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Hollywood Club Attack Suspect -- ARRESTED

5/13/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man suspected of brutally coldcocking a Hollywood clubgoer Wednesday morning has been arrested ... TMZ has learned.


According to law enforcement sources, the unidentified suspect -- said to be in his 30s -- was arrested this morning in his L.A. home on suspicion of felony assault ... and is currently being held on $500,000 bail.

Shocker ... law enforcement tells us, alcohol played a key role in the incident outside the Roxbury nightclub -- when the attacker delivered a devastating punch to the head of a man who had just walked out of the club.051111_knocked_out_v2_still

As for the victim -- we're told he suffered a fractured skull, but is expected to make a full recovery.


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Most normal thinking people would tell a bouncer what was going on and have the man removed from the bar! Use your brains not your fists!

1224 days ago


ARTOFWAR 24 minutes ago
....I see, so now the rule is you have to tell a guy that you going to hit him, or it's considered a "sucker punch???."

A sucker bunch is when you tap someone on the back and as he turns around "PLOW." A sucker bunch is when you just walk up to some random guy that didn't even know he was in a fight and "PLOW."

The mouthy boy that got put to sleep knew that he was in a possible physical confrontation, and to add insult to injury was looking straight at the guy that put him to sleep.

This was not a sucker punch , this was just a guy writing checks with his mouth his ass could not cash.

It's nice to know that most of TMZ posters have vaginas, and I'm not just talking about the females.......Artofwar


No you dumb ****. The rule is if you knock some drunk guy out cold and fracture his skull because he talked some smack you didn't like, your going to prison for a good long time. Get it?

1224 days ago

Mike Justice    

The guy was just drunk... the guy who threw the punch is going to be taking it in the rear with this face in a prison pillow.

1224 days ago

BB in CA    

This is good news. That was so wrong and I'm glad he didn't get away with it - drunk or not, stupid or not.

1224 days ago


This story happens every night at some bar. I Will laugh my ass off if this dude gets off with anger management and probation I doubt he will but if oj can get away with murder who knows!

1224 days ago


This guy prob would of gotton away with it if it wasnt for tmz!!

1224 days ago


ELLAYALLDAY you are an idiot! In what cave to you pull your sorry ass out of? Please take head out of ass as it smells much better here in reality. You call the police or Bouncer you guido piece of garbage. You do not put your hands on anyone else. Its called civilization. Look into it. This is why we put idiots that do this crap in the slammer you backwards ass moron. FYI ,which is it his wife or girlfriend? To dumb to know the difference? But you were there you piece of hairy nut bag cheese! Have a nice day

1224 days ago

Throwback kid    

Please tell me that was The Situation getting dropped by his father

1224 days ago


There is no sucker punch about it. He just got knocked the "f" out. He was obviously too drunk and experiencing delayed reaction.

This is the problem when idiots drink too much alcohol. You can't expect to stand there, calling people clowns and just running off at the mouth and think no one is going to retaliate. Did he deserve a skull fracture? Definitely not...

1224 days ago



1224 days ago


OK ... Let's speak the facts and not what you want to believe.

1) He was kicked out a club by three bouncers.

2) After he was kicked out he walked back to talk **** to the three bouncers.

3) While he was looking at the three bouncers he was talking trash to another man ran up and snuck up and attacked him.

4) The man that attacked him came at an angle that was not from the same place as the men he was talking trash to.

5) Though it appears the guy came right in front of him ... if he you pause it .. you can see different.

6) Even if he came exactly in front of him ... the victim was not looking at him and not talking to him. He was looking at the three bouncers that kicked him out.

7) While he was distracted talking trash to the three bouncers he was attacked by a fourth man who had nothing to do with it.

8) Anyone here acting like they would of been able to see it coming is fooling themselves and has never had a real fight.

Now ... we can talk about facts or we can talk about fairy tales ... your choice.

1224 days ago


The guy was a drunken fool. I wonder what Mr. Hormones excuse will be for knocking him out cold and fracturing his skull. Doesn't really matter because if that tape is ever viewed by a judge or jury he's screwed.

Time to start thinking about a plea deal. That's if the DA is even offering one that's worth anything. Given the video evidence and publicity the case has gotten this is an easy win for the prosecution.

1224 days ago


"im not a f****** clown."

haha, thats what dood said after sucker-punch of the year.
steroids clearly got the best of his judgement, who gets mad over getting called a clown?

ps-to those claiming this wasnt a sucker-punch..rewind that ish. dude def didnt have time to react, mayweather may have even got caught by that one.

1224 days ago


Such tough talk from the gangsta mentality here today i.e., "he deserved to be punched", "I woulda hit him too". Too bad judges don't have the same mindset, but since they don't and have to follow the law, you'd be sitting in jail with a $500K bail too. Before taking the big punch, think of how your life will change in a few hours.

Where was security? They get paid to handle the abnoxious trash and to take the trash out the door and NOT let him back in. Security doesn't get paid to commit battery. Roxbury will ultimately face a lawsuit also. Sad all the way around for people who's brains are in their fists rather than their head. Thinking first, reacting second saves you money, your job, your family and a new celled front door to your new home.

1224 days ago


ps-to those claiming this wasnt a sucker-punch..rewind that ish. dude def didnt have time to react, mayweather may have even got caught by that one.
Umm in most fights the person who gets the first punch thrown at him doesnt have time to react and doesnt know when the punch is comming this guy stormed up to the guys face and the dude who got knocked out knew he was comming the guy should of put his hands up. A sucker punch usually means when a person hits you from the side or from behind. This was a fair fight and the guy threw a fair punch it doesnt make it right and it sucks for both guys but it happens every night at the bar some where.

1224 days ago
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