the family means No Pom Pom . Iv'e seen it a hundred times and if you try to step in you get the beat down. Yes with police approval. Trust me got a few bumps in my days as proof .It is built into the way they think and their culture. Obviously flawed and criminal behavior but when these idiots are indoctrinated at a very early age you get this type of crapolla. I am not a reporter, editor, or affiliated with a news group but i do know enough through education and life experience to watch your ass and not put yourself in a situation where there is no "out" and after the Bush debacle all white Farang (foreigners)are on the "hit list" no matter what country you are from. All white people are the same in their mind set! DONT YOU FORGET IT! My point is that i myself no the inherent danger of getting into a situation like that and whomever was in charge of that aspect of security for CBS should have known as well. It is common knowledge here and they hire locals! This was preventable, no ifs and or Buddhas about it. How can one put themselves or let someone put themselves in a situation like this. I just dont get it. Very preventable! I hope she recovers emotionally, physically and spiritually, With gods speed and god bless. (Whomever your god or gods are)

1238 days ago


I made a dinosaur reference in my previous post.In no way was that to be construed as a judgment of all cave men and women and or that they participated knowingly or unknowingly with abuse of either gender of the cave peoples. Cave People Rock!

1238 days ago
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