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Getting Sued ...

for $100 MILLION!!!

5/11/2011 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reality superstar Bethenny Frankel -- creator of the Skinnygirl margarita -- has been sued for more than $100 MILLION for allegedly cutting her former management company out of the biggest deal of her life.

Bethenny Frankel $100 Million
Frankel's former management company, Raw Talent, claims Bethenny signed with them back in 2008 ... with the hopes of maximizing the potential of her Skinnygirl cocktail line. 

According to the lawsuit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Raw Talent claims, "[Bethenny] expressly represented that any agreement relating to the exploitation of the Skinnygirl Cocktail Brand would be commissionable under their management agreement."

RT claims they hooked up Frankel with some powerful people in the liquor biz .. only for Beth to fire them days before she sold Skinnygirl for a reported $120 million.

RT claims they want their cut of the deal -- $12 mil -- plus $100 mil in punitive damages.


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Nothing new here. Money talks and lawyers wait for their cut. True since Shakespeare took the quill in hand and long before that. Good luck Bethanny...Bite it.

1225 days ago


Greed, Greed, Greed. Everyone wants their far share of someone elses good thing. I don't like B or her drink. I hope she keeps all her money, she earned it.

1225 days ago


$100 mill in punitive damages?? Is that a joke? My goodness.

It's ridiculous law suits like this make an absolutely mockery of our legal system. And wastes the precious time of jurors, most of who do not make nearly that amount of money and have to be away from THEIR jobs without pay so that some assho!e can try and suck money they don't deserve from someone else. Shameful.

1225 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA....I knew this bitch was a total lowlife. No way did this famewhore get $100+ million without screwing or screwing-over a bunch of guys!!!

1225 days ago


I doubt Raw Talent would have anti-ed up the money for a case unless they were sure she violated their contract.

The fact that they helped get her connected and she F*ed them over doesn't surprise me in the least. She's all about greed. She thinks just because she's thin she can dole out advice to other women like she's above them. From what I've seen so far she's a hack in every dept. That margarita has been around for decades. She didn't invent it. The buzz about it is it tastes like battery acid. There's a reason why margarita's haven't been bottled in the past - they taste like sh*t! It's far more economical to make them from scratch too.

The company who bought the brand will suffer the most from this. People will reject it like they reject her because of her dirty dealings. She devalued the brand and they should sue her as well.

1225 days ago


Sad there is always someone who wants some of the money with their hands out

1225 days ago


It never fails....someone else always has to grab onto the coat tails to try and squeeze money from someone who has a product that will be sold nationwide. Now they want to steal Betheny's thunder!

1225 days ago


Why take someone advice on how something tastes? It'a a matter of personal taste-one person may hate it and others may love it. Make your own opinion. Someone could be negative becasue they don't like her-like Jill!

1225 days ago


Where was Raw Talent when Skinnygirl couldn't keep up with market demands? Not a tough burden of proof here; it's called work product. Whose efforts led Bethenney to ultimate $120m buyer: RT, her husband Jason, the biz mgr of two years [per Craig above] or her own branding? BF may be Doe-Eyed, but she's street-wise and shrewd. Good luck, RT! That LOL $100m demand for punies shows your lack of legal muscle. Bethenney, you're right: With $$$ come other headaches. RT is Excedrin No. 1. Lawyer up -- and take 'em down!!!

1225 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Wow! Bethennyyyyyy you hab sum splainin to doooooo! Well, it'll all come out in the wash. No use speculating, although I can't believe she'd be that foolish to take that kind of a chance. She's made solid business decisions so far, & duking someone out of $120 mil is too big a risk. We'll see.

1225 days ago


yea, and mark zuckerberg owes harvard 10% of his billion dollars. Not

1225 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well obviously, betenney is just being a greedy. why doesn't she just put the company onto the stock market, and make it a public property? anyone who wants to keep all this kind of fortune to themselves is immoral, selfish, greedy, capitalist, racist, ethnocentric, etc. she should show her goodwill, and just sell it to the stock market. with all the starving children images and pictures that we see EVERYDAY!!! you would think that people would be less selfish, and more humane minded. i'm just sayin...

1225 days ago


Mo money

Mo problems

1225 days ago


I love the show, Betthany, Jason, and that baby is the cutest most beautiful baby ever.
Good bethaney you will get more publicity and sell more over this..Haha. I tried to buy it at luckys and they said they cannot keep it in stock and all the employees highly recommend it. Everybody says it the greatest margarita mix yet and no calories!

1224 days ago


Hmmm. There are 2 sides to every story. I'll wait to hear the facts. When there is a pot of money people come crawling out of the woodwork. Maybe this team didn't help her in a long time and she realized the contract hadn't expired.

If a team doesn't help you nail the deal I don't think they deserve a cut. Much like Paula Abdul wanting to cut her mgt out of Xfactor. They had nothing to do with her getting that job.

1224 days ago
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