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Paul McCartney is ENGAGED ... Again!

5/6/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's 2011 ... and one of the Beatles is getting married!!! Sir Paul McCartney is officially engaged to girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

Paul McCartney Engaged

According to -- the 68-year-old former Beatle popped the question to 51-year old Shevell -- a businesswoman from Jersey.

The couple has been dating since they met in the Hamptons in 2007. This will be the third marriage for McCartney and the second for Shevell.

All you need is love.


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Calm lady who doesn't seek publicity and has her OWN money. Much better choice this time...

1230 days ago


Great Job William Campbell on your Engadgement May you fool her like you did to the world claiming to be paul. Have a good one FAUL (if you dont belive me google Last testament of gerorge harioson)

1230 days ago


Some here don't like Paul, fine, why read articles on him and waste your time commenting.
Some wonder why he can't be alone. Really, I haven't heard Paul was the only one to ever remarry after being widowed and/or divorced. There was comment about his children being ashamed, he's disgusting. His children have their own lives, he deserves one too. Lastly, congratulations Paul and Nancy, you are both very lucky, look at the jealously you have inspired.

1230 days ago


dave 17 hours ago

Do you really think she would be with him if he was just another a struggling musician???

Nobody expects Shevell to settle for a struggling musician, unless the 51-year-old is looking for a fling with a boy toy. No one would afford her any attention had she married some high-powered business executive. As an independently wealthy woman, Shevell is naturally going to gravitate towards a partner who is similarly driven and successful.

To date, McCartney and Shevell have both been very good to keep their relationship low profile. By contrast, Heather Mills dragged Paul from one public appearance to another. He came across as a deer in the headlights during the entire course of their relationship. McCartney even had to release a public statement about dyeing his hair, and how the decision was his alone to make, and how it was not done under pressure from Heather.

Considering that Paul is a billionaire and -- more importantly -- a former Beatle, any woman he dates or marries will always be scrutinized, as will any relationship he tries to have following his disastrous experience with Mills. Give Paul some credit, at least he's not pulling a Bill Wyman/Ron Wood by hooking up with 18-year-olds (based on the bios I've read, Paul pretty much got this lifestyle out of his system while he was still a Beatle and a twenty-something himself).

(Re: Bill and Ron): I'm being very generous with the age reference.

1230 days ago


She is sure one good looking 51 year old. Don't you wish all maturing women took as good care of themselves as she seems to have done?

1230 days ago

Lee Farmington    

she was looking for someone 27 years her senior but Hef was taken

1229 days ago


Why is it necessary to marry his girlfriend? There are no children to legitimize. Why is marriage necessary when it will only make things complicated and expensive when she decides she has put in enough time and goes in for the kill?

1229 days ago

Billy Bob Royale    

Best of Luck, however have you ask yourself why you need to be married again? So I can be abused and taken again! Seem strange, but if your addicted probably not. You know the song, Fairy tales will come true, it can happen to you if you’re young at heart. Sing it my man!!!!!!

1229 days ago

Fergus Niles    

The ONLY difference between Mills and Nancy Shevell is that Nancy’s family made millions from the blood’s sweat and tears of the working poor. Her family sucked the life force out of working stiffs and paid them crap wages to make their fortune! Paul’s fiancé might be from a wealthy family but she has done EVERYTHING in her position at the MTA to rid NYC subway riders of decent fairs! AND she has gone out of her way to vote for job cuts in mass. They want to raise the profits for the execs (her and her friends) and reduce the outflow of cash for staff at our stations. In NY'ers minds she and all the rest of the MTA are blood sucking parasites. She voted to do away with the All Day Metro Card (US$7) and force tourists to pay US$2.50 per ride now instead - and many walk instead of using our fabulous metro/bus systems. She has also voted to implement a MasterCard Metro card instead of a Tap Card like other big cities. This would deny Tourists and the poor/Homeless to get a pass card -- under the 9/11 Patriot Act a MasterCard can not be mailed to a business or shelter or bought at a machine. Ask most NY'ers and she isn't a nice person! She has already consulted with some of the best lawyers in NY about protecting her own fortune … and her close knit circle of female divorcée friends have all gone for jugulars in their own messy divorces! We NY’ers laugh and say -- he loves to give his money away! Odd, Mills looked like Linda and Nancy looks like Stella! He seems to have a type at least if nothing else

Shevell may have a 6 figure a year job at her father’s business, but what she is missing is a social conscious that Paul McCartney is famous for. Many NY’ers are wondering what she did with her tons of fur coats and leather outfits she wore before dating Paul. She wasn’t always a vegetarian let alone a Vegan! Many suspect she is doing what all NY socialites do - look for the richest sucker around and stick it out for a couple of years and then Bam! Hit them as hard as they can while they she is still young enough to enjoy the pay out!

She isn't a MILLIONAIRE from working; she was paid MILLIONS in her divorce. Also, her father has a business worth millions - she earned 6 figures a year at the NY Bus/Subway company because she was instrumental in cutting jobs for the working poor to give Execs raises and huge bonuses The MTA is our subway and bus company that keeps NY moving. Her photo is of her when she was MUCH younger

1229 days ago


his new wife looks pretty!

1228 days ago


What is he crazy, All I can say is PRE-NUP, PRE-NUP, PRE-NUP !!!

1228 days ago


And yet in heaven folks Believe that Michael Jackson snores:
and that John Lennon naps at noon most every day for lack of celestial chores.
Fear not, dear readers for they're forced to watch Sir Paul and Brother Jermaine.
Who with their newest lights of love will cause eternal pain.
For they will always thump some dame with animalistic grace.
When they should leave the dears alone and tend to thumping their Bass.

1228 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

She seems like a huge elitist snob. And so does he. But he is also cheap cheap cheap and she won't like that.

1227 days ago


Good for you! A Jersey Girl and one near YOUR age. Good Luck and much Happiness.

1226 days ago

Ed Gauthier    

Hope this time our pal Paulie has the common sense to get a PRENUP signed! Duh!
He's been taken to the cleaners more often than a rental tux!

1224 days ago
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