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'Idol' Finalist Gets $61,000 Homecoming Bash

5/14/2011 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" top three finalist Scotty McCreery is so beloved in his small hometown of Garner, NC -- the locals have dropped more than $61 THOUSAND to throw him a homecoming bash today!!!


We're told the town has already raised $45 thousand in CASH for the event ... and local companies have donated roughly 8 grand in services.

The event will include a traditional pork barbeque, local entertainment, crafts, a parade and a concert by the country crooner himself!

As a thank you for all the local love, Scotty is expected to take his acoustic guitar and sing a whopping SIX songs -- compared to the usual two or three he belts out on Idol.

Fun Fact: Census records show the total population of Garner is less than 30 thousand people -- and we're guessing every last one will be at the big party to support their hometown superstar.


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Scotty is worthless sings every song the same way. Boring !! The judges are so two faces when it comes to him.Last week for example they blasted Hailey for her song choice may be inspirational but not recent/popular enough song. Micheal Jackson ?!? not popular enough. Then potty McCready comes out and does a less popular song and they praised him up and down. This guy is a clown. Yes I know it was a 911 song and I love it. BUT at this point in the competition every song should rock. I love ballads but this guy should have never made it into the final 24 let alone top ten and for petes sake the top 3.

1266 days ago


This one octaved, Mr. No Personality is the winner of this year. AI is over. They better switch to judges vote and fan vote next year.

1266 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This guy sucks and he looks damn puppet. Jeff Dunham should have this guy sitting next to him on a pedestal.

Do people really believe their votes actually count? It was plainly obvious from the beginning of the show Lauren was pre-set to win. Ridiculous scheme that was.

1266 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Good for him and his hometown!! He should win the whole thing now because the two girls left are sub par compared to him. They were never even on my radar...

1266 days ago


Howdy Doody is a one trick pony. He can sing country but he sounds like every other country puke out there. He's not original and has a very limited range. I don't get it and the only way to explain it is AI is rigged. The Voice is a much better show.

1266 days ago


Scotty's entire bit was 'mimicking' Josh Turner. Josh Turner is an amazing performer with a true gift in his voice. Yet Josh Turner has had a rough time making it REALLY Big in the Country Music Scene. He's been nominated for several CMA's and other awards but never won any of them. The only awards he's won have been from a small group called the Inspirational Country Music awards. So he's an amazing talent that goes unrecognized by the Country Music Awards, CMT awards etc even though he's an incredible singer. If Josh Turner is having a hard time making it really big as Josh Turner, then why does Scotty think he's going to make it big pretending to be Josh Turner. That's just dimwitted. (and by the way Josh Turner is a very handsome and sexy man, Scotty isn't) He might win American Idol, but I doubt he'll ever be heard from again like Taylor Hicks, Ruben Stoddard, David Cook and whatever the guy that won last years name is.

1266 days ago


Like Scotty and feel he will do well in Country music. I do not want Haley the annoying screamer to win!!!

1265 days ago


He has a voice that's going to take him to country music superstardom. He sings better than most of the present day male country singers and as good as the best ones. And he's only 17! He should win Idol. But you know how that show goes a lot of the times.

1265 days ago


I am done with AI if this TWIN BROTHER OF ALFRED E. NEWMAN (MAD MAGAZINE)wins. What a joke. He can only sing one boring way - all his songs sound just alike - and for God's sake, quit trying to sound like Elvis. Insulting at best. I would like someone to tape his elbows to his sides so he can't hold that microphone like it's a damned flute.

1265 days ago


Lauren Alain is happy to be in the Top Three because now she can at least count the number of people left in the competition!

1265 days ago


Pretty sad that they can gather up over sixty grand for some silly party but not for relief of any choice of recent disasters. Let's see, there was Katrina, the tsunami, the nuclear disaster, the tornados... not to mention the current economic crisis and all those people in third world countries starving to death every single day.

If it were me, I'd be honored that people would want to do this for me but I'd also be ashamed if they actually did. I'd never want so much money being wasted on a party for me when there's so many better uses for that money.

1265 days ago



1265 days ago


scotty and james suck...casey should still be on the show.but instead they kept james the screetcher and scotty the josh turner wannabe.

1265 days ago


Some of you act like Scotty personally was the one who kicked James off the show! Why hate on him? Did he rig the votes so he could stay on the show? Hating on a 17 year old kid that DOES have talent whether you like it or not is shameful. If you just have to get mad at someone get mad at the show or the people voting. Don't get your panties in such a twist. I'm sure James will be cutting an album soon and all of you can rush out to buy it. As if you will. Oh and get a life! It's only a tv show.

1265 days ago


I am still upset that Pia isn't in the top three. she was the
TOTAL package! But the judges wasted their only ''save''on that
Casey guy. Sorry to break it to you but James was too''Adam
Lambert'' for America. I really hope Scotty wins because he has
the most marketable talent of the remaining three, without a

1265 days ago
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