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Levi Johnston -- Having His Cake, Eating It Too

5/7/2011 4:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They grow up so fast ... Levi Johnston, everyone's favorite single father, celebrated his 21st birthday at Chateau nightclub in Las Vegas last night.

Where have the years gone?


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Why would anyone continue to give this s***bag any more coverage? His 15 minutes were up a loooooooooooong time ago.

1236 days ago


He actualy looks bored like he'd rather be somewhere else.

1236 days ago


i don't care if he's a douchebag. he is SO ****ing hot.

1236 days ago


i 2nd tat.
what ever happen to tat reality show where he runs for office?

1236 days ago


No amount of money will buy this guy class or intelligence.........hope his kid inherited his maternal grandmother's genes.

1236 days ago

jealous of kate    

I would like to know who let him into vegas or how he found it. Last time we heard from him he was complaining IN ALASKA that 'how oh how was he going to see his kid that he hadn't visited in well over a year now that Bristol was going to move to Arizona'. Maybe he was on his way to Arizona, got lost and ended up in Nevada.

1236 days ago


This is someone's father.

1236 days ago


I would be interested in who named him "everyone's favorite single Father." That is a major insult to every single Father on the earth becasue this guy is a dirt bag big time!

1236 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

I thought I smelled vinegar! THIS D-Bag isnt a "favorite" to ANYONE anywhere. He doesnt see or support his child. All he has done sice the baby was born is go around bad mouthing the ppl that actually take care of the child!
If anything he gives young single dads a BAD name! SOME of them actually TRY to help with raising thier kids. THIS D-BAG is only trying to SELF-Promote, CA$H in on dogging out the Palins, and ratchet up the number of females he's slept with.
Screw him, he's a dirt ball. Bristol was too young to SEE what this guy was all about before she concieved. I'd imagine she wouldnt change the fact she has a baby, but if she could she'd change who she had him with! FOR SURE..
THAT I can relate to. Pretty much WHY I like the Palin family, they are relatable, and down to earth. NOT Hollywood-ish or snobby as you might think they would be. I dont believe a WORD this guy has said negatively about the Palin's HE is just trying to KEEP a spotlight on HIMSELF and a camera pointing @ him.
Male version of Oksana IMO! Shameless Dlum Gick! >.

1235 days ago

Holly Wilson    

According to the Daily Rash, Levi Johnston has opened his own diaper service in Vegas, and he'll actually come to your house and change your baby's diaper without a shirt on!

1235 days ago

who dat    

I note he has poor choice in ink also. Now there's another surprise. He is a loser no matter how u look at him.

1235 days ago


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1235 days ago


Sally 1 day ago

I would be interested in who named him "everyone's favorite single Father." That is a major insult to every single Father on the earth becasue this guy is a dirt bag big time!


@Sally- Um, I'm pretty sure they were being very sarcastic when they said Levi was "everybody's favorite single Father"

1234 days ago


WHY..Are you taking pictures or videos of him,He is just a DEAD BEAT we take pics of all the other dead beats why him.He is not a actor,musician etc.He just knocked up some teenager.What this world is coming too..when LOSERS like this get their pics taken for just being a unemployed dead beat dad.

1231 days ago

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