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'E.R.' Actor -- I Sold Drugs To Repay Mexican Cartel

5/3/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former "E.R." actor claims he ONLY agreed to take part in a major drug operation to help his best friend pay off a debt to a deadly Mexican drug cartel ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.


Sam Jones -- who also starred in "Smallville" and "Blue Mountain State" -- wants a judge to go easy on him ... despite having pled guilty  to conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of oxycodone.

The feds want Jones to spend 70 months in prison -- but Jones says it's an unfair sentence because his only intention was to raise enough cash to save his friend from certain doom.

According to court docs, Jones says his childhood friend, a drug dealer named Tom Cataloni believed he was on the hook to a Mexican drug cartel to the tune of $90,000.

Jones says rather than let his friend get killed, he agreed to slang some pills to help raise the cash ... only to find out, there was no Mexican drug cartel ... and the whole thing was a DEA set up.

Jones says he only played a "minor role" in the conspiracy -- and therefore wants a reduced sentence.

Jones is set to face the judge on June 22.


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Weak ass excuse!!! I doubt your blonde, bimbo, skanky girlfriend will wait 6 years for your dumb ass to get out of prison. Yeah, unlike Corrupt California, the Feds don't give you a break for good behavior or over-population.

1236 days ago


Black people don't get the usual California legal flexibility.

1236 days ago


Doesn't matter the reason or how noble he wants it to seem. It's still an illegal act. The ends don't justify the means. Also, it doesn't make sense: Temporarily participate with a cartel to erase a debt and not expect to do it anymore. YEAH. OK. I'd be surprised if it was entrapment bc it sounds like it was between his friend and him. If it were between the DEA and him, then I'd see a better argument for entrapment. Plus, assuming they have recording of him, we don't know how much he implicated himself. Dude should get it simply for being stupid enough to get into this situation.

1236 days ago


"Hell if it was Lindsay, or paris he wouldnt do jail time. So why should he have to serve so much time"

WHEN DID LINDSAY OR PARIS EVER DISTRIBUTE NARCOTICS? A FELONY. Not to mention 10,000 pills! please don't make up silly sh*t in order to start racial conflict.

1236 days ago


joe 3 minutes ago

Black people don't get the usual California legal flexibility.

This is federal court, not state court. Big difference, especially for a weak ass state like California.

1236 days ago


The dude is black and won't be getting the jail "over crowded" excuse or the lindsay L and Paris Hilton treatment, sorry dude, you doing time!

1236 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

and he's sure it wasn't just baking powder that he was selling for the muffin n pastry mafijang ???!

1236 days ago


A minor role: conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of oxycodone. Plllleeeeaaasseee

You had better hook up with Shawn Chapman Holley, attorney to criminal celebrities. Too bad you didn't rip somebody off, she could invoked the Lindsey Lohan Defense. I'm sure she'll find a slippery loophole in the California Celebrity Revised Code, if it's not there, the judge will probably cut you a break.

Wait a minute, did you "contribute" to the presiding judge's reelection coffers. If not, you need to jump on that. We're talking America and California, home of Star Struck judges and money grubbers.

1236 days ago

PRO US    

Give him a special deal. 50 years in a maximum security jail without the possibility of parole or execution by firing squad, his choice.

1236 days ago

Phil Alger    

Can we all say jail time? Really! TMZ, are you just now some sort of cover?

1236 days ago


The stupidest comments her are comparing him to Lyndsey Lohan and Paris Hilton stating that he is only going to get major jailtime because he's black. Lyndsey and Paris had minor amounts of drugs, he had 10,000 pills. 10,000 pills are also not for personal use, they are for distribution. And, the worst thing for him, this is a federal case, not a state case. Federal cases give you longer jail sentences. I liked him on Smallville, and it sucks he got busted, but he's not going to jail because he's black, he's going to jail because he was attempting to deal drugs. He admitted it, he's guilty, case closed.

1236 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    


1236 days ago


He's too stupid to be on the streets.

1236 days ago


Please don't cry racism u can't get much richer than the Douglas family and Michael Doulglas' son and Kirks grandson is in prison for drug dealing..

1236 days ago


Quinn about an hour ago

Ya dude, we gotta bail Kenny outta jail

Funny, good reference :)

1236 days ago
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