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Manny Pacquiao Has Big Beef After Weigh-In

5/6/2011 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Manny Pacquiao made a beeline for beef and chicken today after his weigh-in ... Filipino style, of course.

Manny -- who is scheduled to beat Sugar Shane Mosley tomorrow in Las Vegas -- weighed in at 145 lbs ... 2 lbs under the welterweight limit.

Immediately after getting off the scale, Manny followed his tradition and ate a big meal prepared by his long-time personal chef.

And what, you ask, does a champ eat -- grilled beef, boiled chicken, rice, fruit and Filipino chicken broth soup.

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Katherine Buckner-Carey    

Go Manny!

Pinoy Power!

1265 days ago

right straight    

I'm making flip jokes but actually am Filipino.Jack Bauer...I don't know man Crash has a point,flip women are all about pretending to be doing better than you.Even if they're lying like crazy gossiping to family and friends about all types of ****.If you know them...they talk **** for sure,I am not speculating,i'm telling you.

1265 days ago

sick of it    

Sugar Shane Mosley Has been.....

1265 days ago

right straight    

Hey Jackbauer quick question,did they deliver her door to door? or did you have to pick her up at your local Federal Express depot?

1265 days ago


@right straight

wtf dude why are you saying that to your culture? Are you not proud of being a Filipino. By the way she's not what you think, she is the best thing that ever happened to me.

1265 days ago

sloppy seconds    

good luck! rich man.

1265 days ago


I can take him....no I can't but atleast it would be over quickly and he wouldn't prolong my suffering...I hope.

1265 days ago


Ok I know that there are many who are weighing in about the fact that he is Phillipino. But the question on TMZ was raised "what does Bruce Lee have to do with boxing?" I bring to your attention the art of Splashing Hands Kung fu (look it up on line) This art is based on rapid foot and hand movement. If you were to review Muhhammed Ali footage of his fights his hand and foot movement closely resemble this ancient and relatively unknown form of kung fu. This art was used by the guards of shao-lin temple guards. Therefore Bruce Lee (and his unconventional approach to martial arts) makes him an excellent resource. Bruce Lee believed in a simplistic approach to hand to hand combat and eliminating unnecessary motions that have nothing to do with the outcome of the conflict. Bruce believed that reaction to and not anticipating the outcome would lead to defeating the opponent. There that was all I had to say.

1265 days ago


Manny -- who is scheduled to beat Sugar Shane Mosley tomorrow in Las Vegas -- weighed in at 145 lbs ... 2 lbs under the welterweight limit.

Scheduled to beat SSM? You mean fight Sugar Shane Mosley, i honestly hope Mosley beats him, because for some reason TMZ are fanboys and physic if they already know this guy will win.

It's all about money anyways, i would love to see Mosley upset this guy

1265 days ago


@ jackbauer888

Snap the f#@k out of it. The best thing has ever happened to you is that you have the luxury to sign a PRENUP. Step the hell back and rub your eyes and look at the big picture. When you're around her family and friends, now tell me... their all smiles at you... huh?... lmao.

The food you're eating taste hella good. You want to know why? It's freakin unhealthy that's why. Guaranteed high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, block arteries and all that fun stuff to ensure you'll croak in no time. Just wait until she hints life insurance. Then GTFO... lol...

1265 days ago


@ jackbauer888

For a person with jackbauer888 as a screen name and logo you're not very keen on picking up on what's being laid down are you? tsk tsk...

1265 days ago


Now that meal sounds more like it.

1264 days ago

Mel Givzon    

@ CrashnBurn,
Im pretty sure u had a bad experienced when you went to the Phils, right? You know why? Simply bcoz you've got a bad attitude, dude.
Yo', be thankful that you're still here, alive n kickin. And next time when you're planning to go back to the Phils to look for a hygeinic/juicy p***y, be sure your wallet n pocket are fat.
Wait until you've meet somebody that could soften ur heart. And if u do,..be ready bcoz u gonna embrace the whole family dude, thats true. I just hope ur invincible. You're the only person i've known w/out common sense at all.

@ iz,

just dont get a filipina. you're like a woman w/ a big big mouth. ur the most complained but like to f**k them, dont you? bcoz u like the smell, right? lol,.ur really an a**hole n stupid, lol,.. im telling you, I like your style for both of you n crashnburn.

PS: for the 2 of you, pls lemme know, wen is ur next visit to the phils,..for i will introduce you, to the best n beautiful filipino women out there, for free.

1264 days ago


All of you judging and saying things that are so far from true about filipinos are IGNORANT.

1264 days ago


flipino people are nice, humble, polite, hospitable, religious people just dont get them angy otherwise you will face consequences...

1264 days ago
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