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Ashton Kutcher -- So Who Are You Gonna Be?

5/15/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that the "Two and a Half Men" dust has settled, and Ashton Kutcher is on board, last night we tried to pry out of him the one remaining mystery ... exactly who will he be playing on the show?


No answer from Ashton, but our sources say Chuck Lorre and Ashton initially agreed on the character, but in the last few days it's "evolved" into something different and is likely to change again.

It will NOT be Charlie Harper.


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@Scudrunner51 "Everyone know's (sic) including 'Webster' Kutcher that when they bring on a new actor the show is in the throe's (sic) of dying out.


Not necessarily. One of the most oft-cited examples of a successful switch of leads is when Cheers brought on Kirstie Alley to replace Shelley Long as the lead female. The show enjoyed a renewed popularity for another five or six years. And you can't ignore Charlie Sheen's own participation in a well-received actor switch when he joined Spin City following Michael J. Fox's departure, with the show continuing for another two years.

Besides which, wasn't Two and a Half Men due to end after a ninth season, anyhow? So even if Charlie had mended his relationship with WB and Chuck Lorre, I don't know that any of the cast and crew expected to work on the sitcom for more than one more year. Ashton's hiring shouldn't shorten TAAHM's run. If anything, a new character and new storyline might re-energize the cast and writers enough to usher in a new era, of sorts, for this "mature" sitcom. Rumours of TAAHM's demise seem greatly exaggerated!

1193 days ago



Thank you! That is a point that seems to have been overlooked by many of the commenters here. MANY shows have had stars or main characters replaced and gone on to further successes. TAAHM may just be one of them - and I'm willing to give it that chance.

1193 days ago


When has adding Ashton Kutcher to anything ended well?

1193 days ago


There's always a first time for everything. Kutcher has his own fan base that he brings with him to this endeavor - it could work or it could tank - we won't know until the season premier.

1193 days ago


Exactly, Nancy! This won't be the first time, nor the last, that a show (sitcom or drama) will replace a lead actor/actress. It's been done very successfully before and, as we both hope, might just be done again, under the capable direction of Chuck Lorre. I'm looking forward to the premiere episode of season 9!!!!

1193 days ago


What a D-Bag....has Ashton ever been in a movie that made any serious money....he had a secondary role in 70's, playing a d-bag, he redid candid camera for MTV and called it punked, but made it all about himself, he married an old chick for publicity, as he still is that in love with himself d-bag who was once in an A&F magazine. He seems genuinely unlikeable, and the way he interracts with the cameraman in his condescension makes me want to hate him more.

Charlie Sheen might live a debauched lifestyle, but he never seemed to take himself too seriously, and seems like a genuine likeable person...Ashton, definitely not.....I look forward to seeing this fizzle and die...unless those blinds pointing to him diddling demi's daughter prove true, he doesn't even have cred as a stud about town, he is a cougar marrying homebody....

1193 days ago


I see Ashton being Alan and Charlies younger half-brother from their father's side. I think while Ashton looks almost young enough to play Charlie's son the math might be an issue. Ashton's could play 27 but not much younger. How old is Charlie meant to be and how old was he looking when he finished on the show?

1193 days ago


I think hesgonna be the long lost son from the ''many'' woman in Charlies life and he will take his place in the house ;pp lets hope its that :)

1193 days ago


I love Ashton Kutcher....but he is not Charlie Sheen, and this is Charlie Sheen's show. NO one can take his place ever. I for one will not be watching it. It's going to go down the toilet just like Kate Plus Eight.

1193 days ago


Maybe Ashton could play a guy that wears cardigan sweaters that he kept from his modeling days while he dates and marries an old lady that has three daughters.

1193 days ago


@Nancy @HM,

Part of the fun for me is that we don't know what the outcome will be. I was just delighted to see WB/Lorre sticking to their guns this whole time. It seemed evident to me that they were the ones who were glad to be free. I was hoping that they would stay that way and they have. Now they have the freedom to try something new. I mean, its only TV folks. Why not be - oh, I don't know - creative?

I'm not even speculating in my own mind about what Ashton's role will be - let it be a surprise. If the 9th season is the last, then it is. It likely ends on a much happier note than the way it was headed before.

I am not invested in the outcome, yet somehow I feel more energized myself. Yes, press releases tend to be positive for situations like this one - but this press release felt genuinely happy to me. I certainly hope so.

So, its like spring is in the air. There is promise everywhere. We'll have the fall to look forward to :-).

1193 days ago



You really think that Bruce Willis would let Ashton live if he did diddle his daughter? Right.

1193 days ago


Who cares? The show BLOWS!

1193 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Has Bruce Willis been supporting Demi Moore and her Boy Toy all of this time? You think Charlie Sheen is messed up, what about a guy marrying a woman who could be his mother? Chuck Lorre, you could do better than Mr. Demi Moore.

1193 days ago


I am sooo disappointed that they picked. AK to replace charlie. Of all people,
He's such a jerk. I for one will not watch the show anymore. Charlie was the show..period
end of report.

1193 days ago
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