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'Twilight' Star -- NEVER Double Dip the Wax

5/7/2011 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Super hot "Twilight" star Ashley Greene's trip to a waxing salon turned into a horror movie ... especially since we knew NOTHING about the dangers of "double dipping." Yikes!

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I need to get some wax too. See where----

1262 days ago


Oddly while watching this story I am also watching The Thing! Double dipping, gross.

1262 days ago


Yes, tastes awful!

1262 days ago


The young lady on your staff was not correct in her description of double dipping. I can tell you, as an esthetician I would be out of business if after every brow wax I threw out the can of wax. What double dipping means, is that you never use the same stick twice. After each application of the wax a new stick is used. Therefore there is no contamination. It is like George on Senfield double dipping the chip.

1262 days ago


@ Cat: Thank you for explaining that to them! Good golly we would be broke in a week if we had to change out a whole wax pot after each client!!

1262 days ago



1262 days ago


Hi guys, I live in Rio de Janeiro and my girlfriend goes to a Waxing salon here in Rio, Brazil... But I gotta say I was really impressed when I heard the "double dipping" history and most of all the story about the Herpes and STD's stuff... that's not truth!!! Here the waxing stick's are changed everytime thay're used... so... no double dipping! and no STD's!!! And where do you people from the USA hear these stories anyway?...

1262 days ago


I know where this Waxing Boutique is! It's not in Beverly Hills like it says. Its called Strip, It's in the North Hollywood arts district. No double dipping is right and I've been going here for almost 2 years!

1262 days ago


I am also an esthetician in LA and yes - most estheticians, sadly do double-dip. Most want to get the waxing done as quickly and easily as they can (easiest for them, anyway), which is done using the same wax stick, repeatedly dipped into the tub of wax. This is disgusting, and unfortunately is very common. Even if your esthetician is using multiple wax sticks on you during your wax service, you have no way of knowing if the esthetician who worked the shift before her was as considerate (ie you could have wax that's already contaminated w/someone else's cooties, regardless of how many sticks are used to apply on you/prevent your cooties from going into wax -it's anyone's guess who has used the wax that's coming out of the tub prior and if sanitation was a concern for them).
The solution? I say everyone should have their own wax tub that they bring w/them for each service. There should be "lobby warmers" to get it heated up before appt. time. Inconvenient, maybe, but I've heard Herpes is pretty inconvenient too.

1261 days ago


Double dipping means: when a wax sticks makes contact with a client it must be thrown away not dip again. So the salon means they do not use the same wax sticks again after it was dipped once. It do not mean they don't use the same wax can.

935 days ago

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