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Chaz Bono:

Hormones Spiked My Sexual Appetite

5/9/2011 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono is opening up about his difficult journey of physically transitioning from a woman to a man -- confessing he remembers virtually nothing from his childhood.

Chaz Bono

In the documentary "Becoming Chaz" ... Bono talks about the increased sexual appetite he gets from hormone injections.

Chaz nervously admits he doesn't remember anything about the early years ... adding, "I was just thinking about 'The Sonny and Cher Show' ... you're not thinking about reality."

"Nightline" will air clips tonight on ABC ... and the full documentary premieres Tuesday on OWN at 9PM.


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Gsharon 710    

Above all, this is a living breathing human being that God allowed to live on earth. We may never understand all the why's of society. Just because Chaz's condition is different from those we have, does not make her someone to be unloved or less human.

Loving does not mean we know, accept, understand, hang out with nor approve, but with love, you cannot go wrong.

1206 days ago


look tmz, if you put anymore about this freak on here, i think i will stop reading this website. first of all this girl is a freak. her dad sonny was a good guy, and he would turn in his grave. this girl chaz, is an obese messed up girl thinking she is a guy...her weight is out of control, and i so do not want to hear about her sexual desires with her girlfriend and that she wants to be a guy. her mother cher, pretends she is ok with it and she is totally NOT. this is abusive to keep telling us about chasity bono. PLEASE STOP...I LITERALLY WANT TO THROW UP...IT IS NOT OK...THIS GIRL BOY IS A FREAK., AND NO AMOUNT OF ADVERTISING THIS FREAK WILL EVER HAVE US EXCEPT HER/HIM...STOP SHE/HE CANT STOP TRYING TO SELL HER/HIM SELF...NOT OK...

1206 days ago


Fat men have man boobs but she had her breast completely removed and now her chest is completely flat with no hint of man boobs. I think she stays fat to try and fool people into thinking that they don't see an adams apple because its hidden by fat. And the whole thing where she says she's a man because she wears mens suits? The woman has a vagina! But if it makes her happy so be it. Maybe everyone should just make believe they think she's a man to keep her happy.

1206 days ago


I am all for letting her live her life the way she wants. What I don't like is referring to Her as a he, which clearly she is not. On the same level as the pregnant men, not men people!

1206 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

I remember her as a cute little blonde girl on Sonny and Cher. Now, she's a big, fat, ugly, blob. Oh well. if she, he, it, is happy. Who paid for that very expensive operation and all the after treatments? Bet it wasn't Cher.

1206 days ago


I always felt like I was born a dog. I wonder if I get floppy ears, a tail stitched on and dye my penis red, people will call me a dog? That's it! My name is now Rover and today I am a dog. Please start feeding me out of a bowl and let me chase cars.

What in the hell is going on in this world?

1206 days ago


If he put half the effort of the sex change into losing weight, well, just sayin.

Good thing Mom's rich so he can indulge all these phobias instead of just moving on and dealing with life day by day like the other 6 billion of us.

1206 days ago


Sad to say... I am GLAD Sonny Bono is NOT around to have to witness this.....ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT TO CALL THIS....

Forget the morality thing, this..ah, ah, ah, "person" has got to be the worlds most MENTALLY UNSTABLE individual that HAS EVER EXISTED.!

Amasing her MOTHER advocated this or was a complete LOOSER OF A MOTHER. Either way, CHER BONO IS A WALKING....ZERO....

ANyway, we'll be reading soon of the next chapter of this circus performer soon. Hopefully NOT her death.

Hey Drew Pinsky where the hell are you.?

1206 days ago


This child is committing suicide by food. She will either have a heart attack or will eventually commit suicide.

What a shame. Just because she has been brain washed by the Lesbian community to be their poster child. Those people should be ashamed of themselves.

1206 days ago


She doesn't remember anything til she was 4 years old? Most of us remember popping outta the womb, slapping the doctor and screaming Lets Party! Maybe there is something wrong with Cher's kid.

1206 days ago


You are all so mean and nasty. WHY?? It is not your life and if you do not want to look or know about Chaz's and his choices in life then just do not read..
What if one of you have a child that wants a sex change would you disown them?

Do not judge others for there choices,,You have nothing nice to say then do not say anything..

He is not harming anyone of us, or himself so Kudo's Chaz as long as you are happy then that is all that matters.

1206 days ago



1206 days ago


What a worthless Life..I feel sorry 4 the X beautiful little chastiy bono..This person was born a Girl or woman..How dare she change her sex..God is really upset I think with chasz the freak..Poor Cher she was not all that bad a Mom..What a HORROR Show freak..Without Mommas Money chaz would still be a girl which she really is anyway

1206 days ago


We are not being MEAN..We have a right to say whatever we want about a person who is very ILL..God- YES GOD, MY Creator designs us as HE wants us 2 be ..We DO NOT have the right NO WE DONT to change HIS creation becuz we are horny and weird..I feel sorry 4 chastity bono and HE is a SHE 2 Me sex change or not..GET REAL Miss wonderful perfect person who loves everybody..BULL..If chastity did not have the money to play GOD she would still be a she

1206 days ago


So... what do the heat exchange?

1206 days ago
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