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Uchitel on bin Laden Death -- 'Makes Me So Happy'

5/2/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- whose fiance was killed in the 9/11 attacks -- was THRILLED when she found out U.S. forces took out Osama bin Laden yesterday ... saying the announcement "makes me so happy."


Uchitel's fiance -- Andy O'Grady -- was in the South Tower of the World Trade Center when it was struck by a plane. A then unknown Uchitel searched tirelessly for O'Grady ... but he didn't survive.

TMZ spoke with Uchitel last night ... who told us, "This is the biggest news we have received as a country in almost 10 years. Now we Americans finally have justice and maybe we can all sleep just a bit better at night. "

Uchitel continued, "Andy would be so honored to know he's part of history as an American hero for his sacrifice on that day. He's celebrating for sure right now with all those he died with and that makes me so happy."


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While it's all fine & dandy that the SOB is dead, there's going to be plenty more attacks in the future. Too many nutjobs in the terrorist world. Sad to have such hatred.

1273 days ago


While I am awfully sorry for Rachel's loss during the 9/11 attack, it's inappropriate and plain wrong to call someone a hero for having had the sad misfortune of dying in a building that was targeted by terrorists for destruction. It's a tragedy but that doesn't make you a hero.

1273 days ago


Is that actually Rachel in that picture? She must have had A LOT of plastic surgery, jesus.

On a different note, why do i care what that drug addicted moron thinks about Osama being dead? While im sure loosing someone as close to you as a fiance would be, would obviously be devastating, why is HER opinion so important? She clearly has not made good use of her life since 9/11. Rehab is great, and i have huge respect for anyone that goes through it and comes out a better person, but what exactly made her a "celebrity" to be on Celebrity Rehab? Nothing im aware of except maybe being a whore. Now theres a role model.

Osama is dead and that makes the world a better place for sure.

1273 days ago


He'd be so proud of her now! However, I'm not so sure that she got any of that 911 money from the Red Cross because she wasn't married to him. The Red Cross had other plans for that money so they only payed out when absolutely necessary. Remember, sensitivity training for us so we wouldn't be mean to the terrorist Muslims? Most of the families had to wait 2+ years and then ended up suing the RC to get any money. And really, gas prices just went up? What about the huge rise when Obama came into office. Remember, when it went above $3 a gallon? When OPEC told Obama, "Hell no, we're not helping you!".

1273 days ago

Laure H    

Great job Mr.President you did in 2 years what that IDIOT bush couldn't do in 8YEARS.You cared about those people that got killed and their families and still do, bush didn't give a damm.Thank you for doing your job and a GREAT one at that.God bless all the victims families,their is SOME justice in this country

1273 days ago


Uchitel is such a ho that he's probably one of the many married men she slept with.

1273 days ago


Sorry, got on the wrong site. Thought this was a Christian site where we forgive our past mistakes. Guess I got a Muslim site instead- where we blow you the up if you don't ****ing agree. Give the chick a break you douchbags- love ya

1273 days ago


At least her fiance didn't have to suffer through the Tiger scandal (she didn't give a crap he was married, I'm pretty sure she still would have screwed him if she was married).

1273 days ago


Well as long as the home wrecking whore is happy is all that matters!

1273 days ago


Dear 3STORMS- I promise not to tell your husband about the BJob. It wasn't worth the 20 bucks but the ***** smelled worse.

1273 days ago


Thanks for your two cents Rachel, now go back to sucking peens for cash.

1273 days ago



Thanks for proving my point!! haha

Through my rose coloured glasses...I never said that Canada is a matter of fact we are far from it.

COULD THE USA REALLY HAVE DONE THIS ALONE????...NO!!!!! In the end...we all just step back and allow you to bask in your own glory!

********It does does not surprise the leader) only thanked yourselves and forgot the others who helped get you there!!!!!

Your president should have remembered that in his "heart warming" speech as well!!!!

1273 days ago


Uchitel she's still a hooker.

1273 days ago


No one cares about Rachel...please stop giving her fame for being a hooker. On the other hand I am glad there was justice for all of those affected from 9/11.

1273 days ago


Lets hope they don't retaliate.

1273 days ago
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