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Will Smith's Megatrailer -- TOWED ... On Tape!

5/12/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith's 1,150 sq. ft. trailer was unceremoniously dragged off a busy NYC street yesterday after complaints from residents -- and you gotta see the footage ... thing's UNREAL.

Smith's double-decker luxury trailer was plonked down in the middle of a tiny street in Soho while the actor shot "Men in Black III" -- but after several residents complained it was blocking traffic, giving off fumes, and screwing up local businesses ... the studio towed it to a nearby parking lot.

And to give you an idea of how absurd this thing is -- the 53-foot trailer also boasts marble floors, a massive 100-inch TV, a bedroom, and several offices.


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what parking lot in manhattan is big enough for that monster?? this city is congested and over crowded enough without will smith and his ego!

1261 days ago


Don't worry folks. Those kids are not in any danger of being taken advantage of. First of all, Will and Jada have their OWN money. They are business people and very savvy business people at that. You may not have seen Jada in a lot of acting roles lately because she is busy running the family business which includes producing and other ventures. That is on TOP of managing her children's careers.

Second, they are not going to let an outside entity run their children's careers. Jada especially. Third, there are laws in California that specifically protect the money of under age celebrities (they won't even see most of their money until they turn 18) and I believe there are organizations set up to keep tabs on them, make sure, they are getting proper educations, etc.

Child stars in Hollywood growing up and finding out they were flat broke used to be a big problem with tragic consequences, so the industry has really become much more involved with the lives of young celebrities so they don't get taken advantage of by unscrupulous managers, hangers on, and even their parents.

Finally, Will and Jada are raising two savvy little business moguls. Willow is listed as an employee, but you bet your bottom dollar that that business will be hers someday and if God forbid, something should happen to her parents, the interest in that company would go straight to her and her brother, Jayden.

Don't worry folks. They're good.

1261 days ago


Saying it was towed seems a little misleading. Sounds like some people complained and they moved it. They didn't have to go down to City Tow and pay a bail to get it out of impound. They drove it around the block to a parking lot.

1261 days ago


he was shooting across the street from my school, students would go up to dat trailer and after school and he would come out and sign autographs and shake hands, he is a nice guy.

1261 days ago


Yeah , TMZ - Focus on the only Black movie star in Hollywood - Yeah ,TMZ , Make people hate the black

1261 days ago


BTW TMZ , Try as much as you can , But You are not going to succeed . Will smith is too

1261 days ago


Its fun reading all the whinny comments from you jealous trolls. WOOOW! A bunch of btichassness going on.

First of all, i'm quite sure NONE of you live in SOHO & his trailer did not affect you. So stop crying.

2) What does his family have to do w/ the size of his trailer? Are you mad that you and/or your family have no talent?

3) Where any of you roaches there when he did not have money? Where you there when he put in the work to become who he is? No? Didnt think so.

4) So how many of you idiots have pumped money into N.York and created jobs by shooting a film/etc? None? Ok.

5) Last time i checked, the Smith family did not destroy the economy. The banks did. The Smiths did not spend billions on a pointless war, supported by the tards of the USA, bush did.

So kindly STFU & stop btiching. Stop whinning about a man that worked to get where he is & get off your lardass & do the same.

1261 days ago

Allie Boy    

Get real. Movie production and film crews have trucks and trailers all over NYC - all the time - mostly HADDAD'S RENTALS. Don't hate because you found out one of them was owned by an actor. Smith is great - one of the most together Hollywood people. Jelly.

1260 days ago


It's his money to spend as he wishes, why is that over excessive??

1257 days ago


good thing they don't away the trailer size by talent

1182 days ago
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