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Jesse James: I Can't Worry About Sandra Anymore...

5/4/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James says he's MOVED ON from his life with his ex-wife Sandra Bullock ... claiming, "I can't worry about her anymore."

In an interview airing tonight on "Nightline," James says he hasn't seen baby Louis -- the baby he adopted with Sandra -- since they broke up last year.

James said, "I could only cry so much about [Louie] until I have to suck it up and keep a stiff upper lip and realize, Hey, [there are] three kids that I do have."

 "I need to take care of them and not worry about the one that I don't, you know, and I think that's the lesson."


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Jesse James, you're a pig. I saw where you complained that Sandy Bullock hasn't visited Sunny implying that she's not a great person or something. CLUE: WHEN YOU *CHOSE* TO SCREW AROUND ON SANDY BULLOCK YOU *CHOSE* TO SCREW OVER YOUR DAUGHTER SUNNY BY RISKING A GREAT AND HEALTHY SITUATION WITH SANDY AND IF YOUR DAUGHTER IS SAD ABOUT SANDY NOT BEING AROUND THEN YOU SHOULD REFLECT AND BLAME YOURSELF!!! You screwed around on your daughter when you screwed around on Sandy and you should remember that every day of your life. As far as your current "fiancee" she should think VERY hard about being with you because, dude, YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF SCREWING AROUND ON YOUR PARTNERS! So suck it up, SHUT UP, and leave us alone you cheating dirtbag!

1267 days ago


sociopath.....f#@k stain.....

1267 days ago


Ya you worried about her so much...that you cheated on her how many times....what a caring yukky man! Poor Jesse.

1267 days ago


Ahhhh, poor Jessie! How unfair! You only went out and cheated on Sandra with a dozen or so women. You lied, hid, and manpulated the situation to keep Sandra in the dark. You broke your vows to her and God. How dare they keep an innocent child away from you???

1267 days ago


Spoken like a true POS.

1267 days ago


He needs a permanent dose of stfu medicine.

1267 days ago


The baby that they adopted "together"? Didn't TMZ report that all final papers for the adoption were filed and signed by Sandra only, and AFTER the split? Baby shopping together is one thing, actually receiving the baby, naming it and caring for it is another. They did NOT adopt a baby "together". How nice for him to have an interview about how big a person he is, and how well he's dealing with the loss of a baby he's never met. I guess he was missing being newsworthy or of interest to anyone.

1267 days ago


R - perfect comment on JJ.

1267 days ago


To all befor me. VERY WELL PUT. Jesse James is an big giant ASS. You didn't deserve that wonderful woman and because of what you did all of your children lost I bet the best person in their lives. You do deserve the woman you are with now. Jesse James do us all a favor and disappear.

1267 days ago


You can't worry about her anymore? If you worried about her in the first place you wouldn't have stuck your shaft into every dirty girl you came across.

You put more effort into finding your dog than your marriage.

You have destroyed your family time and time again. My heart breaks for poor Sunny, not only did you rob her of the stable mother figure Sandy provided but of her brother Louis.

You are disgusting.

1267 days ago


good luck Kat. You need it.

1267 days ago


how about --- keep your **** in your pants for a lesson that might be a better lesson to have learned.

1267 days ago


There is a limit as to how much you can mess around with children's affections. I totally understand why Sandra decided to move out of the child's life so he could settle with his new family situation. A very unselfish action on her part unlike his actions.
Also it is common knowledge that Sandra Bullock is in New York filming a movie with Tom Hanks, so this is his bullcacca PR campaign to sell books.

1267 days ago


He gave up custodial rights to Louis he has no claim on him.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before Jesse started crying that Sandy was ignoring Sunny. He loves to punish his women in the media when they don't do what he wants. I think Sandy is doing the best she can being a positive influence on Sunny but at the end of the day it is not her child legally or biologically.

Don't worry Sunny you will have a lot more mommys by the time you are 21.

1267 days ago



1267 days ago
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