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5/10/2011 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's barely been a day since Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife announced their separation -- but Ahnold has already invented a new kind of kiss to plant on other women ... the COLLAR SMOOCH.


Arnold and his two lady friends met for some kind of breakfast play date at a Pain Quotidien in L.A. this AM -- the first goodbye kiss actually doesn't look so bad ... but the second ... the second will make you squirm.


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oh he'll be kissin a LOT lower when she divorces him for the big bucks.

1264 days ago



1264 days ago



1264 days ago

Dee Madison    

He's been a cheating dog from day 1.. now he's free to howl. Maria just looked the other way.. she was too weak from not eating to notice. Well he's accomplishing all his Austrian childhood goals....

1264 days ago


What a shame, I thought they made a good couple.

I guess nothing lasts in L.A.!!

1264 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Wow, they obviously knew cameras were starting to show up and the blond really did not want to be seen getting kissed by him. He seemed to want both of them to walk with him in the direction of the cameras but they didn't want it. Is this the same blond who was caught driving around in one of his convertibles?

1264 days ago

who dat    

Bad news for the Grope-N-Nator. She's just not that into you. How funny.

1264 days ago

My two cents ;)    

um, i used to not like Maria but actually I respect her for trying

1264 days ago


Ha Ha, she cringed and ran to throw up! He knew the cameras were there what a DOUCHE BAG. Maria has no guilt now to end the nightmare. No your not welcome back!

1264 days ago

two cents    

I don't know why anyone would want to get intimate with him. Have they not seen the size of his package online, from taking all those steroids? It's the size of a tiny pickle.

Kudos to Maria. You're never to old to start over. She'll find someone who is worthy of her. Just wish she'd eat a sandwhich and put on a few pounds. She looks annorexic.

1264 days ago


HAHAHA her body language said "get your grubby paws off me"

1264 days ago


The Kennedy's are cheaters, liars, drunkards and probably have been a scandalous and icky bunch to deal with. Move on, take care of your kids. Maria will fall on her on aggressive feet.

1264 days ago

Smart Girl    

If you watch closely the blond is shaking her finger at him.. and then moves her hand up to her face like she is wiping away tears and then she tries to squirm away as he "smiles for the camera" . She was pissed about something.. so stay turned for something to be released aka scandal of some sort!

1264 days ago

how lame    

one of them is pregnant with his child , right?

1264 days ago

Mason H    

If you watch the entire video it doesn't look bad at all. Arnie was doing the traditional Euro greet/good bye with a kiss on the cheek and the second girl just wasn't having it is all. He didn't try and slip her the Austrian pickle or tongue or anything.

If you think that's gross, U probably shouldn't ever leave the US or you'll really be in a for a big surprise... In China it's considered normal for men to walk... gasp... hand in hand... and in Middle Eastern Asia... as in the Arabian area it's considered normal to kiss men on the cheeks... two or three times!!!! ;)

1264 days ago
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