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Uchitel on bin Laden Death -- 'Makes Me So Happy'

5/2/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- whose fiance was killed in the 9/11 attacks -- was THRILLED when she found out U.S. forces took out Osama bin Laden yesterday ... saying the announcement "makes me so happy."


Uchitel's fiance -- Andy O'Grady -- was in the South Tower of the World Trade Center when it was struck by a plane. A then unknown Uchitel searched tirelessly for O'Grady ... but he didn't survive.

TMZ spoke with Uchitel last night ... who told us, "This is the biggest news we have received as a country in almost 10 years. Now we Americans finally have justice and maybe we can all sleep just a bit better at night. "

Uchitel continued, "Andy would be so honored to know he's part of history as an American hero for his sacrifice on that day. He's celebrating for sure right now with all those he died with and that makes me so happy."


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Thank you American troops for your service!

1270 days ago


No one cares about Rachel....but I'm glad for this because now maybe the ever-clueless Donald Trump stop demanding President Obama's grades. Especially since George Bush used to say of his talents, "Not bad for a "C" student."

On the other hand, Donald Trump is the new Sarah Palin, so I hope he keeps opening his mouth.

1270 days ago


americans jumping for joy at death. death makes them soooo happy. barbarians.

1270 days ago


to Lander: 1 for 3,000 plus is okay by me.

To Donald Trump: Hey, weren't you going to show us your taxes if President Obama produced his birth certificate?

1270 days ago


The military killed Bin Laden a week a go but Obama holds back the info for a week to release it during Trumps Celebrity Apprentice? I think Obama has mental problems!

1270 days ago


ho...go sit down..stop asking this ho questions...

1270 days ago


I wonder how honored Andy was when the angels told him his ex-fiance made 10 million for bending over for back door sex from a married black man?

1270 days ago


Well she sure has had a lot of work done, and yes when mass murderers are killed it is a time for CELEBRATION!!!!! One less demon in the world.

1270 days ago


Isn't she the one that was banging Tiger Woods and then she took him for a big settlement to keep quiet?? This may be an awful thing to say, but would any of these things have been possible if her fiance was still here..?? Something tells me she has mixed feelings... oh and by the way, I'm sure if Andy knew how his fiance was going to behave after he passed away, he wouldn't be particularly proud or honored..!

1270 days ago


I'm glad we got him, but how does that effect oil prices and the stock market this fast. I think the people with money are playing the rest of us like fools. Did anyone else notice how the gas prices went up as soon as the GOP, (republicans) took over thisa fall? Does anyone else remember how the price of gas skyrocketed just before GW took office? We gotta quit being so gulible and start questioning how are gas can go down overnight?

1270 days ago


"lander 13 minutes ago- americans jumping for joy at death. death makes them soooo happy. barbarians. "

When the twin towers came down, wasn't that you and all the other al queda murderers jumping for joy at all the death? Hypocrites.

1270 days ago


>>> and yes when mass murderers are killed it is a time for CELEBRATION!!!!!

it's celebration time for the morally bankrupt.

1270 days ago



...why just thank US troops for their service??

Americans need to remember troops from Canada, UK and other counties jumped into this war on YOUR behalf.

As a Canadian it makes me sick that your leader forgot how many 'others' dies for the USA!!!!!!!!!!!

(although we all realize YOUR country is the only one that counts in YOUR world)

1270 days ago


Yea, well, married men and spreading her legs for them also make her happy, so ya know...

1270 days ago

queen love    

She made off like a bandit with the 911 victim's money. She had a revolving door at that plastic surgeon office.

1270 days ago
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