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Nick & Mariah -- CPS Called Over Drinking Allegations

5/14/2011 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Cannon revealed that Child Protective Services was called to the hospital where Mariah Carey is still laid up after giving birth to twins ... because of allegations of drinking and drug use.

Cannon spoke with Piers Morgan about the incident, saying CPS came to the hospital after receiving calls claiming "there was some drinking and drugs and all that going on while in the hospital." Nick says he spoke with CPS and told them the whole thing "is ridiculous."

Cannon went on to say he thinks it all started when a nurse suggested to Mariah she drink Guinness beer, saying the yeast improves breast-feeding. Nick said he felt someone overheard that and tried to set up Nick and Mariah with the bogus claim.


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Most lactation nurses suggest you drink ONE dark beer a day if you are having a difficult time producing enough milk. It helps to enhance the production of milk and the hormone lactin that produces it. It is a common practice and the alcohol content of 1 beer does NOT negatively affect the milk that the baby is taking in. Read your health book before you start accusing mothers of lying and being drunks!

1224 days ago


I can not beleive anyone would be so ridiculous to call CPS to report such a thing. Ya think they are going to light up a joint in the hospital? C'mon people. I adore this couple, from the beginning they loved each other so much and never cared what anyone else thought about it....goof for them! Leave these people alone and allow them to enjoy their new babies! What a bunch of freaking haters! Damn Gina!

1224 days ago

Dunn Otieno    


1224 days ago


This is so mean and stupid!! Mariah and Nick's babies are so lucky to have such excellent parents. I used to live in the apt behind Nick Cannon's dad in 2004 and Nick used to come visit his daddy regularly. He ALWAYS took time out to sign the neighbor kids autograph books etc and talk to them. He was just rising then and I admired what a great guy he was, Very good kid and always nice and respectful..never drinking..never drugging etc. I love that he has found such love with Mariah and she has never looked happier. Talk smack haters but this marriage is going to last as they married for nothing but love and they both just glow. Too bad no one can just be happy for them!! You go Mariah and Nick...those are very lucky babies!!! Wish CPS would nose into OctoMom and save those poor kids!!! They just ignore that situation...and will until something bad happens..and you know its going to...:(

1223 days ago


It is NOT a common practice. You *think* you produce more milk because the baby is drinking less milk because of the alcohol. As a mother you should not be drinking!!!! I truly do not understand people. Also, CPS should be called (and you shouldn't have to give your name) if ANY abuse/neglect is suspected. These kids need someone to be their voice. People do very sick and sad things to innocent children.

1222 days ago


The yeast in the beer is good for breast milk. People who judge a mother for having a beer needs to get a life.

1221 days ago


Who the "F" doesn't know not to drink BEER fresh outta the hospital Mariah is old enough to know this Shh why she acting like she don't knw anyway who the hell will listen to nonsense talkn bout "DRINK BEER IT'S GOOD FOR YOU AFTER YOU'VE HAD A BABY" BullShht I would've slapped the H03 that would've told me that. Mariah & Nick Cannon both knw what's right from wrong. If you ask me they just went through a HOLLYWOOD moment...Congrats you both won the award for MOST HOLLYWOOD!!!!

1214 days ago


It is a common practice for lactating nurses as well as peditricians to tell mothers that 1 beer a day can help milk production. You don't have to take the advise but they still give it. This has been going on for years!!!!!

1214 days ago

It was GENOCIDE!    

Really? You people are ignorant. Milk does help breastfeeding mothers. This is what's wrong with American society; just because your culture didn't call for this sort of behavior you automatically think that it's WRONG! It's not. Women all over the world have beer to induce milk. They're not doing beer bongs or drinking cases you ignorant fools; all they're doing is having A beer! This is common practice all over the world! Just because it's not part of the American way of life it's abuse? Get over yourselves you self-righteous fools.

1213 days ago


Join me for a dream sequence........twinkle.twinkle.twinkle

Mariah: "Nicky baby grab me that ice chest of guiness in the car , yeah it's still plugged in. quick i need a shot before them brats wake up"

Nicky Baby" Mama haven't you had enough today two six packs and its not even noon yet"

Mariah: ' Looky here, i was knocked up for nine months with no fun , i torqued my body to get you some kids, so just do it !!!!"

Nicky Baby: " Yes , dear...."

Now isn't that ridicultous? SHe the most famous singer of all time and she's gonna risk losing it all on a drink ? In that way i have to agree with the previous post. We Americans are just dumb ingornat fools who cant add two and two.....sheeeeeshhhh some peole

1212 days ago


all yall HATERS,you know D--- well that Mirah will not try to harm her kids.she did what the nurse told her to do.if anyone is at false it is the nurse,i dont see child protective services at her house.Stop hating, this is a happy couple who is enjoying there kids.

1211 days ago
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