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Rep. Aaron Schock -- Anyone Down for a 6-Pack??

5/9/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Congressman Aaron Schock is flashing his ridiculous abs again -- this time on the cover of Men's Health!

Aaron Schock Shirtless
The Republican isn't just showing off his body to gloat, he's flaunting his cut stomach to promote the "Fit for Life Summer Challenge" -- an initiative focused on losing weight to reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. For more info, check out the Men's Health website.

Schock's six-pack isn't new to us though, TMZ discovered his washboard stomach back in 2009 when we published this bathing suit shot:


Schock was also on "Today" this morning to talk about his shirtless spread:

Dude's got guts.


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nebraska blonde    

Now that's a "Situation"...

1270 days ago


Dave about an hour ago Damon

Thanks for that rambling post. I guess you have completely changed my mind about the marxist in chief and his limousine liberal wife now running loose in washington.
I guess I really do want the goverment telling me what to eat, what to drive, what kind of home to live in, where to go to school, how much fuel i can use, which doctors to see.
Ya know, cause marxism has worked out sooo well for the rest of the world (except for those 200,000,000 people murdered under those awesome "spread the wealth around policies" in the last 100 years).

Wake up you moron.


Only a moron couldn't realize that SCHOOL IS A NANNY STATE!

They spend more time with our kids than we do!
They already feed the kids, just make the food better/healthy!

Change something they already control!
It's called using the resources you already have!

This is no different than any other President since Eisenhower!
Every First Lady picks a cause and this is a Volunteer Org.

Homeland Security, Patriot Act - great sounding names of gov't acts that have taken away more freedom an autonomy than anything in recent years. And we gave it to them with a smile, because of their WMD/Iraq lies, that preyed upon people fears after 9/11!

Again, it's a volunteer org. that gives out awards and holds PR events, AS IT HAS ALWAYS DONE!!
She has zero control of your food, DumbA$$!

1270 days ago


I'd do him. I just wouldn't vote for him

1270 days ago


Yeah right..he is so gay...the big fake tits behind him totally scream that he is gay. SO, am I to understand that Democrats who work out and take care of their body are hot and just into health (like our president and his wife) but andy Republican with a six pack is gay? Come on guys...I feel like no matter what they do Republicans can't win. They are either prudish homophobes if they are old or homophobic on the down low homosexuals if they work out and show it. But our president working out and running around on the beach without a shirt was just breathtaking, right? You really can't have it both ways.

1270 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

He does take care of himself, & that's good, especially compared to the slovenly, obese congressmen he has to work with. He just seems way too into himself, & way too into putting himself out there. Just a little creepy.

1270 days ago


Looks, talks, no fit then BamBam. Even if he is Gay what are you Homophobes? If he is then we one again. If you WERE gay who would you rather have a date with.
The Gentleman above?
Or slobber, spitting Barry Frank?

Face it you lose all the way around and even more in 2012.

1270 days ago


Never liked a show off!!

1270 days ago


Hey dude, if I had a six pack like that, I would never wear a shirt. Oh and I eat the poosay

1270 days ago


I just wanted to clarify something for everyone making gay jokes about Congressman Aaron Schock. I live in Chicago and I go to school in Southern Illinois. I know people who live in his district in Peoria and I have had the opportunity to meet Aaron twice in Springfield which is our state capital for those of you who did not know. He is def gay and still in the closet he goes to gay night clubs in Chicago all the time and there are rumors in his district that he is still in closet even when he was in the Illinois House of Reps. He probably wont come out bc of all u haters so y dont u stop hating on him bc u dont even know him.

1270 days ago


He's a Log Cabin Republican, gay but into money, power, and status.

Most straight conservative men are as fat as elephants.

1270 days ago



1270 days ago

Bob Findlay    

Hey guys and gals, be honest here if yourself or your better half looked anything close to him you all would flaunt it

1270 days ago


Another Illinois politician we're all so proud to claim.

1270 days ago


This guy is a conservative Baptist Republican wonder what his conservative constituents think of the pics of him with the woman dangling her breasts down over him. Just another example of how hypocritical these conservative fools are.

1270 days ago


If this were a liberal the media would be loving this- ie. the shirtless picture of our president (who is not in that great of shape)....everyone went nuts. But a republican shows some skin(and some verynice skin at that!)all hell breaks loose....shows the huge media liberal bias.

1270 days ago
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