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Obama -- Sex After bin Laden Announcement?!?

5/2/2011 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're Michelle Obama ... is there a more powerful aphrodisiac than the fact that your husband just hunted down and killed the most evil man on the planet???

We gotta ask ...


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This is news or even gossip......Obama has sex with his wife who cares? this one is a DUD TMZ

1269 days ago

Jessica Witmer    

I was disgusted when you posted the item about Kate blowing Prince William on the balcony and now this. How incredibly disrespectful. Even you have to have some standards. Harvey, you need to get a tighter reign on what people post.

1269 days ago


I don't think he was there. Just because he happened to the be President at the time this happened does not mean he is due any credit for the action taking place.

1269 days ago


EVERYTHING has to come back to s*x....Tallulah Willis busted for alcohol- I bet she was having s*x at the time. The tornadoes hit the South- I bet people were having s*x as a response. American Idol boots someone off the show- it's because he/she wanted to have s*x. Regis Philbin is leaving his show- I bet he had s*x after the announcement. It's going to rain tomorrow- we should go have s*x since that's going to happen. At some point I'll have to go to the bathroom today- I need to go have s*x because it's obviously related. The cost of gas is $4- go have s*x because of that. ENOUGH ALREADY, TMZ......ARE YOU 12 YEARS OLD?????? LAME HEADLINE!!!!!

1269 days ago


Someone might also tell the prez that there's no I in team. He must have said I did this and I did that and me, me, me about a thousand times in that 5 minute speech last night. Glad we got him but come on prez, give credit where it's due huh?

1269 days ago

artie help    

please have some respect for the office and people involved, very disrespectful .

1269 days ago


Uh, I kinda thought it was the SPECIAL FORCES who hunted down and killed Bin Laden. The Pres had nothing to do with it since he has ZERO military training, just pep rally training...

1269 days ago


I'm losing more and more respect for TMZ. Too bad because you guys always give accurate, well-researched accounts - but you seem to be losing your sense of journalistic class by having no limits. I'm disappointed - but still a loyal fan. :(

1269 days ago


Way to keep it classy, TMZ.

1269 days ago

Clone Wars    

The liberals expect us to believe that Obama had any part in the hunting down of Obama bin Laden? Not! He was too busy trying to find clever ways to hide his Birth Certificate.

1269 days ago


UM, Obama wasn't the one who found and shot Osama. Fact check people.

1269 days ago


ummm, he wasn't the one who found/killed him.

1269 days ago


Last time I checked...Obama is not the one who risked his life to do crap. It was our amazing Navy Seals who FOUND AND KILLED that piece of trash. Stop giving anyone but them the credit.

1269 days ago


Actually, I asked my boyfriend if he thought the US birth rate would rise 9 months from now. I think it's a hilarious question. This is not to take anything whatsoever away from the military, the president or anyone who died.

It's no less tacky than the people who gathered around and sang "hey hey hey...goodbye."

Chazz (who lost 5 friends in the WTC and has family in AFG)

1269 days ago


You guys can say what you want about TMZ being low or ridiculous or whatever you want.... but you're all on their site, reading their articles so you obviously dont think TOO low of them ;)

1269 days ago
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