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Chaz Bono:

Hormones Spiked My Sexual Appetite

5/9/2011 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono is opening up about his difficult journey of physically transitioning from a woman to a man -- confessing he remembers virtually nothing from his childhood.

Chaz Bono

In the documentary "Becoming Chaz" ... Bono talks about the increased sexual appetite he gets from hormone injections.

Chaz nervously admits he doesn't remember anything about the early years ... adding, "I was just thinking about 'The Sonny and Cher Show' ... you're not thinking about reality."

"Nightline" will air clips tonight on ABC ... and the full documentary premieres Tuesday on OWN at 9PM.


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Okay, someone explain this to me....She was a lesbo, with a lesbo woman, then she turned into a he, does that mean that since "she" is now a "he" that "his" partner is now a straight woman???? Confused and still don't know how the dingy works =\

1170 days ago


@Patty, actually Chaz said on Oprah she doesn't want a penis. Just a lesbian couple sex wise if you ask me.

1170 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

By "increased sexual appetite", does he mean "makes me eat my sexual partners whole"? 'Cause that's what it looks like.

1170 days ago


TMI - I'm so tired of hearing about his person! I sympathize w/the transition and that isn't what grosses me out - it's the oversharing and the extreme obesity/overweight... sorry!

1170 days ago

Jane Doe    

I have no issue with however he wants to live as long as he's happy. I do see Chaz as a very unhappy individual though... at least that's how he comes across. Confused, extremely overweight & unhealthy. I'm shocked a doctor would do disfiguring surgery under that condition. First she felt she was a lesbian, then felt she was a man - therefore a straight man - now the testosterone & breast removal to become a man in body & legally, but not deciding to change below the belt, therefore still remaining biologically a woman & embrace having a vag*ina. This must be a hormonal nightmare on anyone. I am very live & let live & hope it works out for him, but this just doesn't seem like it was handled well. Kudos for his girlfriend who stuck with this mess all this time.

1170 days ago

Khate sucks    

People are SO mean! Leave him alone and let him be happy! What a sad life he must have led. I HOPE and wish him ALL the happiness in the world!!

1170 days ago


So you blame god? No

1170 days ago


Gross Gross Gross..... Who T F Cares??????? EWWWW!!!

1170 days ago

Wile E. Coyote    

just because you cut your genitals up and inject hormones don't make you a man. your a woman no matter what you do. nature will have out.

1170 days ago


What a bunch of mean people on this topic, lighten up!! It's her/his life to live the way she/he wants to. We may not understand the decision and maybe it creeps some of you but live and let live!

1170 days ago


Some of you people really disgust me. Way more than Chaz does. Why does it matter what she did with HER BODY??? You don't like what she did, what she has to say, SKIP the story. This is still someone's child. I don't necessarily agree with his choices but at the end of the day, he has to live his life and make himself happy. If you can't say anything nice...then like EM said "have a coke and a smile and STFU"

1170 days ago


The title had nothing to do with the video. Wth TMZ?

1170 days ago


you are not a man!!!!!! you are a woman, and will always be a woman, you do not have a d#$K you do not have sperm, you do not have male DNA, you are a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its fine and all to live as a man, but quit treating her as if she is one, she isnt GRRRRRRRRRR. same as dude who get the are men without ****s.....NOT women GGRRRRRR...meow! that is all

1170 days ago


He's a ridiculous fool - how can anyone take this seriously - this is totally freakish

1170 days ago


Nobody wants to hear about this idiot! I get so sick of people saying "he", "him" or "his"! It's a female!!!!! You are sickening and it's a shame you went to these lengths to get attention "Chaz"

1170 days ago
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