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Miss USA, Teen USA or Universe

Who'd You Rather?

5/7/2011 4:42 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Beauty queen roommates Miss USA Rima Fakih, 25, Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford, 18, and Miss Universe Ximena Navarette, 23, all sashayed at the same event in NYC on Thursday.


Question is ...


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Always go with the dark girl. They are the best lovers. Not too many hangups.

1227 days ago


how illogical and completely retarded... these people are hardly worthy of such a title... why is there some kind of habit of doing this? completely average people being given the belief theyre the best? ive seen hotter cleaning ladies

1227 days ago

Baba Booey    

What a bunch of racists, how come the Nubian beauty gets the lowest votes? Just another way the man keeps a brother down.

1227 days ago


all of them are beautiful, but i think Miss Universe is the most beautiful, she's from Mexico and she's natural than Rima and Miss teen USA!!

Yo amo a Ximena... arriba México!! :)

1227 days ago


HMichaelH...for real? Ugly compared to what??? Where hell u live that these women would be considered ugly? I need to move to your town!

They're all very attractive IMO...any dude who thinks otherwise has to be gay for real.

1227 days ago


All three a very pretty and good option's but I don't personally know Kamie but I have her as a friend on Facebook and she is really sweet! Believe it or not I look up to her ( : Geese y'all are some idiot's stop critizing people and see how far you make it or even be on this! Do that before y'all start talking♥ Anyways goodluck Kamie :-*

1227 days ago


Issac Newton your a gf has been in the miss california pageant for the last 4 years(miss north inglewood) and a black girl or woman hasnt won since the early to mid 90s. Besides white women win every other much for being a genius.

1226 days ago


Yeah I dont have a problem with white people, i love them. but with that being said, they have to understand that there beauty is so called "standard", in this world "white is right" so i can understand why some would get upset not seeing a Aryan " Blue eyed, blond hair" chick. but thats the thing america isn't white we our every shade of complexions and should represent those beauties!

By just seeing "white, white, white" beauty queens in the media isn't good for the little girls of color (Asians, Hispanic, blacks etc) its telling them they're not beautiful or the type of beauty they have isn't actual desirable. that a awful message to send to them and they deserve better just like the little white girls!

Now with all that being said I think all three of the girls are gorgeous. its always nice to see exotic and rare beauties, then just another "typical" and or "IDEAL" beauty queen! to me that look is getting old very fast only because they seem to win everything.

1226 days ago


@baba booey...please don't make this a race issue. I know it still exisit in something..but as a black man myself I'm tired of other black people throwing that damn card for every friggin thing. Then it takes away from when something really exist. I think all 3 women are beautiful but in this instance I wouldn't pick Kamie as number one. Pick the black women if she trully is number one not just for the sake of saying we being PC...nuff said!

1226 days ago


Somebody pleaes tell Sara to run to the store and grab a bottle of STHU! You're making this more than it really's not going overboard not like women don't smile and think about some hot body guy in hollywood. You're making a mountain out of a ant hill..and Miss Teen USA is legal she is 18 so shut up. As for HMichaelH..I sincerely hope you are not implying that because of too much PC (which I think there is..SOMETIMES) that only white women are beautiful. Not saying your saying that I'm saying I hope you indeed not implying that. I think beauty is beaut I could care less your ethnicity or race. I've seen pretty and ugly from all sides.

1226 days ago


Wow, I guess the pagents have really lowered their standards. But in this case, who the hell cares, it's just a beauty pagent, no big thing.

1226 days ago

Fredrick Ngosa    


1224 days ago


I am happy I came to TMZ to just do a search on Kamie.. WOW, to the ******** losers who diss her or have the nerve to call her ugly.. I would love to see your tails, your wife, girlfriend or daughters..Let's just say they are probably not that attractive. Since I personally know Kamie and have watched her grow up. She has only been in two pagaents. The Teen MD and the Teen USA. She has a 4.0 average, is attending college, stayed with the same boyfriend and did not let this win change her. Her "sisters" are down to earth as well. I agree with one of the posters who say, why can't you pick all of them.. Each one of these woman have a beatiful quality about themselves. I am happy to see that they won.. Claiming they have to pick a black girl is something a hidden racist would say... because color should never been an issue!!

1164 days ago

Baccar Wozat    

If they still had a Jumbo Queen contest, I would have rather.

1148 days ago


Rima Fakih is no doubt a beautiful young lady, however, she should have lost the crown for her disgraceful behavior as Miss America. I saw her on WWE wrestling as a guest and her dress was so short that when she went between the ropes to enter the ring, her panties were openly exposed. She disgraced the crown, the title, and everything it stands for during her reign.Now she is no longer Miss America, we see by her behavior she should have never been Miss America.

1014 days ago
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