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'Road Trip' Actress -- Dead At 36

5/11/2011 8:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mia Amber Davis -- the big girl who seduced DJ Qualls' character in "Road Trip" -- has passed away ... this according to her friends at Plus Model Magazine.

Mia Amber Davis Dead

The details surrounding Mia's death are still emerging ... and so far, no cause of death has been released.

According to, 36-year-old Mia is survived by her husband Mike.


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Can you all see "Actress Dead at 36!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not 31....

1259 days ago


She was disgusting anyway.

1259 days ago


First of all let me say this to all negative comments:
1. Mia has lost alot of weight since road trip. She was about living a healthy life style. Just because your plus size doesn't mean your not healthy.
2. If you didn't notice her knee problem was from a basketball injury which shows she was an active person.
3. There is a plus size community that your just not aware of.

RIP Mia you are missed and loved by many. My heart goes out to all who knew her. She was a great person full of compassion, kindness, an absolute angel.

If you would like to see recent photos of her she is in the new Ashley Stewart ads, plus model magazine, and has a fan page on FB.

1259 days ago

todd lee    


HEY TMZ READERS, TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASSES, the first handful of comments, people are saying "31 was to young" and "wow..she was only 31" READ IDIOTS.....she was 36 years old. Not that 5 years matters, but read before you post.


She was sexy as hell....i remember she was supposed to be the joke of the movie because she was fat, but i thought she was BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE THE BIGGER GIRLS!!!


That sucks she died....RIP!!

1259 days ago


How pathetic that someone would use this womens death to promote their fashion show or tell us what they are working on. Truly Ridiculous and so disrespectful.

1259 days ago

Kris in NYC    

For the people who are calling the earlier posters idiots for saying she was 31 when the article says 36...
(you'd get that if you read some of the other comments mentioning how TMZ changed it and didn't fact check first).

1259 days ago


@inurtrash, you didn't even know her, why don't you go rot in hell with Osama you racist dummy! At this story, she was beautiful, my prayers are with her family.

1259 days ago


Damn! When did TMZ start citing MTO? LOL You all are trying to be funny because that sure as hell made me laugh.

1259 days ago


@ inurtrash...I don't know why you talkin crap like that since white people are not even 100 percent human. They are 20percent Neanderthal...which makes white people beast, so take your ass back to the caves in the wild with that racist bs. If it wasn't for blacks, whites and Asians wouldn't even be human. Yes whites evolved from apes and beast...not Africans or blacks. You need to start doing some research to educate your sorry self instead of spewing racist hate.

1259 days ago

muma ouch    

it might be tmz writing all dat nasty ****. if u watch da show they are not very nice.@ "INURTRASH" i would think someone dying would bring out a little humanity in you no matter how much of a small **** person you are.,,only a man wit a small **** would complain about a big the girl smaller the penis is lmao..big girls are only for "real men"..go away little boy u need attention go find it somewhere else.LOSER.

1259 days ago

muma ouch    

i am still in shock and sadden about this news..why is it that beautiful people like this die and then there is GARBAGE like "INURTRASH"(perfect name for u btw)still to her family and friends....u were an angel here on earth and now u r an angel in heaven....R.I.P....

1259 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

36 WTH? Horrible. Condolences to her family.

1259 days ago

john johnson    

r.i.p. mz. davis, all racist...go to hell!

1259 days ago

The trooth    

@ are real funny bro. Dont know what history book you read but youre way off man.

1259 days ago

John Q    

@inurtrash Is it going to hurt when you die alone, and nobody gives a damn about you?? Just asking an obvious question to an idiot.

1259 days ago
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