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Lindsay Lohan -- So Far So Good

5/11/2011 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just a few hours after her sentencing ... Lindsay Lohan promptly showed up for her court-ordered community service at the Downtown Women's Center in L.A.

Linds is chipping away at the 480 hours of community service she has to complete ... not to mention the 3 years of probation.

But at least ... she looks damn good doing it.


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the Seeker    

Rock, somewhere here on this thread or another I read from earlier some douche made a avatar jpeg using the "coven of hate" phrase I coined to describe their vicious attacks they besiege the Lohan family with 24/7 here on

some crap about they heart trolling and Hating on the Lohans or something idiotic

1239 days ago

who dat    

I'd be laughing to, if i wore a F*ck You fingernail to court after i intentionally ripped of a necklace. Then the court sentenced me to a whole 14 days at home. While i sleep, watch videos, talk on the phone and eat pizza.

1239 days ago


She's already proven that she can't successfully complete three years of probation. She's a twisted sociopath who subconsciously wants to get caught for the attention it brings her.

1239 days ago


She has taken responsibility for her own actions and has paid any and all penalties imposed on her.

Who are any of you to judge???

She has made mistakes as many of us have and she has paid the price with time served as the court ordered.

Lots of respect from Canada.

1239 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Stop lying, Seeker.

The only people being "viciously attacked" here are the posters.
Someone in particular seems to like attacking pregnant women and their unborn children. That's low. Even for a Trollhan.

Thanks for the new avatar.

1239 days ago


Ah yes, more press for a woman who is famous for nothing but drugs, continuing addiction, family dynfunction and salty relationships. Acting? Nope, never seen her in anything worthwhile and wouldn't allow my kids to watch her if they even knew or could remember who she was! Why do you keep putting press on her TMZ? She is only famous for her sluty behavior.

Better than reading about The Oksana though.

1239 days ago


Why is this news? Why wouldn't she show up for a court ordered blah blah blah?? Wouldn't you show up for a COURT ordered..........

Seriously, stop promoting this Skank!

1239 days ago


Oh please, of course she going to do good NOW. Give her a month or two and then report how she's doing TMZ.

1239 days ago


Yeah right try and stay clean and out of trouble for 3 years I have a better chance of seeing flying pink pigs

I don't know why they just either do 2 things stick her in jail and throw away the key
or shoot her


1239 days ago


She is pretty damn hot, love the red hair and big boobs.

1239 days ago


With the exception of the failed tests on September 7th and February 8th a lot of the probation report was hearsay with insufficient evidence.

No one would have known about the failed test on February 8th as her probation was revoked on the 9th. Also as it was rightfully made clear there may have been allegations in the past but until yesterday she had no stealing convictions. The Betty Ford incident was never enough to violate her for suspected drinking as she didn't fail any tests.
All she needs to is get the CS overwith and she will no longer be supervised during her probationary period.
The other option if loses all motivation for the CS would be to wait until the time is reduced further possibly in June and just max out.

20% at the moment means up to 455 days for the 2 DUIs and reckless driving with 17 days credit for time already served. 2 months max

A year for the theft with 2 days of credit - 48 days max

So maxing out isn't the best option at the moment but it could be in June.

1239 days ago

john smith    

Thanks Nicole, you sound like an expert.

1239 days ago


@john smith
It is just how time is calculated.

Having time to reflect Shawn did awesome yesterday.
Lindsay waa facing formal felony probation with random house searches and even being completely banned from bars.
Now who even cares if it is formal until November or whenever she completes community service she is only facing jail, doesn't have to submit to a search and isn't banned from bars.

She isn't a felon , still a non violent misdemeanor offender and can't be held without bail. Also due to the non violent misdemeanor offender status when she actually serves her sentence will always serve the least amount of time.



1239 days ago

john smith    

It seems that the system is so complicated that if you have a public defender you are pressured into accepting a plea deal which is usually not in your best interest. I have never been charged with a crime, but it has to be a very stressful and frightening situation. I read alot of John Grisham books and I am confident that Lindsay would have won in a trial. Lindsay made the right decision not to drag this thing out and run up more legal bills. Radar is saying MiLo is going to pay Lindsays legal bill of 130K, if he does that I am going to have to give him credit for being a good dad. I don't think he has a job, so we will see.

1239 days ago

john smith    

With all the powers that be, I unleash my wrath on thee!! BTW that's a curse, not a threat!

1239 days ago
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